001 – Interchangeable

In human relationships, there was a set hierarchy of dominance. In human relationships, this hierarchy is stable and thus never changes. In human relationships, things weren't nearly as catastrophic.

In Nobody relationships, nothing was supposed to happen. Like the beings partaking in such forbidden acts, it did not truly exist, and thus, there was chaos. Nothing stayed the same for longer than two nights at a time.

Axel was often as fiery as his personality in bed, with the stamina to match a forest fire and the will to dominate as fierce as one, too. He left trails of burning bruises down the throat of his soft-skinned prey just to let the rest of that damned Organization that Number Thirteen belonged to him and him alone. Roxas never protested, though whether that was because he could or not, Axel was never sure. He never asked. Sometimes, though, the remains of emotions seemed to peel away his defenses and leave him shivering, needy, and naked, clinging to Roxas like one would cling to a buoy in the middle of the ocean. Roxas' eyes were like the ocean and Axel would get lost, drown drown drown until he found the buoy.

Sometimes, Roxas was the wide-eyed mess of innocent dark-light he had been when Axel found him, naked and angelic in the middle of a world where the rain never stopped falling. He was dependant on his red-haired superior, and Axel soaked up every drop of those oceans – perhaps his strongest connection with humanity. Other times, his need for control over something, anything, threw him into a fit of dominance, but Axel never minded. Axel would never care so long as the thin, lanky body in that awkward phase of puberty was pressed flush against him and he could pretend there was a heartbeat.

And as he watched those thin hips with not nearly as much definition as his own sway away from him for the final time, Axel finally realized that they would always be interchangeable, and there was nothing he could have done to prevent it.


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