I was bored at work, so I text'd my best matey and asked her.. "Do you think Elizabeth will marry Will, or do you think she'll leave with Captain Jack Sparrow?" Her answer shocked me, and I thought... "That would make a wonderful story." So, here goes... My very first POTC fic... By the way I do not own POTC or any of the characters, and it is not consistent with any of the movies. This is for fun only. So, please don't flame me. ;)

This story is dedicated in memory of my little niece or nephew which never had an opportunity to live. Even though I'll never be able to hold you Critter, you were dearly loved and are deeply missed.

Expect the Unexpected

Chapter 1

William "Bootstrap" Bill paced outside the door.

"It has been twelve hours, what's takin' so long in there?" William stated out loud.

A maid walking by overheard the pirate's comment and stopped to answer...

"Forgive me sir, but these things take time."

"How long does it take to be 'avin a baby?"

The maid started to speak when they heard a baby cry.. William walked to the closed door, and placed his hand on the knob. That's when he heard it.. Another baby crying.

The midwife opened the door.

"Congratulations Sir, you have two healthy, beautiful children."

Bootstrap walked into the room and greeted his wife with a smile.

"Come William, say hello to your children."

William hesitantly walked closer to the bed where his wife was holding two small bundles.

"Whatcha' be callin' em'?" Bootstrap answered as he awkwardly took his son out of his wife's arms.

"I had thought Victoria for the girl, and William for the boy."

"That be fine woman. I 'ate ta be a leavin' ya, but I better be gettin' back to the ship. Captain be wantin' to set sail in the morning."

Bootstrap didn't miss the sad look on his wife's face.

"I be comin' back in bout a month. Nothin' ta be worrin' bout. I be 'avin' two more mouths ta be a feedin. Can't be gettin' money sittin' 'ere all day."

Kathleen nodded her head and watched her husband leave the room.

A/N: Okay, I know this is short, and in the next few chapters you'll see where this is heading (if you don't all ready.) Please review, I'd love to hear what you think of this story.