Little Lotte- I actually finished the story! I love you so much, I don't know what I would do without you. I hope you like the reference at the end, wrote it in especially for you.

Chapter 10

Erik laid alone in his bedroom, listening to Christine move about in his home, their home. Stretching out his rather long legs, he tried to rid his aging body of the sore pains that inhabited his entire body. Every morning the pains got worse and worse, lately moving into his lungs, consuming his once beautiful voice.

He was old. He no fool, when he sent his beloved Christine away he knew if she was to be his wife, she would become a widow within a year, To his distaste the year crept along slowly in the hell he found residence in, each day this only salvation coming from the liquid he forced into his veins. It seemed almost Ironic that it be that momentary happiness that would lead to his death.

"Erik." Her sweet voice carried to his ears, that voice he dreamed of so many nights, something he had once thought was lost forever.

"Are you still in bed?" She peeked her face into the dark room, her pale skin seeming like the glistening moon in the darkest night. Slowly she came to the bed before him, worry filling her body seeing the look of discomfort in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked, finding her place beside him. Sadly he looked up at his love, his body screaming in pain.

"My years seem to be catching up with me." He tried to smile, but watched the eyes of his love fill with tears.

"Don't say that." She begged, lifting his head gently to place it down upon her lap, the simple silk clinging to her thin legs acting as a pillow for her angel.

"Your not old, You can't be." Her tears fell onto his twisted yellow flesh.

"Why must you kid yourself my love? I have lived far beyond what I should have, with happiness I should never have experienced." His finger tips grazed over a curl of her hair.

"It's time for Mephistopheles to collect what was promised to him." his words only made her tears flow faster down her face, their salty taste lingering on her lips.

"Mon Ange, do not leave me, do not make me a widow." She begged helplessly. Wrapping his arm around her slim waist, He looked up into her watery eyes.

"I love you Christine, I will never leave you, Mon Chere, je toujours regarde." He promised, heavy eyelids covering those golden brown orbs, hiding their beauty forevermore.

"Erik, please, je vous aime." She pleaded, but his soul had grown wings and flew to the heaven she knew he was destined for.

"Bon nuit, Mon Ange, my Erik." She kissed his forehead, cradling the body of a fallen angel.

Katie shot up gasping, her face wet with tears. Gripping the cotton sheets with her fingers, she tried to calm herself, unsure of where she was, or what was happening.

"Lotte?" I familiar voice called from a distance, fear hidden among the words. Looking around, she found herself laying in her mother's bed, a cat sleeping beside her leg.

"Lotte!" A familiar figure appeared in the doorway, the black blur leaping at her in a loving embrace.

"I was so worried." Mandi gave a sigh of relieve holding her best friend in her arms. Pulling away they locked eyes, Katie's heart beating rapidly, her mind replaying the horror scene of watching her die.

"It was a dream." She gave a sigh of relief, resting her head against Mandi's shoulder.

"It was all a dream Jammes." Mandi bit down on her lip, trying to form words to speak to her best friend. Silently she loosed the lace binding of her corset just a bit to pull the fabric away from her neck line, a white round scar lay upon her skin. Katie's face grew as pale as the scar, looking up at her friends face in horror.

"Lotte... what happened?" Mandi asked in a faint whisper, Praying her best friend could shed some light on what she believed to be this supernatural experience.

"I don't know... I just don't know." They sat it silence for what seemed like ages, their eyes resting upon nothing in particular in the room.

"Look at the time." Mandi finally spoke, pointing to the clock that lay upon the nightstand.

"Seven thirty." She looked back up at mandi with a raised brow.

"So?" She couldn't understand what she was getting at.

"When I came over it was Seven fifteen." Katie took a look back at the clock to check the time once more, the entire experience causing a massive headache.

"What do we do?" She looked over at Mandi.

"We do what we've always done, we never speak of it to another soul." Katie gave a short chuckle.

"Well that just solves everything!" she spoke sarcastically, till she saw the look of seriousness in Mandi's eyes.

"What else can we do? It's not like anyone will believe this. This is even too far fetched for a fanfic!" Katie hated to admit it, but Mandi was right, the Tarek incident perhaps one day someone would believe them, but this? They would be considered mentally unstable for such a tale.

"Your right." She gave a great sigh, knowing that her best friend would be the only audience to her greatest story. For as long as Katie can remember she weaved tales in her mind, good verse evil, love overcoming hate, but nothing of her childhood dreams could ever compare to what she lived. Who would ever think that the shy, daydreamer would meet such an adventure? Like Wendy after meeting peter pan, she could never retell what she say in Neverland, all she could do was move on, continue with her life in this world, her dreams the only thing to linger on such events.