New Arrivals

by Lyokofan549

Ch.2 Ulrich Vs. Gaara

Odd gave Ulrich a pat on the back and said, "Now it's your turn. Go get 'em, champ!"

"Alright, step forward 'koff' " Hayate said.

The 2 opponents stood directly in front of each other.

Gaara took one look at Ulrich and grinned evily, "this'll be easy, all he has is a sword." He thought.

Ulrich, on the other hand, had his eyes closed and was concentrating. "Don't underestimate my opponent" He thought. 'Even if he does look like a raccoon.'

" 'koff' Begin! 'koff' " Hayate said.

Ulrich just stood there, still concentrating. Gaara was waiting for him to make the first move.

Ulrich finally grabbed his sword and decided to take a direct approach to see what techniques his opponent would use.

As he slashed with his sword, sand came out of gaara's gourd and blocked the attack.

Ulrich quickly retreated. "Sand, huh?"

"WHOAH! He uses sand!?" Naruto said. "And it protects him." At this point, Kankuro is spilling the beans about Gaara's "inpenatrable defense", and says there is no way through it. But, Ulrich thought otherwise.

Ulrich focused his chakra into his sword, then into his feet.

He rushed toward Gaara, very quickly too. Then, the sword transformed into an axe, chakra flame engulfing it.

Gaara, surprised at this, summons up his sand quickly.

The axe slices the sand sheild, cutting right through it, though it doesn't hit gaara.

Naruto then asks, "How'd he do that?" Kankuro added, "Impossible!, no one has ever broke the sand shield, before!"

Odd, walking up to them says, "All he did was focus his chakra into his sword. Since the shield is held up by chakra, he thought he could use his chakra to cancel the other out."

"Wait, what about his sword?! It just...transformed!" Naruto asked.

"It's his kekkai genkai. He has the ability to change anything he wants into anykind of weapon, and increase their strength and power thru chakra." Odd explained. "But..."

"But, what?" Naruto asked.

"He hasn't used his special jutsu yet."

"Oh!" Naruto said trying to act smart.

'My prey is actually putting up a good fight. This will be interesting.' Gaara thought. Ulrich then changed his weapon back into a sword and sheathed it.

"Here's one jutsu." Odd said.

Ulrich made naruto's special hand sign and said, "Shadow clone Jutsu!"

making 4 more of him.

"THAT'S MY JUTSU!!!" Naruto yelled.

"Just Clones?" Gaara said. "That's pathetic."

All five Ulrichs ran at Gaara and started slashing at him, but the sand kept blocking thier attacks. Gaara saw that all the attacks were real and started to worry. Then, all 5 Ulrichs surrounded Gaara, making a pentagon formation. Each of them focused their chakra into their swords, changing each sword into a different weapon. One had a spear, another had a giant hammer, an axe, a demon wind shuriken, and a sword the size of the biggoron's sword from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. (Which is HUGE!) The Clones with the shuriken, hammer and axe started pummeling away at the sand shield. The clone with the demon wind shuriken was spinning the shuriken in his hand and slicing at the sand shield from every angle. The one with the hammer was jumping into the air and coming down on the sheild from above. And the one with the axe was just swinging it in a blind fury. Then, both the clones with the hammer and Huge sword came down on Gaara at the same time. But the real Ulrich, which had the spear, had focused his chakra into the tip of the spear and his feet. He ran as fast as he could towards Gaara and thrust the spear at him. The Spear went thru the sheild and straight for Gaara's face. Gaara turned just in time but barely dodged it, leaving a gash in his cheek. Of course, Kankuro and Temari are freaking out. Since this is the FIRST time their unbeatable brother had ever been wounded.

Although Ulrich didn't give Gaara enough time to recover. He quickly disipated the 4 clones and began making hand signs. "Suiton! Giant waterfall techinque!" He shot a vortex of water out of his mouth straight at Gaara.(Just like the one Kakashi used against Zabuza) Gaara dodged it but Ulrich made more hand signs. His last hand sign put him in Zabuza's Hidden Mist stance. Since there was now water in the arena, a mist started to appear and Ulrich vanished. "Hidden Mist Jutsu!" Ulrich yelled.

Gaara, as well as everyone else, couldn't see a thing. Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi started freaking out. "HOLY CRAP!" Naruto yelled. Kakashi pulled out his Sharingan to try to see the fight.

'Crap...I'm almost out of chakra.' Ulrich thought.

Ulrich focused as much chakra as he could into his sword and feet. He of course knew where Gaara was and began attacking. He sliced right into Gaara's left shoulder. Gaara screamed in pain. Somehow, in the mist, the sand couldn't block Ulrich's attack and he was cutting Gaara from every direction.

"What's Happening?!" Naruto asked/yelled.

Odd explained it for Naruto. "You see, Naruto, the sand senses movement and chakra to block incoming attacks. But in this mist, the mist cloaks Ulrich's movement and makes his chakra undetectable. Last, that water blast turned all that sand into mud, so it can't move as fast, so he has basically won this match."

Then, the Mist started to clear and we see Gaara beaten senseless. "The winner 'koff' is Ulrich! 'koff" Hayate said.

"Yeehaw!" Odd yelled.

"What the- Impossible!" Temari and Kankuro said in unison. and continue muttering about how Gaara is undefeatable.


"The next 'koff' match will be...'koff' " Hayate said.

The Screen read:

Yumi VS. Zaku


End Ch. 2