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Chapter One: An Unlikely Discovery

Tokiya Mikagami had always fancied himself an incredibly intelligent and perceptive man. That was until one mildly sunny afternoon when Yanagi Sakoshita sat at his table in the cafeteria during lunch and with a distant tone said, "Fuuko and Recca are awfully close, aren't they?" There wasn't a hint of accusation or malice in her voice, she was not capable of that. But he recognized that simmering bubble underneath her carefree facade, he was quite familiar with that feeling as it would usually rear its ugly and troublesome head whenever he saw the girl in front of him and that primate Recca so much as brush hands. Yanagi Sakoshita was jealous. But what plagued his mind was, why in Kami's universe would Yanagi, the epitome of perfection in his eyes, be jealous of that brute, foul-mouthed, uncouth and uncultured monkey, Fuuko Kirisawa? It was simply unthinkable.

He let his gaze travel the way of Yanagi's as she stared a hole into Recca's back. The boy was completely oblivious to the two pairs of eyes observing him and his companion, the aforementioned Fuuko Kirisawa. The two hooligans occupied a small round table made for two at the other side of the cafeteria. They appeared to be playing some sort of card game and from the looks of it, Fuuko was winning. And if Tokiya were to go by the way vein on Recca's forehead was thumping, she had been winning the entire time.

Fuuko fanned out the five cards in her hands on the table and with an obnoxious smirk proclaimed, "You lose again, loser!"

Tokiya sighed, even her vocabulary was subpar.

Recca let out a low growl before giving in to sulking like a five year old who just had his ass served to him on a platter by his two year old baby sister. Fuuko gave Recca a light punch to the shoulder and the raven haired boy tried very hard not to wince. Tokiya could not blame him, he knew based on experience that there was no such thing as a light punch coming from Kirisawa. The silver haired senior watched on as Recca retaliated by pulling at Fuuko's fringe. She gave him a mock glare before giving in to a slight giggle and soon they were involved in an all out tickle/pinching fight.

Tokiya turned his attention to Yanagi once more and found her still engrossed at the little scene in front of her. Anyone would've been fooled into thinking that she was not in any way affected by any of it if it weren't for the fact that the can of soda she held in her left hand was now properly crushed.

He let out a small cough to get her audience. "Yanagi-san, Kirisawa and Hanabishi have been friends since childhood. They're almost like siblings. And I'm sure Hanabishi would never be tempted to stray with such an ill-mannered and not too physically pleasing female, if she may even qualify as such. You have absolutely nothing to worry about."

Yanagi feigned innocence. "I'm not worried about anything! Oh, Mikagami-sempai, I know they're friends and Fuuko-chan, I love her, she's like my sister and she is too kind-hearted for anything like what you're saying to cross her mind."

Tokiya raised an elegant brow in disbelief.

Yanagi sighed bemusedly. "I'm not jealous. What I said about Fuuko, that's all true, you call her ill-mannered, I call her the best friend a girl could ever have. But sometimes I do wish I had with Recca what he has with Fuuko. With her, he's so open, relaxed...imperfect. Perhaps, if I was just a little bit more like Fuuko."

Tokiya choked on his tea. Yanagi being jealous of Fuuko in relation to Recca, unthinkable yet still within the realms of logic. But Yanagi Sakoshita wanting to be anything like Fuuko 'I'll kill you with my inhumanly large hands if you so much as touch the hem of my ridiculously short skirt' Kirisawa was complete and utter insanity.

They had a grueling Physics lesson that day, involving torques and force and other such things that made one's head spin, but thanks to Tokiya's lab partner, they had breezed through it with panache and were now spending the last two hours of class foraying into more lessons that made one's head spin even faster.

He stole a glance at the purple haired girl in front of him. He was shocked to see her in his Advanced Physics elective class the first day of school. Shocked would be an understatement, for the first time in his seventeen years his mouth was left agape and he thought he might've gone into cardiac arrest. It was a quota subject, only a limited number of students who've proven their mathematical skills were allowed in...and she had never let it on that she could even count up to twelve. And she's only a junior! He didn't get in when he was a junior. To think that she was in any way superior to him caught off guard. And Tokiya had to admit, she was the only person who ever caught him off guard.

