heh heh. HELLO EVERYONE! I was bored one Sunday day (eh?) and i was reading through the reviews I got on Twister. I spotted one that caught my interest. Leaning forward in my chair and adjusting my reading glasses (yes i have reading glasses. u laugh at me, you die) and squinted at the screen, as I was staring point blank at it for four hours straight. The computer is my only friend. Joking, anyway, I read it and thought 'Well, shes got a good point. I really should explain the Monopoly story...Hmmm.' My brother was sitting beside me, trying to anny the hell out of me by his unwavering stare, but he said 'Dude, a swear a lightbulb just turned on over your head.' After swatting him over the head, I realised I had thought up a very funny, crack filled story for Monopoly! SO, why not make a story BEFORE the Twister game, with the famous Monopoly board game, yeah?

Well,The Earth Alchemist (anonymous reviewer) youve gotten your request. Here is the placement of Monopoly, a prequel to Twister! This might take a little time, as i must consult my crazy, hyper friends for ideas and I must eat Pixie Stix 24/7 in order to make it funny. or i just read a stupid story. Alright, LATER! EXPECT MONOPOLY! DATTEBAYO!

The Sixth Kazekage of Sunagakure, Sabaku no Hasame