I Can't

Detectives Elliot Stabler and his new partner Dani Beck have been working together for a few weeks. They have been dating for a few days now.

They are sitting on the couch in Elliot's apartment watching TV. She leans over to kiss him and their lips meet instantly. She slides her tong through his lips. She goes to unbutton his shirt and he stops her.

Elliot: No…I…

Dani: What is it Elliot? Don't you want to?

Elliot: I can't. I…I love someone else.

Dani: What? Who?

Elliot gets up from the couch and stands in front of her.

Elliot: She…she was my best friend, my soul mate, she was my partner.

Dani: Oh…I'm sorry I…

Elliot: Don't be. It was my fault I didn't stop this sooner.

Dani: I should go.

Elliot: Ok. Goodnight.

Dani: Goodnight Elliot. I hope you find love again. See you tomorrow.

Elliot: See you.