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Chapter 7

"Elizabeth, there's not a lot of time, and he's asking for you," a maid told her.

She quickly ran up the stairs to her father's bedside.

"Elizabeth dear. I'm so glad to see you," he said as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

Elizabeth sat down next to her father and took his hand.

"Before you say anything, there's something you need to know. In the closet there's a box on the top shelf, there's something in there for you," he said faintly.

Elizabeth stood up and quickly found the box her father was referring to.

"Open it."

Inside was a baby blanket, baby booties, and a letter.

"What is this?" Elizabeth asked

"Your mother made those. She wrote the letter to you as well. I kept it for you. Matter of fact I've never read it."

Elizabeth looked at the writing on the envelope.

"To my beautiful daughter to be read on her wedding day."

Elizabeth brushed a tear away as she opened the letter and started reading...

My dearest Victoria,"Victoria? Who's Victoria?" Elizabeth wondered.

Governor Swann didn't miss the confused look that crossed his daughter's face. He let out a deep sigh as she continued reading...

My dearest Victoria,

As I write this I imagine you a have grown into a beautiful woman. I picture you dressed in a white wedding gown as your father gives you this letter.

My name is Kathleen, and I am your mother. Your real father passed away the year you were born, and I did my best to take care of you, but I failed miserably. I was poor, without an income, and I knew I couldn't take care of both of you. Yes, Victoria, you have a twin brother named Will.

Governor Swann lost his wife and baby girl in childbirth, and I knew he would give you a good home. So, I bundled you up with this sealed letter and left you on his doorstep. I pray that someday you'll forgive me my beautiful darling. I've watched you grow up from a distance, and saw to it that you were well taken care of. It broke my heart to leave you, but I knew your new father had a broken heart of his own. A day never passed that I didn't think of and love you. I dream of the day that I hold you in my arms again, and maybe even someday even hear you call me mother. Perhaps that will never happen, but that's always been my wish..

I love you as much now as I did the day you were born.

Please forgive me.


Your mother, Kathleen Turner

Elizabeth dropped the letter.

"Father?" She asked with tears streaming down her face.

"It's true. William Turner is your brother."

"No, he can't be," she said as she slumped to the floor.

"You will need the support of your brother in the days and weeks to come. Elizabeth, I have always loved you. Please know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. My days after my wife died were the darkest coldest days in my life. When I didn't think I could live one more day, there you were on my doorstep. You are the one that saved my life. You, Elizabeth, are the one that gave me a reason to keep living. I thank your mother everyday for choosing my doorstep to leave you on. Elizabeth?"Governor Swan started fighting for breath and his face paled.

Elizabeth jumped up and ran over to the man that raised her.


He looked at her with tears in his eyes...

"I have to go now. I love you."

"I love you too father," she said with tears flowing down her face.

Her father smiled and took his last breath.

Elizabeth sat with her father for hours until she knew she had to go. She went down the stairs only to find Will waiting for her. She stood on the stairs staring at the man she once called her fiancé.

"He's gone," she whispered.

"I am so sorry Elizabeth," Will whispered back as he pulled her into a hug.



"Would you tell me about your family?"

"Are you sure, it might take a while."

"Yes, I'm sure."

"They say my mother wasn't right after she had to give away my sister Victoria. She would cry for hours on end. She died when I was ten. It was the day you found me."

"Will?" She interrupted.


"What would you do if you found your sister again?"

"I'd give her the biggest hug ever, and welcome her back. Mother made sure I never forgot her by speaking of her constantly."

Elizabeth walked over and gave him a hug.

"I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Victoria, your sister."