Title: We All Love the Tobi!

Rating: T

Genre: Humor

Summary: Follow everyone's favorite Tobi and his misadventures through the Akatsuki! All the way to when he joined and the others opinions on him!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Side Note: In dedication to my friend Bethany who loves dah Tobito…And ooc to be expected!

Chapter Summary: They say you learn something new everyday, or maybe it should be Idiots learn something new everyday. Tobi learns something shocking! Sorta…


"Hey, why's Kisame's name Kisame?" silence blew throughout the air as the Akatsuki members (Itachi, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Deidara) stared at the masked idiot like he had no brain…which was seemingly the case.

The four were staring at Tobi in a semi-circle, Tobi being in the middle. He had ran up to them and said that he had to ask something extremely important and so they gathered around and thus here they were…

"Not that this question isn't entirely stupid and obvious, but why exactly would you even want to know?" asked Hidan, Kakuzu and Deidara nodding in agreement with the religious fools question.

Tobi thought about it for a moment before speaking, "Well, I remember Zetsu-san saying something about how Kisame-san's name really did suit him and I've always been curious as to know why…" Tobi trailed off falling into a slight daydream like state.

"You do know that the name 'Kisame' means…" Deidara began but was cut off by Tobi, "Demon shark, yeah I know."

"Then what's the problem?" Itachi asked, slightly baffled at Tobi's stupidity.

"But Kisame-san isn't a demon…" Tobi replied, "…Unless…" the eyes from under his mask widened in shock, "Unless…no…It can't be…"

The group of four took a moment to try and figure out what Tobi was talking about, they all drew blanks and continued to give it some thought, but were soon interrupted out of their thoughts when Akatsuki Leader-sama spoke whom was making his way through one of the many stone hallways.

"Hm? What's everyone looking at? Did Itachi loose strip poker again?" Itachi flinched at the remembrance of that event, and Akatsuki Leader-sama glanced at the Uchiha, "No? The what?"

"It's Tobi…un." Deidara replied pointing at Tobi who was still in the middle of the semi-circle.

"What did Tobi do this time?" Akatsuki Leader-sama asked, a tint of curiosity in his voice.

"He wants to know why Kismae's name is Kisame." Kakuzu stated.

"Kisame means demon shark, so it is kind of obvious." Akatsuki Leader-sama replied.

"But Kisame-san's not a demon!" Tobi said in a slightly pouty tone of voice.

A small twinkle was found in Akatsuki Leader-sama's eyes, Itachi, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Deidara took a step back afraid of what their leader was planning.

Akatsuki Leader-sama leaned forward, "Well I'll tell you all a secret…" he began, all members (and Tobi) leaned forward to listen, "Well…Kisame is actually…" they listened closely, "A JINCHURIKI!" he yelled in a very cliché dramatic voice.

Tobi gasped, Hidan, Deidara, and Kakuzu fell over onto their faces, and Itachi covered his own face with his hand and shook his head, "NO WAY!" Tobi yelled.

"Yes." Akatsuki Leader-sama replied a devious smile plastered on his non-existent face.

"No wonder he looks like a shark…" Tobi said a hand on his chin as if he were thinking. (which the other members knew was impossible cause he didn't have a brain)

"S-so if I were to capture Kisame-san then I could be in the Akatsuki?" the masked wanna-be asked enthusiasm clearly found in his voice.

"Sure why not." Akatsuki Leader-sama said.

"YAY!" Tobi ran away in search of Kisame to 'capture' him and become a member of the Akatsuki.

Everyone looked a Akatsuki Leader-sama, who was now walking back down some random path laughing lightly.

Deidara was the first to speak, "So where is Kisame anyways…un?"

"I believe taking a shower."

Everyone looked in the direction that a voice had come from, there standing, was Zetsu.

"Taking a…" Hidan stopped, "…I'm not going to help him, he needs to learn discipline." Hidan said walking away.

Deidara shrugged and also walked away, "His problem not mine…un." He stated walking back to his 'quarters'.

Itachi looked at Zetsu, Zetsu looked a Itachi. Slowly pulling a camera out his cloak Zetsu looked at Itachi, Iatchi nodded and both trudged off to the bathroom where Kisame and Tobi were most likely to be.

A few minutes later the Akatsuki Hideout was filled with yelling, "I HAVE YOU NOW YOU TRICKY SHARK DEMON!"


"DIE EVIL SHARK!" the sounds of a blade scraping against stone wall was heard, a few 'thuds' and 'smashes'…silence…

"OMG! KISAME-SAN'S GONNA KILL ME!" Tobi's voiced echoed through the cave….silence…

"Itachi-san, Zetsu what the hell are you doing with that cam…era…hell no!" The sound of three people running.

"GET BACK HERE WITH THAT CAMERA!" more slicing noises…silence…silence…silence…and then the chuckling of Akatsuki Leader-sama who was watching Tobi limping towards him, "So how'd it go Tobi?" Akatsuki Leader-sama asked.

"Kisame-san…really is a demon..." And then Tobi passed out.

Zetsu and Itachi came back, both of them having a few cuts, not as many as TObi of course, "And how are you two?" Akatsuki Leader-sama asked smiling.

"We…saved the…camera…" Itachi replied gasping in-between words holding the device in his hand. Zetsu took a deep breath and then passed out falling back onto Tobi's stomach.

Itachi looked at the two who just passed out then looked at Akatsuki Leader-sama, "You're evil…" Akatsuki Leader-sama nodded smiling, "I know." And then Itachi passed out.


This was…strange…and a little random. Well, I put this up for my friend Bethany because she likes Tobi, I have no idea where the idea for this chapter came from…random really. Anyways I'm planning to make more chapters, the next chapter is called 'I Respect You' before Tobi joined Akatsuki and why Akatsuki Leader-sama allows Tobi to stay in the Akatsuki even if he isn't a member, and oh my god, is it stupid…anyways please review.