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Chapter 1

"So, where to?" The Doctor's voice echoed throughout the TARDIS control room. For once, Rose couldn't think. They'd been everywhere; to the moon of Harlomly; the centre of Mars; the Volcanoes of Qoonaim; Raxacoricofallapatorius… where else could they go?

"Uh… can't we just… relax? Go somewhere where we're not running for our lives?"

The Doctor's smile faded slightly.

"You're not… you're not getting bored of this are you?" The last thing he wanted was to let Rose go – he couldn't work out his feelings towards her. He'd never experienced such strong emotions before. He couldn't put words into what he felt for her.

Many-a-time he'd been lying in his bed, asking the TARDIS, his oldest friend, what was happening to him – and she'd always have the same answer: "You're in love…" But he refused to accept it.

"No. NO!" Rose jumped up from where she'd been sitting, snapping the Doctor out of his trance. "I love it so much – this is the best life anyone could wish to have! It's just… I want to, I dunno, relax… Y'know?"

The Doctor thought for a moment, "You mean… like… not do anything? Like… just watching a film?"

Rose shrugged, "Yeah, I guess… except the TARDIS doesn't really cater for that." She grinned.

The Doctor looked at her, astounded.

"How can you say that? The TARDIS caters for everything!" He said, and grabbed Rose's hand, pulling her down one of the TARDIS' many corridors.

This wasn't what Rose had intended. She'd wanted some alone time… just away from the Doctor.

The truth was, she didn't know if she could trust herself around him anymore. At first it had started out as a crush – like any other guy. Rose knew how to deal with crushes… But then she'd realised it was developing slowly and gradually. She had no idea how or why, but she had developed feelings for the Doctor, which ran deeper than anything she'd felt for anyone else – even Mickey. She didn't know what to do.

There wasn't a moment when she wasn't thinking of him. But in her heart she knew that he didn't return her feelings; and so she refrained from ever acting on her instincts. She just needed some space to clear her head and figure out what to do… Sitting in a darkened room in close proximity to the Doctor wasn't exactly going to help her control these feeling.

She followed him half-heartedly, as he led her into a smallish room. It was dark and cosy – with a few sofas and armchairs scattered around; all facing a large screen on the back wall. Rose laughed despite herself – a home-cinema! Well, technically a TARDIS-cinema.

The Doctor walked over to a hidden cabinet in the corner and opened the door. Rows upon rows of what seemed like laminated sheets were all lined up on the shelves. The Doctor muttered to himself as he flicked though a few. "Ah. Here we are – Earth movies." He motioned at Rose to come over, "Here – choose one"
Rose raised an eyebrow at him, "there's MILLIONS!"
"Well," said, the Doctor, undaunted, "What kind of thing do you like? There's Alien, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Titanic, War Of The Worlds:- "
"Actually," said Rose, interrupting, "I never did see Titanic."
"But that's an Earth classic! You have to see Titanic! It's like going through life without ever wearing a hula skirt!" The Doctor gaped at her.

"You've worn a hula skirt?" Rose was slightly disturbed by the image, but, as she thought about it, it didn't seem too bad…Naughty Rose! Bad Thoughts!

"You'd be surprised what I've worn." Hopefully not a lot, at times… Bad bad Rose! Not Good thoughts! "Well, we have to see that then."

He slid the laminated sheet out and ambled over to a small thin slit and slid it in. The lights immediately dimmed, and the starting music began to place as the title page rolled onto screen. The Doctor took Rose's hand - Oh God! - and pulled her to the nearest sofa. They both fell on it, and got comfortable – Rose tucking her feet under her and slightly resting her head on his shoulder. Bad Rose! Bad, bad Rose Tyler! It should not feel this good!

Rose was intrigued and was deeply concentrating on the film; gasping and exclaiming in all the right places. But then they reached the part where the boat began to sink… Rose froze. Her heart began pumping twice its normal rate, and all her muscles tensed. The Doctor, who hadn't even been watching the film – just lost in his own thoughts – noticed Rose suddenly tense up. He looked at her in confusion. He saw her eyes transfixed on the screen, and looked at it himself – people floating helplessly, screaming - chaos. He looked back at Rose, his brow creased with worry as she began to shudder uncontrollably, gasping for breath.

Rose was fighting the urge to be sick. Her mind had gone blank. All she could think about was water gushing, swirling, choking. She was sinking down into an inky blackness. Down, down, down. And then… nothing.