The First Date

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Just want to explain the text

If it's like this it's a thought of someone


Like this it's inner sakura



Chapter 1 the Secret

It was a normal day in the leaf village. Naruto Uzumaki was walking down the streets towards the training field with his hands behind his head. He was planning on training today. "Okay I am going to train real hard today so I can finally beat Sasuke and get Sakura to fall in love with me! Yeah! I will beat you Sasuke believe it!" At that moment Naruto passed the ramen bar and heard girls laughing inside. Naruto stopped and began to listen. The girls were talking in a whisper and could barely make it out.

"I can't believe she likes Naruto! I mean she can do way better than him!" A girl said. Naruto was curious of whom they were talking about and pulled the curtains of the ramen bar back reviling 3 girls. Ino, Sakura and Tenten.

"Who likes me?" The three girls turned around looking at Naruto. "What? What are you talking about Naruto?" Ino said trying to confuse Naruto. "You said someone likes me. Who?" "It's No one Naruto." Tenten said. "Huh! Don't give me that you just said…" Naruto was cut off by Sakura saying "Naruto it would be a miracle for anyone to like you! I mean really look at you!" "But," "We have to go come on girls!" Sakura said dragging Ino and Tenten behind her.

Naruto took his hands off the back of his head and watched the girls run down the street. He then started walking the other way to continue what he was doing. "That was weird. I mean I heard them say someone liked me but…" Naruto stopped to think "Sakura was sure in a hurry like she was trying to hide something or trying to avoid talking about it. Wait I read so were that if a girl is avoiding you she likes you!" Naruto started to smile placing his hands on the back of his head again. He started walking down the street once more thinking he figured it out. "Of course Sakura likes me! I mean I don't blame her, a powerful ninja like me leaves all the girls heartless." He walked down the street until he got to the training field.

Sakura, Ino, and Tenten sat down at a tree out that was far away from ramen bar. "Few! That was close. Naruto almost found out that Hinata likes him!" Tenten said to the other two. "I think we should have told him, I mean everyone but Naruto knows! Even Neji knows and he never pays attention to his cousin." "I know Ino but I think Hinata should tell him, herself." Sakura said. "Well it's all done know." At that the 3 girls said by and went there separate ways.

Naruto got to the training field meeting Lee and Neji there. The three trained with each other for 4 hours. "Okay that's good enough for today I'm going home." Neji said as was gasping for breath then began to walk hands-in-his-pockets to the hyuuga household. "Bye Neji!" Lee yelled also gasping for breath. "What ever." Neji said walking away. Naruto was just as tiered as the other two and was gasping for breath also. "Naruto I am sorry but I have something I have to do. I will see you later!" Lee said to Naruto rushing off. "Man those guys still have breath to move fast!" After a few moments Naruto got up and started to walk out of the training field. He was walking when he saw Sakura walking not far away from him.

"Hey Sakura!" Naruto said rather loud and waving really wild which made some people look at him. Sakura turned around to see who called her. "O no it's Naruto wonder what he wants." "O hi Naruto." Sakura said watching Naruto rush up to her. "Wait he is acting weird, wait I know that face he thinks I like him o no!" Sakura began to run other way. "WAIT SAKURA!" Naruto began to run after her.

Sakura ran until she could see Naruto. When she saw he wasn't running after her anymore she stops. "I finally lost him!" Now Sakura saw gasping for breath. Just a few seconds after stopping, Naruto poofed behind her. "Hey Sakura why did you starting running away?" "DOES THAT GUY EVER STOP!" Sakura turned around slowly hoping it wasn't Naruto but it was. "I a had to um…" "Never mind Sakura!" Naruto put his hands on the back of his head again and started to smile.

"I just wanted to ask you something Sakura."

"What is it Naruto?"

"I just wanted to know…" Naruto paused for a second. "Do you like me?"

"NO WAY HE THINKS I LIKE HIM? WHAT A LOSER" "OF COURSE NOT WHY DO YOU THINK THAT?" Sakura started to scream at Naruto. Naruto took his hands off the back off his head.

"Because you… were talking about a girl liking me…and then you left so quickly." Naruto tried to choose his words wisely but didn't get too far.

"No I don't like you!"

"Then who does?"

Sakura sighed. "Hinata."

"Huh? Hinata?"

"Yes! That's why she always blushes and finds a lose of words when she talks to you!" "IDIOT!"

Naruto thought to himself for a second then started to rush off! "Thanks Sakura! I will see you later I am going to find Hinata!" Sakura wanted to stop him but was too late he was too far ahead. "Great Sakura! Well I guess he would have found out one way or another."

To Be Continued…

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