The Chuunin Exam: New Arrivals

The 3rd round of the Chuunin exams just started-

Everyone was waiting for the proctor, Hayate, to tell them about the third exam, Kabuto had quit and know it was 20 people left, Hayate told them and afterwards said. "Oh… and one more thing." everyone perked their ears up.

"Okay…everyone 'koff' 'koff' listen up" the proctor named Hayate said, he looked and sounded like he was sick, "It seems we have some new people to add to the exam."

"Hmm?" Naruto said. He was ready to go ahead and start fighting.

"What do you mean?" Neji asked.

"Well 'koff' there was another team that just arrived to take the exam 'koff'," Hayate explained, "They arrived late so Ibiki and Anko let them take their first and second exams, they passed, and now they are here to battle in the third one. There are four of them, they are all on the same team, but they are from different villages. Anyway here they come."

Everyone turned around.

They looked to see 4 people walking into the room. One with pink hair. Wow, she has pink hair like me. Sakura thought. One with blond hair and a purple dot in the middle of it, he had a bow for shooting arrows on his back. Another who had a sword dressed like a samurai. And another dressed in a kimono.

"Everyone this is Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi." Hayate said. "they will fight in the third round with you.


Author note: It was of course, the gang that everyone who watches Code:Lyoko knows about. They are competing in the Chuunin exams.


The pink haired one named Aelita didn't look like much. Ulrich had a sword, and his outfit was different from the show, he had his ninja headband where his other headband was, and instead of the weird demon face on the back of his shirt it was a yin-yang symbol. Yumi was dressed in her usual kimono. And Odd…he looked odd…had a bow but no arrows, no tail, no gloves, and his clothes were the usual purple.

"Who the heck are those guys?" Sasuke asked.

"Never seen them before." Sakura said.

"The cat guy looks weird." Naruto said, although he shouldn't be talking since Naruto also had whiskers.


Author note: Later, some of the regular rounds from the show went as usual.

Sasuke won his round. But shino fought choji instead of Zaku. Shino won…obviously. Kankuro fought his normal round. And Sakura and Ino tied against each other. Temari and tenten fought…temari won. Shikamaru and the sound girl fought. Then Naruto fought Dosu instead of Kiba and whipped his butt. But the 7th round was different.


"Next round." Hayate said.

The screen read it was Odd Della-Robia Vs. Kiba Inuzuka!

"Alright, "Odd yelled," finally I get to fight someone!"

Kiba said, "I hate cats, and…what the heck is dellarobia? A mental disease or something?"

"Alright begin." Hayate said.

"Hey wait," Odd said, "he can't use a dog"

"Yes he can, you can use animals to fight also, they are considered to be weapons."

"Really," Odd said with enthusiasm, "Alright then."

"Enough talk," Kiba said. "Lets go!"

"You're right," Odd replied. "Let's get this party started."

Odd made a few hand signs and said, "Summoning Jutsu!"

He summoned a huge Siberian Tiger with a saddle so Odd could ride him.

"How do ya like this party animal." Odd asked.

"I don't." Kiba said. ,"come on Akamaru! Man-beast doppelgangers!" Akamaru transformed into Kiba. "Man-Beast Ultimate taijutsu!" Kiba started spinning and so did akamaru. They looked like mini-tornados heading towards Odd. Kiba came at one side and Akamaru at the other.

"Jump!" Odd yelled. His Tiger just barely dogded it.

Then after kiba went under him, Odd pulled out his bow.

"Hmph…that's useless, no arrows." Kankuro said.

Just then Odd made an arrow using his chakra, and shot it at Kiba. It hit him in the leg.

Although Kiba was still able get up and use his jutsu. He felt pain shoot through his leg.

Kiba still got up and did the spinning tornado thing again. This time Odd made his Tiger go 'poof'. He got on the ground and knelt down like a cat. "Beast mimicry jutsu!" Odd yelled.

What! That's my jutsu! Kiba thought.

"Odd rarely uses that move." Ulrich said.

Odd then looked almost like Naruto does when he goes demon. His eyes looked like cat eyes. He grew whiskers, his fingernails grew and his hair also grew out like Goku from DBZ.

Then he charged right between Kiba and akamaru, he dogded their attacks and then slashed at each of them with his claws.

He got Kiba and Akamaru both in the arm.

Odd undid the jutsu, and quickly got behind Kiba. He was ready to shoot Kiba in the back with a chakra arrow.

Then Akamaru jumped at Odd's back, Odd sensed this and quickly turned around but it was too late. Akamaru bit Odd on the tail!

"OOOOWWWWW!" Odd yelled running around the arena, trying to knock akamaru off. Suddenly Odd had a vision and saw Kiba charging at him from behind. He finally got Akamaru off and Kiba went animal like and came charging at Odd's back. Odd jumped up and did a back flip, dodging Kiba's attack.

"WOW, HOW"D HE DO THAT!" Naruto asked/yelled. Ulrich walked over to Naruto.

"He can anticipate danger before it happens, it's his bloodline ability." He said.

"AWESOME!" Naruto yelled again, "and what about his bow?"

"He uses chakra to make the arrows." Ulrich answered.

While in the air Odd grabbed his bow, charged up chakra and while Kiba was going under him he shot Kiba in the back.

"EEEEEEEEKKKKK!" Kiba screamed like a girl and fainted.

"the winner ('koff' 'koff') is Odd!" Hayate yelled 'koff' 'koff'.

"YEAH!" Odd, Ulrich and yumi yelled. Odd did a little victory dance and sang his 'Break, Break, Break Dance!' song from one of the episodes. "Way to go Odd!" Ulrich and Yumi yelled in unison.

"Alright next is…!"

The screen read- Ulrich Stern Vs. Gaara!

"Finally…I'd had to kill someone if they didn't let me go next." Gaara said.

"Alright, let's do this." Ulrich said.


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