039 - Coloring

Despite the epitomy of his element, that he encompassed all that was light, Axel thought that Roxas looked the best in clothing colored the deepest of black. His skin wasn't quite pale, kind of milky and tanned at the same time, but the darkness made him look like porcelain.

And against this porcelain, his eyes were like two sapphires embedded in a perfect skull, topped with hair of silk and pink lips. When they patrolled together, it was all he could do to not take the boy against the wall. But if he forced himself not to stare, that would just be too much.

"Axel, why do you keep staring at me?"

...Or maybe he should've exercised that, too.

"You're gorgeous in black," the redhead said with that mischievous smirk he flashed coy looks with before turning and walking down another alley in a flurry of dark leather. Roxas only stared after him

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