When he had asked her why she took up the subject she shrugged nonchalantly as if he did not just imply through his acerbic tone that she could not possibly possess enough brain cells to get in, much less pass Advanced Physics and said with such simplicity, "Math is structured. I like structures."

And she had proven time and time again that structures liked her back. Though she never once raised her hand in class nor took any notes in her notebook that was not of the doodle kind, she aced every exam and was proclaimed the Physics prodigy by their Professor. And though Tokiya would never say it out loud, he was quite glad to have her as a laboratory partner, not just for her competent skills in Physics (understatement of the year), but it was a nice change of pace to be working with someone he could, well, tolerate.

"Mi-chan, stop staring at me, it's freaking me out," Fuuko said, eyes not once leaving her physics workbook as she studied the next lesson.

It had not occurred to Tokiya that he had been looking at her for a good five minutes now.

"Why the hell are you looking at me anyway? Did I do something to offend your highness?" she continued and he could just hear the smirk in her voice.

"I was just wondering, Kirisawa, what Ishijima-san ever saw in you?" he drawled.

"Look a little farther south and you'll have your answer," she replied, finally looking up, an impish grin plastered on her face.

It unsettled him a bit that she could refer to her womanly assets with such ease in front of him.

"Fair enough, but why don't we expound on that question and answer what you ever saw in him." He smirked.

She let out a derisive (and ungraceful) snort. "Mi-chan, is your life so boring now that you're willing to discuss the romantic misadventures of Fuuko Kirisawa?"

He did not comment on her accurate, albeit inadvertent, observation. Indeed, without revenge and murderous plots polluting his mind, life was rather mundane. Instead he said to her, "Mindless chatter every now and then can be refreshing. I've answered your question, now it's your turn."

"He was a good guy."

"Is that ever sufficient?"

"Obviously not as we've broken up after merely two days," she said thoughtfully.

"Thus ends Chapter One of The Romantic Misadventures of Fuuko Kirisawa. A rather short chapter, isn't it?" Tokiya had a genuine smile on his face.

"And rather uneventful too. I really need to work on this bitch if it's ever going to make it to the New York Times Bestseller list," she said with mock seriousness.

He only gave her a lopsided grin to let her know that he fancied her funny, and it was enough. She was never the kind of girl to demand for more.

The bell rang unceremoniously signalling the end of classes for the day. They wordlessly fixed their things and kept their equipment in their designated locker and as if with a silent agreement walked together out of the classroom.

Tokiya was walking with her, he was not at all walking her home. It just so happened that her house was on the way to his. And it was by pure accident that they always found each other everyday after school and it would be silly and childish to not walk home together.

About five yards away from schoolgates, Fuuko halted so suddenly that it took Tokiya five paces to notice that the girl was not walking beside him. He found her squatting on the pavement making futile attempts at untangling her shoelaces so she could tie it back up again. And much to his horror, she was unconsciously flashing every single student coming out of the school with her immaculately white knickers. He did not want to embarass her so he stood in front of Fuuko and unbeknownst to the girl, strategically positioned himself to protect her dignity.

A minute had gone by and he could Fuuko mouthing silent curses to the Gods and impugning the name of her mother. Tokiya rolled his eyes, mouthed 'Monkey' and kneeled down in front of her. He slapped her hand away and began to unravel the knots she made. She was such a contradiction, a mere few hours earlier she was solving equations that made lesser beings commit Hara Kiri without so much as batting an eyelash and yet here she was now, having great difficulty doing something as primary as tying her shoelaces.

"If you just keep tugging it, we'll be here all night. And I have homework," he answered at her questioning look. He tried desperately not to sneak a glance at her knickers. He was still, after all, very much seventeen year old boy. The ice apparently did not affect his lower regions. Thankfully she was still too miffed about her shoelaces that she did not notice him falter. After he fixed her shoelaces, he stood up and made a conscious effort not to help her up.

