This is a sequel to tutor, on of my earlier Phics, based on my best friend in the whole wide world.

Lotte- I love you so much, I couldn't ask for a better friend, you are my muse, and I dedicate this Phic to you.

Chapter 1

Your eyes see but my shadow

My heart is over flowing

There is so much you could come to love

Katie sang up to the sky, letting her voice wrap around her with the wind, gently playing around her face, her long brown curls sticking to her lip gloss. Taking a step forward, she sang louder, wrapping her bare arms around shoulders, the wind sending a chill down her spine. The little white strap dress she wore over her favorite pair of drawn on jeans looked absolutely breathtaking on her, but perhaps wasn't the best outfit to wear in the end of October.

My heart is glowing

Your not content knowing

Tenderly you could see

My soul

"Katie." Her mother's voice called from her house, interrupting her song. Sighing, Katie returned to her house, stopping at the door way to watch her mother hurrying from her car, to pick up the luggage she had sitting at Katie's feet.

"Yes mom?" She asked happily, picking up the suitcase, walking it out to the car.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright this weekend? I'll be back late Sunday night."

"I'll be fine mom, you go have a good time." She pressed, giving her mom a hug.

"Don't think that because I'm not home you can't have your friends over."

"I know mom, Jammes is coming over tonight, the two of us are going to go trick or treating." She giggled, as her mother rolled her eyes. Katie was nearly seventeen years old, while Jammes was almost nineteen, hardly the proper ages to be participating in such childish activities.

"I swear sometimes you two act like children." Her mom commented, closing the trunk of her car.

"Just promise me you won't do anything stupid alright?"

"I promise mom." Nodding her head Katie's mother got into the car, driving off towards the setting sun.

Katie waved to the gold car disappearing into the horizon, until it vanished from her sight. Wrapping her arms around her shoulders, Katie returned into the comforts of her warm home, to go up into her bed room to throw her Halloween costume on. Looking in her full length mirror, Katie smiled at how well the costume fit. She would never admit it, but she looked absolutely breathtaking in the Victorian style dress, with her dark curls pulled gracefully pulled back with a rose shaped clip, her brilliant blue eyes matching the soft pastel colour of the dress.

Katie spun around quickly, feeling someone's glaze burn into her pale skin, turning to face a brilliant white mask.

"Jammes!" She scowled, clutching her chest from the surprise, a high pitched laugh coming from behind the mask.

"But Lotte!" Katie's best friend, Mandi pouted, taking the plastic mask off of her face, revealing her dark brown eyes.

"I'm supposed to be Erik!" Rolling her eyes, Katie laughed at her, taking the black fedora she had been wearing off of her head, placing it down on her vanity, letting Mandi's blond curls tumble down around her face.

"Not yet Jammes, right now your going to help me tie this monstrosity up." She motioned to the back of the dress, where the corset's lace lay haphazardly. Chuckling, Mandi rolled her eyes, helping Katie out with her wardrobe issue.

"See, I can still be Erik, the Charles Dance version." Mandi commented, causing Katie to laugh.

"Yeah well, I wouldn't let Erik do this." Katie commented coldly. Mandi sighed, rolling her eyes, tying the final ribbon.

"Well you're done, can I put the mask back on?" Mandi went to reach for it, but Katie snatched it up in her grasp. With a playful smile on her face, Katie hid the mask behind her back.

"You can go as the Robert Englund Erik." Her laughter increased at the cold glare Mandi gave her.

"You know I hate the Englund version, he's a bastard." Backing up, Katie's back hit the cold hard mirror.

"All the Erik's are bastards." Mandi's jaw dropped, as if she had been slapped in the face. Half tempted to slap her best friend upside the head, Mandi turned her back to Katie, plopping herself down upon Katie's bed.

"I'm just going to pretend you didn't say that." Mandi warned, placing her fedora back over her face. Lotte turned back to face the mirror, watching her best friend through the reflection.

"Where did you want to go tonight?" She asked indifferently, pulling some stray strands of hairs back up into the clip.

"I don't know, anywhere." Mandi shrugged, pulling the fedora over to one side of her face, so that one eye was exposed to watch Katie.

"What do you think of meeting up with Robin? She's going to be around this area too, you're going to laugh when you see what she's dressed as."

"Oh let me guess, Raoul?" Katie joked, laughing at the image her mind conquered up, her laughter only increasing as Mandi nodded her head. Getting up off the bed, Mandi stood behind Katie, watching her through the mirror.

Insolent boy!

This slave of fashion

Basking in your glory!

Ignorant fool! This brave young suitor

sharing in My Triumph

Mandi sang to Katie a smile upon her face. Rolling her eyes, Katie plaid along with their usual game of role play.

Angel! I hear you speak-

I listen...

Stay by my side,

Guide me!

Angel my soul is weak-

forgive me...

Enter at last master.

Mandi opened her mouth to continue the song, but another voice was heard instead of her own. Fear flooded the girl's bodies as they heard the familiar male voice sing with them.

Flattering child

you shall know me

see why in shadow I hide!

Look at your face in the mirror-

I am there inside

The words wrapped around them, intoxicating them, suffocating them. The fear that held in Mandi's heart fled as she recognized the voice. She heard it once before, over a year ago, the voice she knew to be Erik's. The world around them dissolved into a sea of black, the two clutching to each other for dear life, bewildered at what was happening.

"Christine?" The voice danced in their ears, the darkness lifting, a pair of golden eyes staring into Katie's own, Erik's eyes.