-The backyard of Xavier's School for the Gifted-

It had been a couple of months since last we saw our heroes. Lance had asked Kitty to marry him and she accepted. Pietro and Anna have finally decided to start a serious relationship. Wanda tried a new lifestyle choice with Jean. St. John has become infatuated with Amara. Tabby has pulled Freddy into a some-what healthy relationship. And finally, Todd has bagged himself the weather-goddess, Ororo, as his girlfriend. Yes, things are finally going good for the Brotherhood of Evil… but we all know it can't last very long.

Todd stood in the backyard, trying desperately to rub the sleep from his eyes, "It's to early to be saving people yo."

Freddy let out a long yawn, "Why did we agree to do this again?"

Wanda played with the material of her scarlet trench coat, "Because it would be nice to know how to save people instead of causing massive amounts of property damage."

St. John leapt to her side and pointed an accusing finger at her, "Okay who are ya and what did ya do to our Wanda!" she responded by hexing him to the ground, "Yup that's our Wanda. Voihlent as ever."

Lance looked around at his team, everyone was clad in his or her uniform. But there was something off, something good floating around them. Then Lance noticed it and his eyes went wide, "How the hell did this happen?" The other Brotherhood members looked at him and then he pointed to specific parts on each of their uniforms. Each member looked down to see an "X" embroidered on his or her uniforms.

Todd scratched his head, "How come we never noticed these earlier?"

Pietro shook his head, " That's because they tricked us with early hours, waffles, and trying to save people. What I want to know is how they got their hands on our uniforms."

Before the Brotherhood could make any accusation, Ororo stepped out into the yard with Rahne and Jubilation, "Okay lady and gentlemen, we will be practicing aquatic rescues today."

Pietro immediately interrupted her, "But we."

Ororo looked over at the young man, "Pietro please save all comments and questions until after the lesson."

Pietro only shrugged in response. Todd was hopping up and down in anticipation, "Do I get to save you Cuddlebumps?"

Ororo smiled at his enthusiasm, "No Todd I will merely be watching and instructing." She then signaled for Rahne and Jubilation to get into the pool. They swam until they were almost in the middle. She looked back to the Brotherhood, "Your mission is to swim out to them and bring them back to safety."

Pietro tried to interject, "But!"

Ororo sighed, "Pietro you're first. Rahne commence the mission." Rahne started flailing and began to sink. She smiled and looked at Pietro, "Okay Pietro swim out and save her."

He looked out at the wolf girl as she began to sink further, "I can't swim."

She looked at him, her eye beginning to twitch, "What?"

He began inspecting his nails, "I said I can't swim."

She shook her head, "Why not?"

Pietro smirked, "I can run on water, never really had to get wet."

Ororo turned around and used a gust of wind to part the water and save Rahne, "Wanda can you swim?"

Wanda shook her head, "Never had time to learn, what with being locked in a room for half of my life."

Ororo sighed, "Freddy?"

Freddy smiled a big toothy grin, "I can float."

Ororo slapped her forehead, "Lance, St. John?"

Pietro chuckled, "They're elementals just like you."

She hung her head in defeat, "So that's a no."

Lance nodded in agreement, "I can but I like my feet firmly planted on the ground."

St. John laughed, "That's right mate and oih try to keep away from things that can put out moih flame."

Ororo pinched the bridge of her nose, "I feel a headache coming on."

Todd walked up to her, "I can swim."

Ororo smiled at the boy, "Class is over for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll get someone to teach the rest of you how to swim."

Lance took the clear helmet off his head, "Well that could have gone better."

Pietro sped up next to him, "Are you kidding? The only bad thing that happened today were these X's showing up on our uniforms."

Freddy nodded in agreement, "Yeah we can chalk this one up as a good day."

Wanda rolled her eyes, "The day's barely started and you're already claiming it as a good day?"

St. John wrapped an arm around her should and held out his other arm, "Could be worse Sheila, coulda got our uniforms all wet."

Todd hopped up to his teammates, "So now what do we do yo?"

Lance crossed his arms and appeared to be deep in thought, "Well ever since Logan found out about our 'after hour' activities, he's been watching us like Freddy watching a bagel."

Pietro smirked, "That just means we have to get better at sneaking around."

-Later that night in a diner on the outskirts of town-

Todd had been sitting in a booth by himself for the past hour. Several empty milkshake glasses littered his table. The boy looked horribly depressed.

He slurped down the last of his current milkshake, "I can't believe she left me. Gertrude another milkshake and make it a double."

A portly woman wearing a pink waitress uniform and white apron approached him with another milkshake glass. She looked at the depressed teen, "You sure you can pay for all these kid?"

He looked up at her, "What? Oh yeah sure" she handed him the milkshake and walked away, "Until you turn your back."

A few minutes later Todd snuck out of the diner through the bathroom window. He fell to the ground and landed with a light thud. He got up and dusted himself off, "Twenty bucks for eight milkshakes? They must be smoking something." He started hopping away back towards the mansion.

As he got further away from the diner he slowed down to a walk, "It's unmoral to date a student and a minor. What kinda crap is that? Oh well guess it's back to Playboy for me."

Unbeknownst to the Toad he was about to become someone's hero.

"Hey Frank ain't that one of those freaks from that mutie school?" A large man wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt pointed to a redheaded girl in pigtails wearing a green shirt.

The other man looked to where is friend was pointing, "Why I do believe you're right Bill. What do ya say, wanna have some fun with her?"

Both men ran across the street and stepped in front of Rahne. She looked up at the two intimidating men, "Can… can I help ye?"

The two men began to chuckle, "Well looky here Frank she ain't from around here."

The other man grabbed her face, "Nope Bill sounds like she's from out of the country."

She tried desperately to get away from the man's iron grip but he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into an alley. Bill followed him in and Frank threw her up against the wall. Her eyes widened in shock, as she could smell the lust coming from both men.

Bill got in close and got a good look at her, "What do ya think Frank?"

Frank stepped closer and looked the girl over, "Looks like we got ourselves a virgin Bill."

Rahne was so scared she couldn't recall any of the training she had gotten or how to access the wolf half of her personality, fear consumed her, "What… are you going… to do to me?"

The men head demonic looking smiles plastered on their face, "Oh I think you know girlie."

Just then a new scent caught Rahne's nose. She looked in between the men and saw Todd's hunched form walking across the ally. At first she whispered something incoherent.

Frank held a hand to his ear, "What was that girl? Got something to say?" he slapped her across the face, and she fell to the ground.

Tears began to form at her eyes, "Toad please help me!"

Todd looked up and into the alley. He saw two large men and someone lying on the ground, "Just walk away from this. It isn't any of your business." He took another look down the alley, "Ah Dammit."

The two men were getting closer and closer to Rahne slowly undoing belt buckles and unzipping pants. Todd leapt onto a dumpster, "Hey pansies fancy a fight?"

They turned around and Todd leapt at them catching one in a headlock and kicking the other into the wall. When Bill recovered he rushed back to try and punch Todd but he flicked his tongue and hit him right between the eyes, sending him to the ground. Frank finally flung Todd onto the ground on his back. Frank was about to kick him but Todd caught it, "That's new." He then pushed with all his might and sent the man flying several yards into the air and into the wall. Bill finally got up to grab Frank and they ran out of the alley, "Guess I shouldn't have used tongue on the first d… oh no."

He turned around to see a crying Rahne sitting on the cold ground, "Aw, look at you yo. Look at what they did."

He held out his hand and she rushed him in a hug, "Thank ye… so much," she talked in broken sobs.

He patted her on the back, "It's okay. Come on lets get you back to the mansion." He helped her up and they began their journey back to the institute.