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A Hug to Cure This

'…He left me…' the formally cheerful pink haired girl thought. "He left, he didn't care" she voiced the words for the first time and felt a piece of her heart wilt and shatter. She wanted to cry but the sobs died in her throat. It was pointless to cry now. She would have to get over him.

"Sakura?" a timid voice asked. Sakura looked up and into the pale eyes of Hinata. "Sakura are you ok?" Hinata's was quiet and unsure; she has watched Sakura break down and knew she couldn't let Sakura get too depressed.

Sakura blinked and cleared her throat, "I'm ok…I just need sleep." It was true Sakura hadn't been able to sleep since Sasuke had left; she was wasting away to nothing.

Hinata nodded sympathetically, "do you want some help getting home?" Sakura shook her head, bubblegum colored hair flying in chaotic sways. "Well all right then… you can always talk to me you know" Hinata replied hesitantly. Then she left giving Sakura a quick glance over her shoulder as Sakura sank down onto the side walk.

"Wallowing in self pity will not help" a mono-toned voice said. Startled Sakura jumped and looked around. No one was on this street besides her. Sighing she picked herself up and dusted off her clothes.

Blindly she walked home and pulled her clothes off thrusting them onto the ground. Leaving her scantly clad and exhausted as hell. Placing her hand on the bed she carefully tried to lower herself into the sheets and attempted sleep. It would not come.

"Insomnia," she spoke softly, "I have insomnia." Sleep would never come when her mind was like this, no not when he was on her mind.

Sakura sat up just as the sun was peeking through her window panes and cried up. She had been staring at her ceiling the entire night and she was cranky. "This is RIDICULOUS!" she shrieked suddenly feeling very fragile. This was never a good thing.

Trudging out of bed she dressed in a rather slow pace and left the house not even bothering to have breakfast. She glared at the smiling sugar-coated faces of people around her and silently cursed them for their good luck. Well at least the day wasn't going too bad; Ino had not shown her ugly face yet. So perhaps there was an iota of a chance that things might actually turn up good.

Cursing silently she noticed that not everyone was smiling. A rather tall boy with red hair, a gourd, black rimmed eyes, and a love kanji on his forehead was glaring at the people around them as well. It was as if he was trying to ward them off or to challenge them to approach him. It was Gaara, on a normal day Sakura might've been afraid, but today in her foul mood she felt invincible and rather annoyed. It was this that spurred her to take his unspoken challenge and approach him. She wanted to see the sand ninja squirm and she knew one way to do this; Affection.

Quickly she approached him, a sway in her walk and a glint in her eyes. He glared down at her unsure of what she could possibly be planning. She looked Haggard, dark circles under her gorgeous jade eyes…wait…did he just think she had gorgeous eyes. Gaara shook his head in a barely noticeable way, no he could have.

It was then that Sakura laced her arm gently around the distracted sand ninja. "Welcome back Gaara" she breathed and the inner Sakura cackled wickedly. Gaara smelled odd, a mixture of sweat, sand and…was that blood? It didn't matter the smell had already intoxicated her foggy head. Making her swim in odd thoughts, none of which she would bring up to anyone she knew.

Gaara's eyes widened as the pink haired girl held onto him and greeted him. He stood there and shook for quite a few moments and scrunching up him nose in confusion he hesitated. Slowly he returned the embrace, very unsure of what he was supposed to do and what she expected from him. Nobody had ever held him, nobody showed him affection. He was a monster. This girl, Sakura, must be delirious. After all she looked exhausted.

Sakura felt him shake; he was warm and hesitant to hug her back. She suddenly felt vile; she should not be doing this. Sakura began to shout at herself in her mind, 'Bad Sakura! Don't play with his emotions; don't hurt him, not like Sasuke did to you!' Horrible she was horrible. She then pulled away from Gaara, feeling him move away very slowly as if he were confused. He had every right to be, Sakura had been toying with him.

Gaara felt her pull away and did the same, but it was in that embrace that he felt the need to be held more; he now craved it deep down. But shaking it off he turned away from her. Pausing for just a moment before starting odd, "In the future it would be not to show me kindness." He didn't want it…or did he? As he walked off he could feel Sakura's eyes locked onto his back and felt the blush creep up to his cheeks. Why would she hug him? He had almost killed Uchiha and Lee; but worst of all he'd hurt her when she was trying to defend someone she cared for. Although the look in her eyes had kept him from killing her, she was lucky that day. But she would not always be lucky. Maybe it was his turn.

She watched him go and again felt a part of her heart wilt, but this time it did not shatter it just burned with dull throbs. Subconsciously she brought her hand up and placed it under her color bone and slightly between her breasts. Her breath then started to come fast as she realized she might be getting over Sasuke, she might just get over him. Maybe if she tried hard enough maybe she could love someone else. But it would be hard, after all Sasuke still had a piece of her heart and he held it tight.

Tight, he may need to break her; he may come back just to see her crumple at his words. Maybe he would again.