Love, Honor, Quidditch

Note: Oh, the thing you've all been dreading. Final chapter. But I will tell you that I am thinking of planning on working on a First Year fic. What do you guys say, hmm? Want to read it?

Chapter 50

A very light breeze ruffled the graduating Seventh Years' robes. Everyone was talking and giggling in their groups, not bothering to get in line as McGonagall had instructed them to.

Lily and James were standing together, a bit away from the flurry of the girls commenting on other girls' accessories and hair and whatnot and the boys joking about everything being over and done with.

"Are you sure you're fine with this?"James asked, looking down at Lily, whose eyes were downcast. She nodded.

"I'll be OK. I'm a big girl James." She then smiled. "As if Gen hasn't asked me enough!"

Just then, Gen past by. She paused long enough to give Lily's shoulder a reassuring squeeze, smile at James, and bounce away.

"She's happy." James murmured.

"Mm-hmm. From my understanding, she's taking one of your best mates around later on to look for a place for the two of them."

"Aaah." James said. "No wonder she's pleased."

Lily nodded, her lips twitching in a smile. "Who would have thought?"

James shifted awkwardly but said nothing. HE would have thought. In fact, hadn't he known before the girls about Gen fancying Remus?

He smiled to himself as he took Lily's hand and led her through the crowd. He managed to find Sirius and Peter and Marci. Everyone else was no where to be found.

They would turn up, though. James was sure.

But then McGonagall started ushering the students in a line in alphabetical order. Lily squeezed James's hand before running off near the front of the line.

James scowled as he folded his arms over his chest. He did not like his spot in the line. And from this spot, he was the last one of his friends to be graduating.

Sirius would be first.

James looked down the line. Sirius looked eager to be out of there. Lily was smiling faintly to himself which brought a small smile to his own lips. Celeste was talking to a dark-haired Ravenclaw girl beside her.

Remus was leaning around the two between him and Gen and whispering something to her while Marci stood beside Gen, giggling and nodding to whatever it was Remus was saying. Peter was standing nervously two people away from James.

He sighed. This was going to be a long morning.

Or so he thought. They were led to a makeshift seating area and platform for them. The sea of parents was much larger than what James had thought it would be. He grinned and waved to Remus's parents before looking for his own.

They were smiling softly at him next to a shorter woman with curly blonde hair that matched Marci's.

He looked around again but did not see anymore familiar faces.

He turned his attention Dumbledore, who welcomed the crowd of parents, older siblings, and family friends. Then he started a long speech of how far the Seventh Year students had came and what he expected of them in the future.

Then he turned to the students and added that "The Head Girl and Boy will now share a speech of their own with us."

A speech?! James did not remember being told he had to make a speech!

He looked to Lily, who looked prepared and calm for this. He knew he had to look panicked, but he joined her and listened as she made her speech..

A very touching speech about how her parents were so proud of her and how she knew that they would have loved to have been there and how they expected her to go on and do good.

"Just as I'm sure every parent here wants for their own graduating children." she added with a tiny smile.

James did not pay attention to her. He was quickly thinking of something simple he could maybe stretch into a longer speech.

He couldn't think of anything.

"My turn?" James asked as Lily smiled at him. "OK."

He turned to the eager parents and said, "Well, I don't recall being told I had to make a speech. So I think I will share with you some hysterically funny memories of mine, if that's OK."

And he launched into some tales of Hogwarts school, including hexing the suits of armour to walk around the school and say rude things to those who tried to stop them, setting loose a Niffler in the Great Hall during dinner one evening, and levitating a certain greasy student off the side of the Astronomy Tower.

By the time he finished, he was trying his best to hold in his laughter. McGonagall looked livid while Dumbledore's eyes twinkled with laughter.

Dumbledore immediately took center stage again and said that each student would be presented a diploma by their Head of House.

Surprisingly that did not take as long as one would think. As the last person, a Slytherin by the nake of Milly Zinerton, was given her diploma by Slughorn, the hysterical cackling of a poltergeist at work startled quite a few people.

Peeves grinned at the people staring at him before letting go of what he was holding. Water, live rats, and several evil-looking pale green potions smashed onto the students, all of whom ran away with terror.

James and Sirius managed to get away without a drop of potion or water on them. Both were trying not to crack up.


He turned sheepishly and faced Gen, who looked like a drowned mess of black hair.

"I didn't do it!" James said quickly. "OK, maybe I did talk to Peeves, but it was most Sirius!"

Sirius gave Gen his most handsome smile. She merely shook her head, bit her lip, and walked off.

"She didn't yell at me." Sirius said, looking shocked. "Did.. that just happen?"

"Why yes it did." James smiled as Lily waded through ankle deep water to join them. She shook her dripping wet hair out of her face and scowled.

"You HAD to go out this way, didn't you?" she asked. "With rodents and – and -- "

"I didn't let Peeves have a choice in what he dropped!" James said, taking a step back.

Lily frowned, but then her expression softened. "I think I need to head home." she murmured. "I'll see you guys later."

"What, you're not going to The Three Broomsticks?" James asked, grabbing her hand.

"I'm not in a celebrating mood. I figure I might as well get things packed and done with before I put it off so much I won't want to." she said, swishing her red hair over her shoulder.

"I'll go with you." he murmured. "Sirius tell my parents where I've gone."

Sirius nodded and quickly disappeared in the crowd. James took Lily's hand and the two of them left the grounds, pausing for a few minutes in Hogsmeade.

"If you want to stay -- "

"I'll go with you, but wait a moment." James murmured. He thought of what he was going to say. "My parents have found us a place to live. They've got the main things inside already. We'll go there tonight and go to your place tomorrow after we get some rest. What do you say?"

Lily bit her lip but nodded. That sounded like a much better plan than what she had in mind. "Let's go." she said, grabbing his hand. It felt right leaving with James. She sighed as she rested her head against his arm.

James smiled softly. He was thinking the same thing she was. 'This is so right.'