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Summary: As two ANBU, Naruto and Sasuke die fighting a strange ninja. They are given a second chance at life when the kyuubi intervenes with a powerful jutsu that will bring them back to into the past. The only thing, they have to keep the future to themselves or frightening things may happen. This story falls the storyline of the Naruto series as accurately as I remember it.

Notes: The Kyuubi can speak to Naruto.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. I do however own the character that makes a brief paragraph appearance.

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"Blah" - Talk

'Blah' – Thoughts

Blah – Kyuubi inside Naruto


'CLANG.' Naruto blocked a sword swing with his own sword. Sweat pored from his face as he struggled to hold back the ninja clad in red, whom he had been fighting with for the last hour. The enemy ninja leaped back landing some twenty feet away, while Naruto panted for breath. His gaze turned towards his fallen comrade, who lay broken near a smoldering tree. Meanwhile his enemy suddenly began taunting him and all thoughts of giving up left him. Instead, Naruto was left with rage. Sasuke coughed up blood before looking towards Naruto.

"Naruto, don't you dare…(cough)…give up. I'll never…forgive…you if you…do."

"Sasuke," whispered Naruto, horrorstruck. "NO! Sasuke, just hold on, I'll be right there."

"Baka, (Idiot)" whispered Sasuke, who tried to laugh, but all that came out was blood.

"What, is that the best you can do? HAHAHA. You fool, you shouldn't have interrupted my business with the Uchiha, now you will die as well."

Charging, the ninja in red raised his sword as if to strike a final blow. Naruto lifted his sword slightly, anger raging through him. He had mocked him, and he had hurt Sasuke. His eyes glowed and turned red, while the marks on his cheeks grew more distinct. His nails turned more like claws, making the other ninja begin to worry.

"Damnit, he's using the kyuubi form(Demon Fox). I have to stop him. Now, watch this little boy."

The ninja did a few hand seals and then raised his arms towards the sky, with his palms outward. Meanwhile Naruto did the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) and had his clone prepare the 'Rasengan.' At the same time, a black fire formed in the ninja's hands. It twisted and turned until became a round sphere almost identical to Naruto's Rasengan.

Both ninja stared each other down, each with their own thoughts. The red ninja moved first running towards Naruto. 'That thing looks dangerous,' he thought, 'I'll have to avoid it.'

Naruto ran towards him too. He felt his charka energy starting to run out, and his hand began to drop. 'Crap, I'm so tired, and if I get hit by his attack I'm done for. Damn, I'm almost out of charka too…HEY KYUUBI, do something about this, I can barely lift my hand.'

Hn, you brat. Why should I help you? Weren't you the one who said earlier you didn't need me to lend you charka ever again.

Naruto nearly stumbled over rock, due to the frustration he was feeling. 'Damnit, I'm almost out of charka, and if this guy hits me I die. And don't you remember…If 'I' die…you die.' Naruto put emphasis on the word 'I,' knowing it would only tick off the kyuubi.

Brat…fine, here, this should be enough. This guy isn't that strong.

'Thanks, kyuubi.' Feeling his energy come back, Naruto looked up and leaped almost the same time as the other ninja. With his hand outstretched, Naruto stared his opponent in the eye with pure hatred.

"YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO SASUKE, BASTARD," yelled Naruto. Sasuke shifted slightly, and murmured something that sounded like, "Thanks for the shout out, Naruto."

"DIE FOOL," yelled the other in response. "Secret Ninja Art: Holy Black Fire!" "RASENGAN," shouted Naruto.

The two little balls collided with each other, both its owners pushing to over come the other. From his position, Sasuke could feel the energy of both jutsus and he silently prayed for Naruto's success. "ARGHHHHH," screamed Naruto as he used the last of his chakra to push his opponent's back at him. "Take this bastard," yelled Naruto as he thrust his Rasengan into the ninja's chest. "AHHH," yelled the ninja, as his attack was broken and he was hit. 'BOOOOOM.'

The resulting explosion created a massive crater. Sasuke, Naruto, plus the other ninja were all blown away by the vast power of the two attacks. The two Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village) genins landed at the edge of a cliff, while the red ninja fell into the chasm screaming for mercy. His cries and the echo it made could be heard for a long time. Sasuke and Naruto ignored the cries as they laid side by side, both with fatal injuries. Sasuke had gotten pierced three times when he came to aid a losing Naruto. Naruto on the other hand, was out of chakra and the explosion wasn't exactly helpful. The blonde's head began to spin and he began to lose focus.

"Sa-Sasuke," murmured Naruto as he lay next to him. "Still alive ba-ba-baka," managed Sasuke. Naruto faced the sky and smiled. His mission was a success; he had protected the village from the S-Ninja that had been terrorizing them ever since the Akatsuki had been defeated years ago. Tears ran down both genin's faces as they realized that they weren't going to make it. "Sorry Naruto," spoke Sasuke, as his eyes suddenly closed.

Naruto mentally screamed, his best friend was dead, but at least he would join him soon. As Naruto felt himself dying, he couldn't help but feel regret. He hadn't gotten the chance to ask Sakura out, nor had he become Hokage. He also felt glad at the same time, knowing his friends could live in peace now that the evil tyrant was gone and that the villagers who hated him for having the kyuubi could finally rest. His final thought before his eyes closed for good were 'Thank you Kakashi-Sensei…Thank you Ero-Sennin (Perverted Hermit).

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