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August 28

Today was such a surprising day my hand is shaking as I write this! It's a day sure to go down in history… okay more like my journal but never the less it was an excellent day! There were just so many things that have happened that I don't know where to begin, but I suppose I should begin from the beginning after all it does have the word begin in it!

The day starts off normally, not like yesterday. I wake up and check myself in a mirror to make sure I looked like Hermione Granger and not a Barbie doll. I was happy to report that I looked perfectly normal with the exception of bushy hair. But I comb it and it fell into place much better and of course I changed out of my pajamas into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing was amiss. I opened the curtains in the room letting in the glaring sunlight on purpose because I know Ginny hates that. It's payback for yesterday. I skipped out of the room after hearing Ginny's groaning, which made me smile.

Breakfast was likewise, I sat down and ate breakfast with Charlie because the twins and Ron were still sleeping. Ginny came down soon after and gave me a glare. I pretended I didn't see it and went on munching on my toast. Harry and Professor Lupin went back to Grimmauld Place yesterday so they weren't here.

After breakfast I walked up stairs and brushed my teeth and washed my face and hands. I tied my hair and grabbed myself a book I borrowed from Mr. Weasley about the binding spell used in weddings. I sat down in my usual chair in the living room and opened the book.

The book is ancient! Almost as ancient as the spell and the spell has been around since marriage has been around. I love old books it smells of paper and the pages are thin due to the ages but it gives me a sense that I can grasp a hold of something that many people before me had. A sense of pride that I too can learn from the same pages as Professor Dumbledore or dare I dream, Merlin! Yes I know what a bookworm I am. I just can't help get excited when I get my hands on a new book filled with possibilities of gaining knowledge that could help me in the near future. Though how can a binding spell used in weddings help in the battle against Voldemort I have no idea.

But this wasn't the surprising thing that had happened. It was Ron; he walked up to my chair and sat right beside it. I didn't acknowledge his presence and went on doing what I'd been doing during my stay here, ignoring him. He didn't do anything for a few minutes and I read the same sentence six times. Ron is a big distraction you know and I couldn't concentrate a single bit!

Suddenly he leans over and looks at my book. I got so flustered, who wouldn't when the object of their desires leans over towards them. He was so close that I could if I had wanted to count every single eyelash of his. I didn't, I mean that's way too obsessive. Not to mention the fact that I was too focused on the way his hands lightly brushed my thigh. When he reads the title his eyebrows crinkled and he asked why I'm reading on the binding spell. His exact words were: "The wedding spell? Why are you reading about that?"

I didn't answer; I was pondering on whether I should just talk to him or ignore him. It was tough; he was even willing to talk about a book! I thought maybe I should let it slide and just talk to him. He was one of my best mates and I really wanted to talk to him. It's been so long since we'd talked and I was at the end of my limit.

I had opened my mouth to answer when he beat me to it.

Ron: Come on Hermione you can't be still mad about what ever you are mad about.

Me: (I pursed my lips) If you don't even know what it is that I'm angry about then you have no right judging whether the thing I'm angry about is a minor matter that I will let it slide so easily.

Ron: But it's been two days, three if you count today.

Me: Maybe you should have spent that time finding out what you did wrong. (I crossed my arms)

Ron: I did! I found nothing; well at least I think it was nothing…

Me: Well you obviously didn't put enough effort into finding out.

Ron: You think I didn't put enough effort? I've spent the last two days asking Ginny what I did wrong, I thought back to everything I've done and I can't bloody figure out why the hell you stopped talking to me! (he stands up and stands in front of me)

Me: (I stand up too, he's so tall it hurts looking up at him) I'm not going to bother explaining what you've done wrong because it's a waste of time!

Ron: What is wrong with you girls? Always getting mad over petty things!

Me: Now you're being sexist? Then what is it with you guys? Always overlooking everything?

Ron: Are you implying that we're stupid?

Me: Well sometimes guys sure do act like idiots!

Ron: (he steps closer) Idiots eh? At least we don't hold stupid grudges!

Me: Maybe it was important to me! Maybe you're just too dense to understand anything! If you think it's so stupid then why are you here trying to solve it?

Ron: Because the reason might be unimportant but you sure aren't!

Yeah he really said that. He said with his own mouth that I was important. I was so dumbfounded that I was rendered speechless. I just stared at him blinking, thinking that I was dreaming and that I'd wake up any minute now. But the thing was that I wasn't dreaming and that Ron deems me important to him. And the only thing that popped out of my mouth was…

Me: Really?

