"I thought I told you not to go medaling yourself into trouble!" said young Daniel. Sam turned around quickly and looked at him walking towards. She stepped inside the room quickly and slammed the door shut, and then put a chair below the knob so it would not budge. She sighed and took a minute to look at her surroundings. There was a wooden circle, and a huge lime green light covering the inside, almost not real…

"Samantha Manson!" said a familiar voice, and loud banging followed it.

"Leave me alone Daniel! You're lucky I'm in here and you're out there. I would have squashed you for using my full name." she said with a distracted tone, looking at everything in the room as she said those words. Suddenly a giant man with pointy horns appeared out of the green blob, its blood red eyes looking at her. He resembled a stag mixed with a vampire. It smiled, showing off its ominous looking fangs, and the lowered down to the girl. Sam was in a silent state. Then he talked.

"Beautiful young lady, what are you doing here? I'm sure you're not one of the Fentons…" he said.

"I'm not…I'm here because my m-mother is s-sick. These are her c-closest ff-friends." She said in scared voice. She backed up to a wall slowly.

"Ah…I think I know who you are. Samantha Manson, aren't you? You seem to be scared. Don't be. I am a noble stag. I can tell you your future. And yours is looking bright." He said.

"Thanks, but…" she said.

"Nothing is bright for me at the moment. My mother is dying. I'm stuck with these maniacs. I'm not very positive at the moment to tell you the truth." She said. The stag's hand (he had hands in the front but deer legs on the rear) gently touched her pale face. He smiled.

"Things are going to get better. Trust me. Samantha, when you are feeling afraid, come here. I will tell you what's best." He said.

"T-thanks. I should go now…" she said. Sam quietly left the room, her body trembling with fear, and the stag smiled. That was almost too easy.

(Hint: He has red eyes…)