1Fever 1793 is based off something that really happened. Just so you guys know, Amity Park is originally located in California, but for this story it will be located in, you guessed it, Pennsylvania. It's right above Philadelphia, to be more accurate. I know...'No its not, its in Ohio or whatever other state.' No...Amity Park, according to Butch, is in California. Now lets get on with the story!

Summary: Its 1793 and yellow fever is threatening the lives of everyone. Except Mrs. Manson's life. What's on her mind? Getting her daughter a husband. But fate takes a bad turn and she ends up with yellow fever. Forced to leave her house, Sam Manson goes to her long lost family friends house. But what happens when she meets a certain blue eyed boy?


Here we go again.

Hi, I'm Samantha Manson, Sam, unless you have some wrong suicidal wish. Either way, I live in Amity Park, a small town. Normal, I guess. Except for ghosts. There are loads of ghosts. Me? I could care less. They were once live people, although I doubt that for the Box Ghost. I'm guessing he was a maniac weirdo, But enough about ghosts, lets get back to the point.

Here we go again.

Mother, Mrs. Pretty in Pink, is trying to make me wear something horrible. Well, I asked her for something more my style, she sighed, and got out a brown evening gown with flowers all over it (well, at least it had a dark color). I put it on, caring less if it looked horrible on me.

"Come on Samantha! We don't want to be late to the Sanchez's tea party!" said her mother, quickly tying the ribbon on her back. We ran down the wooden stairs, and the only thing I'm thinking is why the hell am I forced to go here.


"Sam! Guess what just came in the mail?" shouted Mrs. Manson, her high pitched voice echoing through the house. (Yes, house. They are normal people in this story, not filthy millionaires.)

"What?" said Sam, her voice sounding disgusted with her happiness. Mrs. Manson stopped, glared, and walked towards her daughter, reading carefully the note.

"I would like you to come over Pam, I'm very lonely lately. Please come over!" she said, emphasizing the come over part.

"Who is it?" Sam said, but then found the answer in her mother's eyes. She laid down her coffee cup and got up from the wooden hand made chair, piking up her blue linen skirt.

"No, I refuse to go with those wrecked people. They are an insult to man kind." said Sam.

"Come on Sam! It will be fun." said Sam's mother. "Plus, maybe you'll find a suitable man. You know, Michael Sanchez is quite a-"

"For God sakes! I hate him! Plus, what am I supposed to say when they ask if I have a husband? I'm 15. I'm supposed to get married soon. Well, guess what? I'M NOT EVEN IN THE SAME ADDRESS AS MARRIAGE!" she said. Her mother looked at her fondly, grabbed her shoulder, and kissed her forehead. Sam sighed, and slid back down to her chair.

"Fine, I'll go. Huzza." she said, and rubbed her temples.

End of Flashback

So now she was suck with endless doom. She opened her door, and let the sun caress her cheeks. It was hot. Not 'oh hi sun, whatever'. Nope. It's the 'I hate the sun so much I want to rip it out of the sky' type of hot. But, Sam, being a person who loves dark colors, was used to it being hot.As she stepped out, her mother yelped in pain.

"Ow! These dreaded mosquitoes are horrid!" she yelled, moving her hands blindly in the air so the mosquitoes would shoo. She opened her eyes once more, picked up her pink dress, and proceeded. They got on the carriage, and headed towards the Sanchez's.

Okay, that's all the time I had to write, but I will update next weekend. Either way, here is a sneak peek.

"So, are any of your boys single?" said mother. I spit out the warm herbal tea back in the cup, ignoring the glares Paulina and Jessica gave me. Why the hell did she do that for? Why not just put a sign around my neck that said 'AVAILABLE-FOUL MOUTHED DAUGHTER'?