Ron: (he turns red) Well yeah I mean you are one of my best mates and you're important to me. I may not know what I did wrong but I want to fix it, so I'm sorry.

It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. He was so adorable rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, looking down at his feet nervously. I almost jumped to hug him but I didn't. Instead I smiled. Then he smiled back and everything was right in the world again. It was one of those rare moments where there are no worries on my mind and I can forget everything just because he was here. I know it's really sappy and cheesy but it's true. You have to experience it to really understand. After that moment he starts a conversation about the book again.

Ron: So… mind telling me why you're reading on the wedding spell.

Me: First of all it's not called the 'wedding spell' it's called-

Ron: Just answer the question Hermione.

Me: (I sit back down and turn the book over in my hands) Fleur told me about it yesterday and I wanted to learn more about it. It's so fascinating!

Ron: (he rolls his eyes and sits down on the seat next to me) Well what else did I expect from Hermione Granger the smartest witch of her year.

Me: Don't calling me that! Aren't you interested in the spell? It's going to be used on you in the future.

Ron: Well yeah but the future is so far away.

Me: It's better to be prepared.

Ron: You don't have to know about the spell to have it done on you. Other people do the spell for you.

Me: That's true but I want to know about it anyways. The spell is scary, being bind to someone for the rest of your life, can you imagine?

Ron: It's not scary, not if you really love that person. If you loved that person then wouldn't you want to be bind to them for the rest of your life? I think I would and I'll protect them.

It was the most profound thing I have ever heard Ron say. It was so romantic and I was in awe. Most guys are scared of commitment and being stuck with one person for the rest of their lives will freak them out. But Ron was so… different. He sounded so mature and completely charming. If he had said that to any women on the earth they would fall in love. What girl wouldn't want a guy to say that they wouldn't mind being with one person their whole lives and that they would protect them forever. He really is something. But he'll never be mine… will he?

Enough about that, back to the conversation…

Me: That's a nice way of looking at it.

Ron: It was Bill who told me that when I asked him.

Me: The wedding's in a few days isn't it?

Ron: Four days, on September the first.

Me: It's going to be a beautiful wedding, is it here in the Burrow?

Ron: Yeah, in the garden. Fleur suggested it saying it was romantic or something. I have no idea how it's romantic when it's just a yard with stupid gnomes.

Me: (I laugh because it's so typical Ron to say that) I think it's romantic to get married in a garden, especially when I know that man I was marrying was raised there.

Ron: I still don't get it… mum says she'll be having some flowers brought in. By the way I think she said that she wanted you to come with her, Ginny and Fleur, something about a girls' day out.

Me: When?

Ron: Tomorrow I think, because it's a Saturday.

Well it would be interesting wouldn't it? Going into Diagon Alley with two of the most beautiful girls I know and a mother. I'm sure they'll be turning heads everywhere. Ginny will probably not notice the attention while Fleur fusses over the flowers while Mrs. Weasley sighs dreamily. It's all too predictable. The day will be lovely, being just the girls. There'll be gossip which I don't participate much in but it's fun to listen to. There'll be sweets and shopping, a treat to the exhausting week I've had.

Ron and I hung out for the rest of the day. I read my book while he sat next to me reading a quidditch magazine. That's the only thing he reads unless he has to for homework. I didn't comment on it like I usually did because I liked the nice silence that we shared. It was nice just being with him even if we weren't talking. Communication wasn't needed because best friends can rest easy in silence as well.

After I finished reading I found him dozing off on the couch. I shook him awake and we ended up playing a game of chess. Well it was obvious that I'd lose but it was fun playing with him anyways. I think something has to be competitive for Ron to focus and actually put effort into what he is doing. He's so smart when playing chess but during class he's always acting stupid. It really has to grab his attention for anything to be done with that brain of his. Don't' get me wrong, he's smart it just that he doesn't care.

I want to tell him about my feelings but I'm so afraid of what will happen. What if our friendship is ruined forever? Or he'll be disgusted… maybe he'll laugh. But I can't hide it forever! How can I cope with it? I just can't!

I need a good plan, a 'mAke Ron Fall In Love With mE Plan," in short ARFIL-WEP! I'll have to recruit Ginny into this plan and ask her for help. I can't wait until tomorrow! The girls' day out sounds so exciting! I know I'm not much of a shopping kind of girl but I find myself indulging in those activities more often now.

I'll need some tips so I'll have to puck up some magazine while I'm out, and I'm sure Ginny will supply me with a bunch. She's so sick of me moping about her brother that she'll be glad to direct my attention to this even if she still thinks Ron isn't good enough for me. How is he not good enough?

