Chapter 4: Hide and seek

Zuko was hiding in a storage room, Chi-lang was alomst near his hiding spot, Zuko scooted back up againts a wall causing some items to fall and make noise. Chi-lang opened the storage room door to find the boy caught in the tangle of the fallen items. Zuko had a bucket covering his face, lifting up the bucked he looked up at Chi-lang that founded him, the boy gave out a week smile "uh..all clean" he said.

Azula picked a smarter hiding spot, she hid behind a bunch of creats, her little heart beat fast. A shadow cast along the light of the door way, Ping looked from his left then to his right " come out, come out, where ever you are" Ping sneered

(God I love that phrase! for give me for liking a story that involes kiddnaping children)

Azula had to think before she late!. looking up Ping already founded her. He picked her up by the back of her shirt " I wonder how you parents deal with you?" he asked.

" let go of me big meanie!" she demanded trying to kick and punch, Azula accendently shoot fire, almost burning his sholder

" so we have a firebender! and what a gifted little girl, its rare for women to possest the power of firebending" he said. Azula still struggled to get free.


'" Ozai please let me come with you!" Ursa pleaded. She just couldn't stand the fact that Ozai woudn't let her come

" No Ursa, try to understand" Ozai told her " I can't let you get hurt"

" I won't get hurt" she said

" I'm sorry my love, Stay here with father, Iroh and me will get Zuko and Azula back, I promis" he said kissing his wife on the cheek. Ozai flicked the reins on the rhino and he sped off into the night leaving Ursa to gaze out in to the path her husband and the rhino ran on.

Ozai, forgive me for disobaying you Ursa thought as she reached for her hilt of her sword that rested on her side.

ok...think about it! besides Azula have we seen any other female firebender?

what do you think Ursa going to do?

all will be reveiled in the next chapter...HA!