The makeshift hospital was depressing. The death in the air was practically tangible. Only one glimmer of hope remained. A young, handsome, blonde glimmer of hope. And he walked out of the hospital every day just before dawn, returning as soon as the sun had descended completely below the horizon. I had been watching him for some time. I saw the way the circles under his eyes darkened but he never seemed to tire. I saw his eyes shift from honey to onyx and back again. I had watched as he seemingly struggled with inner demons, even as he worked upon my son and myself. I knew this doctor was different. There was a reason he would never come here during the day- when there was sunlight.

I waited, praying my boy would pull through on his own. I didn't particularly want to damn him to eternal darkness. But as I grew weaker, I knew there was no other choice. If this Carlisle could be a doctor, I could only imagine what my Edward could accomplish. He was a talented young boy and I had no doubt he could accomplish anything with that kind of power. I could only hope that, with Carlisle's guidance, he would use the powers for good. I could feel my blood weakening, and I knew I was dying.

Edward was just as bad off as I. I could see that his youth was not going to spare him. His skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat at all hours. He tossed and moaned in his sleep, in obvious agony. He hadn't opened his eyes in days, but, the last time I had seen them, they had been glazed over. They were no longer vibrant and lively. He wasn't going to pull through. In my heart, I knew this to be so. I cried inside. I couldn't bear to just let him die. Not him. Not my Edward. So, with my dying breath, I gripped Carlisle's granite arm with my life's strength.

"Save him," I demanded.

"I'll do everything in my power," he promised. I knew he had missed my hidden meaning.

I was not ready to give up. I tried again. "You must," I insisted, "You must do everything in your power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward."

I saw the bewildered expression on his face. I watched it fade into amazement and drift into decision. When Carlisle's expression became determined, I let myself fade. I drifted in the darkness. I could feel the fever racing through my veins, consuming my life force as it took over. I knew my time had come. I had found a way to save my boy. My life was complete. I gazed at Edward a final time and I stopped breathing, stiffening and dropping my hand. It hung over the side of the gurney in a morbid prophecy.