Author's note: Greeting everyone

Author's note: Greeting everyone. I'm sorry I took so long to get this part up. But I have been really busy with getting ready to go to Band Camp. (So much stuff to do and not enough time to get it all done. ^-^;) Anyways, I hope you enjoy the next part to this story.

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Chapter Three

~ Fear of Death ~

By: Lady Ava

The Digidestined never thought that waiting would be this brutal. They would see doctors and nurses walk in and out of Tai's room, but never told them anything about how he was doing. The Kayima's, T.K., and Sora sat in the chairs that were provided for them outside of Tai's room. Matt and Mimi sat against the wall, while Izzy sat opposite of the group in another set of chairs.

Ever since they had decided to stay, Izzy had his head buried deep in his yellow IMac laptop. He would stop, look at his screen in question, and then begin typing feverishly once again. The others thought it best not to ask what he was doing.

Sora placed her head against the cool stone wall of the hallway. She was done shedding tears and was completely filled with anger. Anger towards the nurses and doctors for not telling them anything for the past two hours.

Matt was staring off into space. He had been like that since Dr. Keroshimo had left them the first time. He had shown no expression and no movement ever since he had sat down with Mimi in his arms.

Joe stepped out of the elevator, holding cups of coffee for everyone. Since his father was a doctor at the hospital, he could get the food for free. He had offered to get everyone the coffee, mostly because he couldn't stand to see everyone so down in the dumps. Walking up to Mr. Kayima, he held out the cups of coffee. "I got the coffee. Just as everyone wanted…I hope." He told the man.

Standing from his chair, Mr. Kayima took the drinks and thanked Joe. Then, he passed the coffee out to the teens, who managed to chug them in a matter of minutes.

"This is killing me." T.K. said, causing the whole group, excluding Izzy to stare at him. "They won't tell us anything. Tai is our friend and we should know what the hell is wrong with him." He stated in a harsh tone.

Joe sat down next to Izzy and glanced over at his friend's screen. The red haired teen had accessed the Digimon Analyzer and was looking up information on Virusmon. 'I wonder what Izzy is getting at?' The blue haired teen wondered.

Standing from her chair, Kari walked over to the window so that she could see Tai. There was a dim glow from the machines in the darkened room. Tai hadn't moved since he had been but there. He showed no signs of life, but the heart monitor told otherwise. Kari just stood there and stared at him. Her brother, who was the wall everyone depended on, had fallen. 'Tai, I told you. I tried to warn you about this. But I had no idea that it would be like this.' She thought, placing her hand to the glass.

Suddenly, she saw Tai's hand move. She smiled widely as it began to move a bit more. But her smile quickly vanished, for his hand began to shake horribly. A loud beeping began to echo through the room as Tai started to convulse. He thrashed around wildly, his body completely out of control. "Tai!" Kari shouted, causing everyone to jump to their feet.

As the group looked through the window, a nurse came running around the corner. Sliding to a halt in front of Tai's room, she grabbed a small intercom receiver in her hand. After pushing a few buttons, she voice came over the loud speaker in the wing. "Code Blue. Code Blue. Room I15." And with that she ran inside.

Within moments, three doctors and nurses were at the scene. All the Digidestined could do was watch as they tried to sedate the teen. But the doctors where unsuccessful in doing so. Suddenly, Tai began to cough and hack up blood. The crimson substance flowed from his mouth and nose, covering the doctors and nurses in the red liquid. The youth punched one of the younger doctors in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain. All of a sudden, Tai fell limp on again. But this was no sign that relief could be breathed. The heart monitor that Tai was hooked up to was reading an irregular heart beat.

"Get him to the OR now!" One of the doctors shouted.

Unhooking the youth from the machines, the nurses put up the side rails on the bed. Then, they rushed around, trying to move the machines out of the way. Finally, the doctors pushed the bed out of the room and into the hallway. But before the group could say anything, Tai had vanished from sight and was heading towards the OR.

One of the doctors walked out of the room, his white coat, scrubs, and hands stained with blood. "Dad!" Joe shouted, running over to his father.

"Joe, what are you doing here?" The man asked, adjusting his glasses with his wrist.

Joe explained how he was here with the rest of his friends because of Tai. "You mean that was Tai? Oh my god, I had no idea." Mr. Kido said, shock on his every word.

Mr. Kayima walked up to Joe's father. He tried to act tough, although everyone knew that he was fighting tears. "Mr. Kido, what happened?"

Wiping his hands off on his jacket, the older version of Joe cleared his throat. "Tai had a relapse. Dr. Keroshimo thought that he was stable, but I guess she was wrong." Turning around to turn off the light in the room, Mr. Kido continued. "He started to have a seizure. He is going to the OR now so we can try to prevent it from happening again."

As he started down the hallway, he called back. "Mr. & Mrs. Kayima. Would you please come with me? We need to go over Tai's medical records."

Nodding, the two parents of the sick teen started off down the hallway. "We'll be right back kids." Mr. Kayima called as he and Mrs. Kayima turned the corner, leaving the Digidestined alone in the corridor.

Kari stood there in shock. She couldn't believe what had just happened. The girl stood in the middle of the hallway, as still as a statue just staring off into space. T.K. walked up to the girl and placed a hand onto her shoulder. "Kari," He started.

