Chapter 4 Troublesome friends

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Hinata and Naruto walked up to the main part of the theater were they could see all prices, movies, and all that. Hinata wondered what movie Naruto was going to take her to see.

"So Hinata is there any movie you want to see?"

"Um…" Hinata looked at the list of movies. There was 1 horror, 2 comedy, 1 animation, 2 romance and 1 little kid movie, you know those rated "G" movies. Hinata wanted to see a romance movie but decided not to tell Naruto that because there could be a chance we would run away.

"…Not really, you decide!" Hinata looked down towards the ground waiting for Naruto's response. "I hope he doesn't choose a horror movie. I really don't like them." Naruto looked at the list of movies, trying to decide what movie to see.

While Naruto was deciding what movie to see, a very familiar voice said, "Hnn… I never expected to see you two to be here." Naruto and Hinata turned around to see who was speaking to them. It was the very lazy Shikamaru Nara. He was there with Temari from the desert. Naruto and Hinata heard rumors that Shikamaru and Temari were dating, but they tried to keep it secret so Gaara wouldn't figure out, they have been dating in secret for 2 months now and they were tiered of hiding it and decided to come out in the open. Temari figured she would deal with Gaara later.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Shikamaru looked at Naruto, then at Hinata, then at Naruto again.

"Hinata and I are going to see a movie." Naruto looked at Temari. He hasn't seen her for a while. "How's your brother, Temari?"

"Which one, if you haven't noticed I have 2 of them."


"O he's fine." Temari sighed. She didn't like small talk very much.

"Good because I am going to kick his sand butt next time I see him." Shikamaru decided to change the subject.

"So what movie are you guy's going to see?" Naruto turned his focus back on Shikamaru.

"I don't know. What are you and Temari going to see?"

"Some stupid comedy movie, Temari said she wanted to see it. I am just coming to keep her company I will more than likely fall asleep during the movie." Temari gave Shikamaru an evil glare. "O man! I pissed Temari off dang this girl is troublesome!" Shikamaru looked up towards the clouds trying to clear his thoughts. He then looked at Hinata trying to figure out what she was thinking. Naruto broke Shikamaru's train of thought.

"Cool Hinata and I will come too!" Hinata looked at Naruto. "Well I guess that will be alright even though I don't know Temari or Shikamaru that well. At least I will be with Naruto." Naruto walked towards the ticket booth to pay for Hinata and his ticket. Hinata followed him. Naruto got the tickets and gave one to Hinata. Then they walked towards Temari and Shikamaru. The four of them went into the movie theater to see the movie. Hinata was a little nervous because she had never been to a movie by herself like this, in fact she barely went to the movies at all she was always too busy with missions and training.

2 hours later

Naruto, Shikamaru, Hinata and Temari walked out of the just ended movie. Naruto, Hinata and Temari found it rather enjoyable, while Shikamaru found it as an opportunity to sleep. The 4 of them walked to the main part of the theater were they met before. Naruto looked at Shikamaru who looked sleepy because he just woke up.

"So Shikamaru did you have a nice sleep?"

"Yea until I woke up." Temari looked at Shikamaru.

"Hey Shikamaru we better get back to my place. Gaara might have killed Kankuro, and we need to tell me brothers today Shika." Shikamaru looked at Temari knowing what she was talking about, but Hinata and Naruto were lost.

"Oh yea I forgot about that troublesome thing we had to do," Shikamaru turned to speak with Naruto and Hinata "I am going to be dead before this day is over." At that Temari and Shikamaru left. Naruto and Hinata started to walk down the street.

"So Hinata did you enjoy the movie?"

"Yea I think it was really good," Hinata looked towards Naruto. "Thank you for taking me Naruto!"

Naruto smiled at Hinata. "I am happy you enjoyed yourself!" Naruto placed his hands behind his head. The two of them walked down the streets. They walked not knowing to do or say. Hinata broke the silence between them.

"Um... Naruto it's getting late. I should go home before I am missed." Naruto took his hands off the back of his head, and smiled at Hinata once more.

"I will come with you Hinata." Naruto and Hinata walked towards the Hyuuga household together. I was a semi-long walk. Naruto and Hinata reached the gates of the Hyuuga house. Hinata pushed the door open, Hinata and Naruto walked through the gate. Naruto closed the gate behind him. They then started to walk up the same path that Naruto walked up earlier. They reached the 3 big steps and walked right up. Then Hinata stopped in front of the door, looked towards Naruto.

"Thank you for today Naruto it was wonderful." Naruto smiled at Hinata, and Hinata returned the smiled. Naruto then leaded in towards Hinata and kissed her cheek.

"I had a great time Hinata also, we should do this again." Naruto waved to Hinata, placed his hands on the back of his head and walked towards the gate. Naruto walked threw the gate and towards his apartment. He left Hinata in front of her door, blushing can't believing what just happened. Hinata stood in front of her front door for a couple minuets. She finally opened the door, revealing Neji still relaxing on the chair he was before, eyes closed. "Has Neji been there the whole time?"

"Um… Neji!" Neji opened his eyes searching for the person who called him. He looked towards Hinata.

Neji laughed a bit. "So your finally back Hinata." Hinata took a seat next to her cousin. Neji was still looking at his semi-blushing cousin; he closed his eyes again after Hinata sat down.

"So how was your afternoon Hinata?" Neji waited for his cousin to respond, till she sat there silent not answering. He then opened his eyes looking at Hinata to see why she didn't respond. He saw she was deep in thought and decided to drop the question and rest a little before dinner.

"I just got kissed by Naruto! My dream has come true! Naruto was really nice today and knew just what to do. It really was the perfect, first date!"


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