Though I have to admit he wasn't the Prince Charming I had in mind when I was younger. I always dreamed of tall, dark and handsome. Someone who sweeps you off your feet and does everything you command. He'll kiss the ground I walk on and lavish me with adoration and gifts. Instead I ended up falling for a cute red head who loves to argue but hates to apologize. Likes to do the opposite of what I tell him and never seems to appreciate me. But ideals change don't they?

Well enough about that on with the rest of the day. Professor McGonagall came by today and put a hand on my shoulder. Then she asked me very seriously if I might consider joining the Order of the Phoenix.

I'm not lying I swear.

Can you believe it?

I nearly fainted on the spot!

Then she explained that the members are running short and that she is planning on asking Ron and of course Harry. She also talked about how there's going to be responsibility and how there'll be sacrifice and maybe even my life. I stopped her and told her that I had my life sealed as soon as I met Harry. I said that I already knew the consequences. I'm ready. She smiled and said she knew she could count on me and how I'm going to be a great asset to the Order.

I thought over whether or not I should explain about the information Harry had disclosed to Ron and I but I decided against it. It's only right that Harry should explain it because he knows better than I do. When he joins we can tell them all.

I can feel that Professor McGonagall is very wary and now anxious about every member. Ever since the Snape incident she feels so betrayed and lost. Dumbledore trusted that man, how could he… I don't even want to talk about it. It hurts to think about that.

After this I felt confused about Voldemort and the things that are happening. I needed some comfort but Ginny was out with her mother and everyone seemed to be gone or busy. So when I saw Ron lying on his bed I walked in the room without hesitation. I walked up right to the side of the bed and peered down at him.

He peeked one eye open and was shocked to see me. He nearly fell of the bed in surprise. He asked me what I was doing in his room but I didn't answer him but asked if I could lie down with him. His jaw dropped and he started sputtering. I don't have exactly how to interpret his reaction so I repeated my request. He closed his mouth and nodded. Then he moved over to create some room on the singles bed. I curled up next to him and gripped his shirt. Then I buried my face into his shirt and sighed.

It was strange when he started to pet my hair and comb through the locks. It was very relaxing and I closed my eyes breathing in his clean soap scent. His arm fell around me and rested on my hip. We laid in silence like that when he started to speak.

Ron: What's wrong?

Me; (dozing off) Mmm

Ron: (deep chuckle) Hermione?

Me: (I snuggle closer and drift off to sleep)

Ron: There has to be something wrong, you're acting unHermione-like.

Me: (I open my eyes and move back to face him) Pray tell what is 'Hermione-like' then?

Ron: (taken back) Well… just you know…

Me: No I don't know do explain.

Ron: You act um… independently?

Me: Is that a question or a statement?

Ron: A statement?

Me: You don't seem too sure about that…

Ron: Oh come on Hermione why are you making a big deal out of nothing? I just wanted to know what was wrong.

Me: Oh what makes you think something's wrong?

Ron: You act it.

Me: What's that supposed to mean?

Ron: I mean that you're worrying me because you're sort of acting like you did at the… the funeral.

He whispers the last part so that I barely catch it. My breath hitches and I stare at him dumbfounded. He's worried? Why does he act so sweet like this? Can't he be mean so that I can stop loving him? Like they say, be cruel to be nice.

Me: Nothing's the matter… well not really. It's just I'm so confused about Voldemort and Snape.

Ron: (grip tightening around my waist at mention of Snape's name) Snape… that bastard.

Me: Ron?

Ron: Sorry… I guess I'm confused too. But no worries everything will work out.

Me: You really think so?

Ron: Of course, with that brain of yours nothing's a puzzle for long.

Me: (I narrow my eyes) Is that all you think of me as?

Ron: (bewildered) No, it's just one of your… er… finer qualities. Man Hermione everything I say has a double meaning don't it?

Me: (I laugh) I'm tired.

I yawned and fell asleep in his arms. He also fell asleep and that's how Ginny found us. She laughed so hard and squealed about it to the whole Burrow. We ended up being the laughingstock of the dinner table. Everyone poked fun at us even the adults, Fred and George especially. We of course turned twenty shades of red until Mrs. Weasley put a stop to the teasing and was the saving grace.

Even through that I don't regret sleeping with him. Wait if you read that sentence over again it implies something very… well… it sounds as if Ron and I… did other things than sleeping… What am I thinking! Sleepiness must be getting to me. I should retire to bed now it's getting late and we are going shopping.

Tonight I shall have sweet dreams of having Ron's arms around me, he really is comfortable. Well good night.

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