Title: We All Love the Tobi!

Rating: T

Genre: Humor

Summary: Follow everyone's favorite Tobi and his misadventures through the Akatsuki! All the way to when he joined and the others opinions on him!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, okay then…yeah

Side Note: Wow, I feel really bad for making this chapter so short...NEXT ONE WILL BE LONGER! I (semi) promise!

Chapter Summary: The truth why Akatsuki Leader-sama allows Tobi to hang around everyone although he is not in the Akatsuki (before Tobi was in the Akatsuki of course)


I Respect You


Sasori watched dully as Tobi tried to 'water' Zetsu.

"But Zetsu-san! Water's good for plants!"

"Tobi I swear I will eat you if you don't put that hose away!"

"But Ze---" Tobi tripped at that moment falling face first into the ground the water spraying across the stone floor.

Sasori shook his head in slight disgust and was about to walk away when he noticed Akatsuki Leeader-Sama standing behind him looking at the ground, that was now ankle height in water.

"What did Tobi do this time?" Akatsuki Leader-Sama asked glancing up at Sasori.

The man (puppet?) shrugged, "He was trying to water Zetsu."

"Again?" Sasori nodded, "Well, I guess I'll have someone clean it up or something, Kisame likes water, he can do it." Akatsuki Leader-Sama said trailing off.

"Why do you let Tobi stay here?" Sasori asked catching Akatsuki Leader-Sama's attention.


"He's not in the Akatsuki and he just gets in the way all the time." Sasori said being more specific.

"Well, it's actually quite simple…" he said looking serious for a brief moment, "There's enough freaks and problematic people in the Akatsuki already so…"

"He's comic relief?" Sasori questioned.

"No, what gave you that idea?"

"But you just said…never mind. The why?"

"It's because Tobi has no face like me!" he replied in a strange happy voice that actually creeped the shit out of Sasori.

"WHAT!?!?!" Sasori looked confused and a bit aggravated, which was saying a lot coming from Sasori, the guy whose closet thing to emotions was an insane evil smirk that made him look liked a psychopath.

"I respect people that hide their faces…" Akatsuki Leader-Sama said with a slightly dramatic look, "Hm? Where're you going Sasori?"

"Away." Sasori replied twitching slightly.

'I have lost all respect for Akatsuki Leader…' Sasori thought to himself walking off to his quarters.




Kisame trailed through the Akatsuki, he stopped and glanced at the person staring right up at him, it was Tobi, "…?"

"I'm watching you Kisame-san…" Tobi said stated giving a suspicious look…well, sorta, his mask kind of hid any 'looks' he could give.

"Okay…" Kisame replied looking at Tobi like he was stupid. He watched as the idiot of Akatsuki slipped past him.

"I will be in the Akatsuki one way or another or my name is not Tobi!" Tobi exclaimed his voice echoing trought out the cave.

"Get a life!" Someone yelled making Tobi hung his head.

"Tobi has a life..." he said in a sad voice, "AND IT IS TO JOIN THE AKATSUKI, SO THERE!" he shouted at no one, "Tobi is so aswome, lets all hug the Tobi..." he sung to himself walking off.


Hm…Short…oh well, I couldn't really think of anything else to put into this so…yeah, anyways, I am indeed alive (weird huh) and I think I will update this sooner next time, I think…Well shifting gears for a moment! I would like to thank my friend Bethany for inspiring me to continue writing this! And that is all I shall say, until next time; farewell!