Spinning around on her heels, Kari fell into T.K.'s arms, crying. "Tai…" She sobbed onto T.K's shirt.

Sora fell to her knees. Grief had now come back to the girl, for her eyes began to spill tears once again. Lifting her hands off of the ground, the girl clenched them into fists. Then, in one swift movement, slammed them onto the cold tile floor. "Damnit!" She shouted, crippling over so that her head touched the ground as well.

Mimi and Matt ran over to Sora. Bending down, Mimi touched Sora's back, trying to calm her sobs. "It's going to be alright Sora. Please…don't…cry…" But as she finished her sentence, she too began to cry.

Matt held Mimi as she began to cry. "Shh. It's okay Mimi." He whispered.

"But that's a lie." Sora said finally, coming to her feet again. As she felt the eyes of the other Digidestined fall upon her, she began to talk again. "Tai's not going to be fine. Because of the loss of blood that he has been having, he's gonna die."

Joe walked up to Sora and faced her head on. "Sora," He stated softly, causing her to look up. Suddenly, he smacked her clear across the face. He didn't hit her hard, but just enough to leave a red mark. As she began to recuperate from the hit, Joe raised his voice. "Don't you say that!"

Sora rubbed her cheek where Joe had landed his hit. "Joe?" She whispered, looking at him with glassy, tear filled eyes.

"Tai is our leader. But as soon as something happens to him, everyone starts to think that there is no hope. That we've lost." The youth blurted out, acting very mature. "Tai always helps us when we are in trouble or don't know what to do. And now that he needs our help, you guys are just gonna turn your backs on him? Well, I'm not." He stated harshly, causing everyone to become silent.

Matt stood from the floor. Brushing his blond spiked hair from his eyes, he smiled. "You're right Joe. Tai needs us and we're gonna help him." He said boldly.

"Damn straight." T.K. agreed.

Wiping her eyes, Sora smiled. "But how? What can we do?"

"Get Tai an antidote for his virus." Izzy finally spoke.

The group of teens looked over at the youth, who was clutching his laptop with both hands. "Izzy? What are you talking about?" Matt asked, as he and the others gathered around the youth.

Clearing his throat, Izzy began his explanation. "Well, did you notice how Tai was fine the day we went to the Digital World and fought Virusmon? And then the next day, he was sick?" The teens nodded. Sitting onto the ground, Izzy placed his laptop onto the floor so that everyone could see the screen. "Well, according to the research that I managed to dig up, the reason at Tai is ill is because of Virusmon's Double Viral attack."

"So what are you saying exactly Izzy? That Tai only has a virus?" Joe asked, leaning over his friend's shoulder to get a better look at the computer screen.

Typing something into his laptop, the Digimon Analyzer came up onto the screen. Then, information about Virusmon was brought up. "Not exactly. Ya see, the attack is suppost to be used only on other Digimon. It was never intended to be used on a human."

Mimi sat down next to Izzy and studied the screen. "So there is no cure?" She asked.

"I was getting to that." The red haired teen said sounding a bit offended. Lookin back at the screen, the youth scrolled down for more information. "According to the information that Genni gave me, the only way to cure Virusmon's attack to inject the blood of Digimon into the victim."

Sora jumped to her feet. "Izzy, you're a genius! All we have to do is get the blood and inject into Tai. And then he'll be back to normal!" She said happily.

"Unfortunately, it is not that simple." Izzy told, causing the celebrating to halt. Turning back to the screen, the computer wiz began to type once again. "Because of the fact that Tai was hit head on with the attack, according to this information, he doesn't have a lot of time left."

"What the hell you mean?" Matt questioned angrily.

Coming to his feet, Izzy turned and faced the group. "The virus is slowly stopping Tai's natural systems. If we don't hurry and find the medicine, then soon, Tai's heart will stop and kill him." He told the others, sounded as if it were impossible.

Putting his hand into a fist, Matt raised his voice. "Then, why are we still standing here talking about it? Let's go and get that medicine." He shouted.

"Right!" The teens shouted in unison.

Turning back to the group, Matt took charge. "Joe, go to the medical supply closet and get some needles. If anyone asks what you are doing, just say that you are getting them for your dad." Nodding, Joe ran off. "Sora, Kari, and T.K., you stay here and keep us posted as to what is happing." The three teens nodded. "The rest of you are coming with me."

Within moments, Joe returned with three needles in a black carrying case. "These were the best ones I could find in the closet." He told Matt as he handed them to him.

Smiling, Matt placed the medical instruments inside of his jacket. Then, turning to Izzy, the blond said. "Izzy, open the Digiport."

Placing the laptop onto the chairs outside of Tai's room, Izzy withdrew his digivice. "Alright, let's go guys! Digiport open!"

The familiar gateway opened up onto the screen. Looking back at the rest of the group, Matt, Joe, Izzy, and Mimi smiled. "Don't worry. We'll be back before you can say Myotismon." Mimi said, flashing a victory sign. And with those as their final words, the small group vanished into the Digital World.

Sora watched as the gate closed behind. "Good luck guys." She murmured softly.

"We're counting on you." T.K. added as he held Kari closer.

'Come back soon.' Kari thought, holding onto T.K tighter.


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