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Rated M for citrus, rape, and violence

Character death

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'La' Demons like Shukaku and Kyuubi

Chapter one: Rescued By WHO!

Summary: Sasuke saw Sakura eating dinner with Shikamaru and having a wonderful time. To gain revenge, he rapes her. Shikamaru suddenly remembers that she left her bag with him. He goes to return it and sees Sakura on the floor hurt. Shikamaru takes her to Temari who is staying in Konoha to see Neji more since she's a medic. Temari tells him to take her to the hospital where an enraged, wrathful Tsunade vows to execute the Uchiha for daring to harm her prodigy.
"Do you have any idea what you've done?" 21-year-old Uchiha Sasuke hissed at his teammate Haruno Sakura. Her emerald eyes widened in fear as the Uchiha prodigy slammed a kunai into the wall beside her face, cutting her tanned skin slightly. "I don't know what you're talking about Sasuke." Sakura managed to squeak. "You lying little BITCH!" Sasuke roared as he knocked her to the ground with a punch. "Stop it Sasuke! Please stop it!" Sakura cried in pain as her back hit the floor hard. "Who are you to tell me what to do?" Sasuke hissed as he knelt down on the floor over her on all fours and pinned her arms over her head. Sakura's tear-filled eyes made sure not to look into Sasuke's Sharingan eyes or she'd be trapped and easy prey.

'And to think that I was teaching a medic class not even two hours ago.' Sakura thought wistfully as she struggled to get free of Sasuke's painful grip on her wrists. 'I'm going to have bruises tomorrow. I hope no one notices or I'll have to explain how my teammate went crazy and raped me.' Sakura thought again as she heard the sound of ripping cloth. "SASUKE NO! STOP IT!" Sakura screamed in horror as the raven-haired man ripped her skirt in half to get to her. Her top was already laying abandoned on the floor beside her desk. "I warned you Sakura. I really did. I told you not to get involved with him. You're mine!" Sasuke snarled. "It was just a friendly dinner! He didn't even make a move on me!" Sakura protested through her slight haze of pain. Did her ears decieve her or did she sound disappointed. With an angry snarl, Sasuke grabbed a hand full of the pink hair Sakura torturously grew back (It reaches her hips now) and slammed her head into the wooden floor. Sakura cried out in pain and Sasuke smirked. "You're still a virgin. I'm going to change that right now." He said coldly. "No! PLEASE DON'T SASUKE!" Sakura screamed as the Uchiha prodigy ripped the last obstacle to his quest out of the way: Sakura's pink panties.

Sasuke smirked as the woman under his body struggled harder to get away from him and run away. "Now now Sakura-chan. You can't leave the party before the fun's begun." He said teasingly. "LET ME GO!" Sakura shouted back at him angrily. Sasuke's playful mood vanished and he slammed her head back down against the floor. Sakura cried out in pain again and Sasuke smiled.Sakura was afraid now and didn't like that. So she head butted him. "YOU BITCH! JUST FUCKING LAY THERE AND TAKE IT LIKE THE WEAK WOMAN YOU ARE!" Sasuke roared. Sakura flinched as Sasuke punched her in the mouth. Just to teach her never to hit him again, the Uchiha took out two more kunai and plunged them into her hands, holding them over her head.

Sakura screamed in pain again and tried to kick the Uchiha in the balls. "Now, now Sakura-chan. None of that. Don't be difficult or I'll have to hurt you more." Sasuke scolded in a brotherly manner as he rid himself of his clothes. Sakura let her tears fall silently as Sasuke smiled at her coldly. "It'll only hurt for a minute." He promised as he slammed himself into her, violently ripping her barrier and her inside in the process.

Sakura screamed in agony, begging him to stop. "Now that's no fun. I just got started and you want me to quit already? How rude Sakura-chan. How fucking rude." Sasuke said as he bit her again. "Please stop! It hurts!" Sakura pleaded. The pain built up as Sasuke smiled coldly once more as he pulled half of his length out of her small body. "You're really tight you know. Quite a squeeze actually. But I think I'm big enough to fit." He said conversationally as he rammed himself back into her, tearing her more.

Sakura passed out from the agony and Sasuke slapped her awake. "Stay awake while I'm rutting you bitch. It's impolite to fuck sleeping women." He snarled. Sakura wanted to pass out again but was afraid to for fear of Sasuke replacing himself with perhaps a kunai. "That's a good little uppity Haruno whore." Sasuke said as if praising her. He soon hit his orgasm but kept going just to see the agony on her gorgeous face. Sasuke had three more orgasms just from causing her pain but he wasn't finished just yet.

He pulled himself out of her, disgusted with the blood on his length. So he forced her to lick him clean. "Now suck it." Sasuke said. Sakura shook her head no and Sasuke kicked her in the face, breaking her nose. "Suck it you whore!" He roared. Sakura passed out again from pain and he left her there. When she was sure he was gone, Sakura crawled back toward her desk and hid behind it as she reached for the blanket she kept on the back of her chair just in case she accidentally fell asleep at her desk.

Sobbing, Sakura laid on the floor curled up in the corner panting from the pain it caused her to even move. (The streets of Konohagakure) Nara Shikamaru trudged down the street toward the Medic Academy Tsunade established a year ago. In his right hand was Sakura's pink purse and in his left hand was a kunai. He heard screams from the academy earlier so he wanted to be prepared for what he might find there. Shikamaru walked in the door and found Sakura's office. 'She's a good teacher. Hinata's one of her students and so is my sister Talia. But something's not right here. I sense something wrong.' He thought absently as he walked into her office. His eyes widened when he saw blood, body fluids, and ripped pieces of clothing on the floor. 'Where's Sakura?' Shikamaru wondered worriedly. He caught a flash of pink from the moon and turned his head to see where it was coming from. He saw pink hair scattered out behind a dark shape and dropped the bag and his kunai in shock. "S-Sakura?" Shikamaru stuttered in horror.