They had already passed the second Ramen house in the vicinity when he finally had the gall to bring up the topic he had wanted to breach since yesterday morning's talk with Yanagi. "Regarding Chapter Two, Kirisawa," he began conspiratorially, "perhaps something on the scandalous side to spicen things up. And nothing more scandalous than wading in the waves of the Bermuda."

Fuuko merely quirked her eyebrows suspiciously.

"How is your relationship with Hanabishi?" he delivered bluntly and not without malice.

Tokiya had expected indignation, screams of bloody murder and severe bodily injuries on his end. He did not, in this lifetime or the next, expect to see a dawn of concern and melancholy in her eyes.

"Did Yanagi talk to you? She had been acting weirdly around me lately. Oh, I should have known. Just that sometimes I forget that Recca and I aren't kids anymore and his girlfriend might read into our little bouts. You have to believe me, Mi-chan, I have no ill intentions for Recca or Yanagi. I have to talk to Yanagi, she's my first female friend you know, all the other girls find me too weird and I don't want to lose her. I think I actually love her more than I love Recca, and to think that Recca and I have been friends since we were six! Kami, Recca and I, man, that is so gross, just the thought, ew, I think I actually threw up a little in my mouth,.."

"Alright, I get it. You and Recca, not going to happen, ever. Will you kindly shut your trap now?" Tokiya said irately.

"Your brought it up!" she cried and landed a punch squarely on his chest.

"I was just concerned for Yanagi. She seems convinced that you and Recca, while not in any romantic relationship, seem to have something more than friendship and is just slightly threatened at the relative ease of your relationship with him. To paraphrase, he could be himself around you, neanderthal and all."

Fuuko laughed. "I don't think Yanagi knows boys as well as I do. Recca and I are...well, kind of like you and I."

Tokiya stopped abruptly and yanked Fuuko's arm so she would face him. "What exactly do you mean by that?"

Fuuko breathed deeply and bit her lip as if to collect her thoughts before speaking. "We're not six, Tokiya, you don't throw mud at the girl you have a crush on. He's 'neanderthal' as you put it because he's not trying to impress me. Just as I'm uncultured and uncouth, yes Mi-chan I know you call me that behind my back, Yanagi tells me everything, with him because I have no plans of seducing him into my lair of evil. Like you and me, I highly doubt you'd be calling me a monkey and insulting my intelligence ninety percent of the time if you held any sort interest in me. Right?"

Yes, right. It could remain unspoken, he supposed. "Wouldn't that be lying to someone you love?"

"No, Recca just wants to reserve the best of himself for her. Because she's his Hime. And she deserves it."

And those words convinced Tokiya that he did the right thing in letting her go.


"I don't think I'd want to be with someone if she isn't completely comfortable being just as she is with me."

Fuuko's lips curved into a small smile that made her look ethereal. "But it works for them. I suppose something else would work for people like us."

A gust of wind suddenly enveloped them and Fuuko's hair scratched her cheeks gently. He was not so lucky as specks of dust landed in his eye. He immediately shut them, feeling the pain still there beneath his lids, soft dusts felt like rocks clawing the sensitive skin of his iris.

"You okay Mikagami?" Fuuko said, voice laden with concern at seeing his pained expression.

"I got something in my eye," he replied. His hand instinctively went to his face and rubbed at his eyelids.

"Don't scratch your eyes, it'll only get worse," she scolded. She gripped his hands and held them steady at his sides. He could feel her inch closer to him.

"Open your yes, Mi-chan," she whispered and he didn't know if he just imagined it but he thought she sounded breathless.

"No, it hurts!"

She snickered lightly. "Don't be such a baby."

Fuuko was on tiptoe now, being almost a foot shorter than the Ensui master. She lifted one hand and pried his left eye open. He acquiesced to her ministrations and did an intake of breath when he found her so close to his face that he could trace the freckles on her nose with his finger if he just reached up. Her lips were curled in a seductive 'O' and with absolute gentleness she blew cool wind from her mouth to relieve the suffering in his eye.

She landed back on her heels too soon for his taste.

"Okay now?" she asked.


And he got it, he just got it, why Yanagi Sakoshita would just like to be a bit more like Fuuko Kirisawa.