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Author's Note: I call this JarethxSarah Undiscovered, meaning Sarah has yet to discover the Goblin King, or his love for her.

Stars For Sarah.



Such beautiful, heavenly bodies. Are they not?

How they illuminate the night sky, contrasting with the darkness, the enchantingly unknown of it all.

Some believe that if you wish upon a twinkling star, your wish shall be granted.

They cast streams of golden light through the cracks in your window shade, shaking you from sleep with their iridescent simplicity.

Yet, for eight year old Sarah Williams, no matter how bright the stars shone at night, she always slept peacefully.

Why, if the stars went and formed her very face, shining with such majesty it would make any other person wince, she still would have been blissfully unaware.

Because, while other boy and girls her age complained of how the stars awoke them from their slumbers with their shine, Sarah's window was never hit with streaks of light.

"Someone is moving those stars for you, Sarah." Her mother would tell her at breakfast, almost every day. Sarah would just chuckle, because, even at that time, she knew that no one could move stars. It was impossible. Even a dreamer such as Sarah thought it ludicrous.

If only she knew…

Sometimes, when Sarah just couldn't fall into the awaiting arms of sleep, she'd sit at her window. She smiled when she'd see the man.

She didn't know who he was, or where he came from, but he was always there when she couldn't sleep.

He would walk down her street, stopping just as he passed her window, turning to smile at her. Sarah could barely make out his features, but from where she sat, she knew he was different. Wild, golden locks surrounded an alabaster, structured face.

He would always flash a small grin in her direction, before taking off into the night.

And after seeing him, being graced with his warm smile, Sarah would always sleep peacefully, not awaking for even the loudest of car horns.

At such a young age, Sarah didn't question, didn't understand this man, didn't realize how eternally tied she was to him.

But soon enough, she would.

Sarah would realize, in time, that her mother was right.

Someone was moving the stars for her.