Teasing my heart

A love/hate/denial poem in Hermione's POV

I love you but I'm not in love with you

And you can't seem to distinguish the difference

You fail to realise that though you're my best friend

My heart belongs to another

You tease me mercilessly and will never relent

No matter how much I ask

It is alas our only difference

The breaking of our friendship

But surely you know that I'm not in love with you?

I've told you many a time before.

We've had the convosation again and again

And yet you continue

Then the others, they tease me about you

They tell me I blush when I say your name

When I don't

It's all in their minds, because it is another whose name I flush

They tease me about him too

But they don't actually realise that it's true

I didn't really realise my feelings till late

When they started teasing

I might blush at his name, laugh at his jokes

But if you have guessed, (and I'm sure you have)

Then why do you tease?

If you are my friend, then why do I hate it so?

Everyone mocks me for my apparent obviousness

How do I tell you that you are wrong?

How do I tell them that they aren't right?

How do I tell them that it is in fact the other boy who haunts my mind?

When I look at you I see a certain smugness which you try to hide

It makes me think of you as arrogant, which I know you aren't.

When I look at him all I do is smile at his face

For he is the one who cares

He is the only one who doesn't mock me for you

Unlike you Ronald Weasley

You poke fun at my apparent feelings to you

And you're going out with that nasty piece of work?

I can't help but think you're an egotistical prat

Because you know me better than others

You know the truth

I can see it in your eyes sometimes

A glint per say, when you slide in a comment

Whenever I mention him, however offhand

Your eyes flash with a spark of glee

Because you know I love him

You know that the people who mock me are right

Because you know that their teasing is no mockery

And yet you tease

A/N: I realise this doesn't rhyme or anything, but I was feeling particularly emo and obviously don't want to cut myself, (never have, never will) after an argument with my best boy mate which prompted me to write this and change the story mildly. It's based around meā€¦kind of.

Except of course its Hermione 'speaking' in the poem to Ron about the fact he mocks her about her loving him when she loves another and he knows it. So much for best mates huh?

Hope you understand it well enough, I love using emo feelings to write stuff. Letting out all the anger in a safer and constructive way.