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Sasuke was very angry at himself. 'How the hell did I fall for that usuratonkachi's trick? I don't even like women.' During today's sparring session Naruto had pulled an unexpectedly effective move and defeated Sasuke.


Sasuke threw Naruto against a tree and stood a few feet back smirking as the blond slumped, "Pathetic dobe. Can't you do any better?"

Naruto raised his head and grinned. He made an unfamilar sign, and muttered Orioke no Jutsu. As he was engulfed in a cloud of smoke, Sasuke tensed. 'What is that hyper idiot doing.' As the smoke cleared, sasuke's jaw dropped in shock. 'What the hell?' A naked female version of Naruto stood there and blew him a kiss, "Oh Sasuke-kuuun"

Suddenly Sasuke was on his back with the real Naruto sitting on top of him, a kunai pressed to sasuke's throat.

Naruto dispelled the Sexy Jutsu Shadow Clone, grinned, and leaned in so close he was almost kissing sasuke, "I win teme."


'I can't believe he got me with that!' Sasuke was more put out than he normally would be, because today's spar had had high stakes.


Sasuke looked at the teammate he'd been lusting after for a long time. No, not Sakura, who could lust after that pink freak? No, it was Naruto's bones Sasuke wanted to jump. Ever since the blond idiot had dragged him back from Orochimaru,sasuke had been hot for him and today Sasuke had a plan to get the blond under him at last.

"Oi dobe."

"Don't call me that teme! What do you want?"

'You under me begging.' Sasuke thought, but what he said was, "How about we make a bet on who will win today's spar?"

"What are the terms?"

"Loser has to do whatever the winner wants for a day. All day tomorrow."

"So if I win you'll have to do whatever I tell you to?"


Naruto thought about it. 'I'll have to do whatever he wants me to if he wins, but if I win-,' Naruto licked his lips and nodded, "You're on teme."


"Oi teme!"

Sasuke looked at Naruto, "Hn?"

"Don't forget to meet me at my apartment at dawn,and you damn well better not welsh on our bet."

"I never welsh on a bet, I'll be there."

"Alright, see you tomorrow teme."

As Naruto ran off he was thinking, 'Wait until you see what I have in stor for you Sasuke.'

Sasuke was brooding as he walked home, certain that all Naruto would want was for him to pay for as much ramen as the usuratonkachi could eat. Oh how wrong he was.


Sasuke knocked on Naruto's door.

"It's open! Come in teme!"

Sasuke walked into the apartment to see Naruto standing in front of a brown couch.

"Dobe, what do you want to do first?"

Naruto grinned wickedly, sending a chill up Sasuke's spine, "First you are not to call me 'dobe' or 'usuratonkachi'. If you want to call me anything, you will address me as Naruto-sama," Sasuke gritted his teeth, but nodded sharply, "and second, you will wear this," Naruto handed Sasuke a bundle of clothes, "all day unless I tell you to take it off. Now go change."

Sasuke growled st Naruto's commanding tone, but went to the bathroom to change.

Naruto counted, waiting for- "What the HELL," that.

"Is something wrong Sasuke?"

"There is no way I'm wearing this."

"So you're going back on the bet?"

Silence, then a sullen, "No."

"Then you're wearing it."

All Sasuke could think as he looked at himself in the mirror was, 'Who knew Naruto could be this sadistic.' Sasuke was in a pair of low riding, black, fake leather short shorts that clung like spandex and a short black leather vest that stopped at mid-ribcage and showed more midriff than Sai's shirt.

As Naruto watched Sasuke walk out of the bathroom he nearly had a nosebleed. 'Damn. He's too sexy for his own good.'

"Okay Sasuke now you just need the rest of the outfit."

Sasuke felt dread seep in at those words, "Rest of the outfit?"

"Yup these, "Naruto held out a pair of knee high combat boots that had buckles going up the sides, "and these. I'll put these on once you've gotten the boots on."

Sasuke looked at what Naruto had in his other hand as he put the boots on ,"When today is over, I'm going to kill you."

Naruto held a pair of fuzzy wolf ears, a clip-on wolf tail, and a collar with a leash and tag reading 'Property of Uzumaki Naruto'

Naruto sauntered over to put the acessories on. As he looped the collar around Sasuke's neck he said, "You can't tell me that you wouldn't do something similar if you had won."

Sasuke thought of the maid outfit he had planned to make Naruto wear, "Hn."

Naruto buckled the collar, grinned, and gave Sasuke a peck on the lips, leaving the avenger blinking in surprise while Naruto grabbed the end of the leash.

"C'mon Sasu-chan let's go meet the others at the bridge."

'Shit I forgot that we're supposed to train today.' Sasuke growled but followed Naruto out of the apartment.


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