Prompt: Kiss

Timeline: Pre-X2

Cherry Chapstick

Getting a reaction out of Kitty Pryde was possibly John's favorite hobby in the world. She tried so hard not to let him get to her, but he loved seeing the hint of scarlet that crept into her cheeks when he finally landed a choice zinger, and the way she glared daggers when he smirked at her afterwards.

He could see her sitting on the benches by the fountain with Rogue, leaning in close and still talking with her hands, though she tried to keep her gestures subtle. Stealthily he approached them from behind, keeping his ears open for anything he could use as ammo.

"…be like that!" Rogue exclaimed, a slight quiver in her voice. Trouble in paradise, John thought to himself.

Kitty gave her a gentle rub on the arm in consolation. "It's just how they are, sometimes," she said soothingly.

John snorted. "Like you know all about how we are."

Rogue and Kitty spun around to face him. "Shut up, John," they said in perfect sync.

He ignored them. "Seriously, Kitty. You've never even had a boyfriend."

"How would you know?" She rose to her feet with a huff, slinging her book bag over her shoulder. "I'll see you later, Rogue."

"Bye, Kitty." Rogue watched them go, relieved that Kitty was drawing his fire, so to speak, but a little disappointed that she had to miss the big show.

Even though Kitty was shorter than he was by almost a head, he had to lengthen his stride to keep up with her pace. "Hey, wait up."

"Not likely." Her cheeks weren't pink, but frustration was clear in her voice. He'd obviously hit a nerve with the boyfriend comment. This deserved further exploration.

"You haven't had a boyfriend, have you?" he asked, jogging to fall in step alongside her.

"For your information, I have, and it's none of your business." She kept her eyes trained forward, refusing to make eye contact with him.

"You haven't here, because I'd have heard about it, and you came here when you were…thirteen? Grade school boyfriends don't count, Kitten," he said with half a sneer. It would have been a full sneer, but he was a little out of breath from trying to keep up with her-damn, the girl was fast.

"Don't call me Kitten." And there was the blush. Kitty burst through the front entrance of the mansion and wove her way around the students that were making their way out.

Time to go in for the kill. "I bet you've never even kissed a guy."

Kitty stopped suddenly and spun on her heel to face him. John stepped back, suddenly wondering if maybe he'd finally pushed her a little too far.

What followed next would go down in school history for years to come, a story to be passed from old to young, a tale so astounding everyone shared it but few actually believed it.

Kitty Pryde grabbed John Allerdyce by the front of his hooded sweatshirt, yanked him in close, and kissed him full on the mouth.

Time froze, and students stared.

It shocked him, but not enough that he thought to pull away-in fact, he actually registered that her lips were soft and tasted slightly of cherry chapstick, and that she smelled of apple shampoo, and that being in this situation didn't bother him nearly as much as he thought it should.

Then she pushed him away and glared at him as she drew the back of her hand over her mouth. "Now I have." With that, she stomped off towards the library.

Everyone stopped staring and resumed minding their own business, because everyone knew John was not someone to be stared at unless one had a death wish, but he remained rooted in the same spot for a good five minutes after she left, with his hand on his chin, his thumb brushing his bottom lip and a big smirk firmly in place.

She'd won that battle, perhaps, but the war was far from over.