Chapter 1: Touble in the middle of the night

Zuko tossed and turned in his king size bed, for a 6 year old he couldn't sleep. The Boy got out of bed, realizing he had to go to the bathroom.

He reached for the door, opening it up a gaurd stood infront of him

" Where are you going?" he asked

" just to the bathroom" Zuko squeeked.

" do you need a escort?" the gaurd asked

" no thank you" Zuko said quickly walking away from the gaurd.

Alone in the hall ways, Zuko made his way through the dark. Somthing dashed aside from him!. spinning around Zuko held up his lanturn, no one was there!. Zuko's heart started to beat really fast. He had two choices: eather run strait to the bathroom and back to his room. Or stand there and wet himself. Making up his mind Zuko ran to the bathroom.

Shadows dashed from side to side, heading towords Azula's room. The gaurds at her door got knocked out. Azula woke up wondering whats going on. she walked over to her door, looking up, her mouth droped opend.

Zuko was just leaving the bathroom when he heard a scream!. Knowing who that scream belonged to he started to run towords his sisters room. a man dressed in black had Azula slunged over his sholder, he didn't expect a fire blast being shot at him. it faded before it reached him. Looking at where it came from Zuko stood there in the door way ready to defend for his sister.

" let my sister go!" Zuko demanded. Smack! Zuko fell to the floor. The man that knocked him out slung the boy over his sholder and they escapd through the window with the children.

The men placed the two into a cart, locking the door the got away.

ok to let you know this whole crazy story camed to me in a dream.No! I wasn't part of any of it!

I just wanted to see what Ozai and Ursa would do if Zuko and Azula got kidnapped?

not sure how long this story is but Ursa is so going to do some Ass kicking in this story

ok if you asking Why I started it off with Zuko having to use the bathroom?. Remember this is Nickelodeon's creation.