Forbidden Love

"A Slytherin and a Gryffindor? Ha, now that's something you can laugh at." Commented a Slytherin 7th year.
"Malfoy, you're a disgrace to the Slytherin house. Salazar would have been ashamed." Commented the 7th year's girlfriend.
Draco Malfoy held his head high and ignored all the comments. He grabbed Hermione's hand and walked faster down the corridors. Hermione held her bushy head high also. She wasn't going to let those Slytherins get her down, though the Gryffindors weren't helping.
"Yeah, Granger I thought you were smart, I suppose I was wrong." Sneered a Gryffindor girl.
"Ignore them, ignore them," murmured Draco trying not to move his lips. Hermione nodded and griped Draco's hand tighter. He gripped back and held on tight as they made their way to the library.
Finally after what seemed like hours they reached a corridor that was empty except for a few Ravenclaws, who couldn't care less who was going out with who. Draco stopped and looked at Hermione, pain in his eyes.
"How long will we have to put up with the criticism?" he asked.
"Until they realize that we wont change our minds." Hermione whispered back her brown eyes shining with hatred for those people.
"Honestly Draco, if we just stand our ground and not let them get through to us we can survive." She added looking at the ground.
"Hermione, I do truly care about you but I don't know how long I can last," Draco said gripping her hand.
"What's that suppose to mean?" Hermione asked looking at the ring that Draco had given her in their 5th year. "Are you braking up with me?" she asked looking up at him.
" of course not. Why would I do something stupid like that?" he asked her stuttering a little bit.
"Your stuttering Draco." She said blankly.
"I know."
Hermione broke her hand free of Draco's grip.
"Hermione..." Draco whispered.
"If you want to brake up with me just say so." Hermione said, pain in her voice.
"Hermione.... I do care about you but...."
"There's a but. If you have doubts on the way you care about me then maybe we should just brake up." Hermione said icily.
"Fine. If that's the way you want it. I don't care." Draco said turning back to his old way of being cold.
"I have spent a year, if not more, putting up with the insults, the criticism, I almost lost Ron and Harry, and all my other friends. Thank God that they didn't care that I went out with you." Hermione said starting to take of her ring.
"What about me?" Draco asked.
"You don't know what it's like being a Slytherin and dating a Gryffindor. I lost Crabbe and Goyle thanks to you. Yeah, I know they might not have been the best of friends but at least they were there." Draco yelled. Hermione's eyes flashed red. She took of her ring and tossed it at Draco.
"Keep you damn ring, I don't want to ever see you again!" she shouted and stormed off.
Draco picked the ring of the floor. He wanted to burn it, but instead he put it in his pocket.
"I don't need you Granger!" Draco yelled.
"And like I need you Malfoy!" Hermione shouted back, she always had to have the last word.
Draco ran his hand though his blonde hair. He looked up as he heard what sounded like crying it was distant but he could still hear it. Pain flashed in his eyes, but it was replaced by hatred.

"I don't need a Gryffindor. It might take me weeks, or even months to regain my respect but I'll do it." Draco mumbled to himself. He turned around and headed for his common room.
As he walked into it, Crabbe and Goyle looked at him and went back to doing work.
"It's over." Was all Draco said, then headed for his dormitory.
Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other in shock.
"Hey look, it's the Mudblood's friend." Sneered a Slytherin laughing.
"Not anymore." Draco mumbled, and left the Slytherin standing there in shock. Draco skipped Charms and just hung out in his dormitory.

Hermione slipped into the girls' bathroom, into a stall and cried. She sopped all through Transfiguration, not caring if she missed a class. Being with Draco had made her a little more fun aware and she wasn't so much a schoolgirl anymore.
"Hermione?" Lavender asked as she walked in. It had been an hour since Hermione and Draco had broken up.
Hermione sniffed, dried her tears and opened the stall.
"Yes?" she asked blankly noticing that her eyes were red. Lavender gave her an odd look, but she let it go suspecting why she had been crying.
"Harry and Ron have been looking everywhere for you, they got worried when you didn't show up for Transfiguration." Lavender said giving Hermione a concerned look. Hermione got up and splashed water on her face.
"Thanks Lav," Hermione said, drying her face.
"See you in Potions," Lavender said watching Hermione walk out. Hermione sighed, realizing that Potions was always with the Slytherins. She looked at no one, as people stared at her for actually walking down the hall without Draco anywhere in sight.
"Balderdash," Hermione said and stepped inside the Gryffindor Common Room. Ron and Harry looked up from desperately trying to finish their Potions homework.
"Hermione!" they said in unison.
"Where have you been?" asked Ron, noticing Hermione's red eyes.
"Are you Okay?" Harry asked raising his eyebrow.
"Yes.... I am fine..." she mumbled.
"What did that jerk do to you?!" Ron exclaimed, finally getting the fact that she was depressed about something that had to do with Draco.
"What...?" Hermione asked playing innocent.
"Yeah. Malfoy. What did he do? You were crying weren't you?" Harry added his green eyes filling with concern.
Hermione couldn't take it anymore. She dropped her books and ran into Ron's arm. It was her instinct to do that, though she didn't know why.
"We...we broke up...." Hermione sobbed into Ron's shoulder. Ron padded her back and looked at Harry for help.
"Hermione, Ron's right. He was a total jerk." Harry said raising an eyebrow at Ron, giving him a look that said 'now is your chance. Take it.' Ron nodded.
"Look I need to go to the library. Hermione everything will be all right." Harry said nodding. Hermione continued to sob.
Harry left and gave Ron the thumps-up sign. Ron nodded.
"Hermione." He said gently, pulling her away from him, and looking into her deep brown eyes. Hermione looked up at him tears still sliding down. Ron just said the first thing that popped into his mind.
"He isn't worth crying over. Harry and I will be here for you. You don't need Malfoy. He's a Slytherin." Ron said. Then moving her closer to him he gently kissed her on the lips. Hermione closed her eyes. Ron backed away suddenly, not sure why he had done that. Hermione's eyes were still closed.
"Oh, Draco," she mumbled.