She's the daughter

She's not the child I knew then,
She's grown so much in all these
Years that I've been gone from her…

I touch her cold corpse,
I brush the hair back but
I can't give her a kiss,

It's just not right, even though
She's the daughter I strived to find
After all these years of abandoning them;

I remember those nights when I held her
In my arms and played with her,
She was only two then…

I left them behind, her and her mother,
I had to leave, I had killed a man
And I couldn't stay there any longer…

I tried, I really did tried to be normal,
To fit in but I can't pretend anymore
And now I'm exiled away from here;

What can I do? I tried so hard then
And I let them drift away from me
Because I couldn't be there for them;

I'm not social, I can't be normal,
Not even for a family I never knew
Because of being away from them
And now all I want is to make it right.

Perhaps… perhaps if my father hadn't
Been killed in front of me
When I was a child,
I'd be more caring…