Hey guys anyways I decided (since I'm bored) to post my stories from 4kids.tv here on This one is Musa & Riven but I'm also working on other new stories.

Well I'll start this story after the girl's first year at Alfea. They decided to go on vacations all together to Earth with Bloom. Okay so Bloom arranged everything in the house. Bloom-are all of you okay with your rooms?
Every one-yeah Bloom-okay let's unpack Musa-Bloom if you don't mind I want to go for a walk.
Bloom-oh, okay with three conditions 1st.take a map. Tec can you make a map for Musa?
Tec-yeah Bloom-2nd no magic and third one of the boys has to go with you Musa-no, I can go by…
Bloom-those are the rules Musa-okay, okay Musa walked over to Riven and Timmy's room and knocked on it. Riven answered it.
Musa-can you do me a favor?
Riven-oh…Sure Musa-I want to go for a walk but Bloom says that a guy has to go with me and well I thought that maybe you could go with me.
Riven-sure let's go.
Musa went back with Bloom.
Musa-Riven is going with me Bloom-okay here's the map.
Musa-thanks Musa and Riven start to leave.
Riven-why did you want to take a walk?
Musa-why would you care? And leave me alone!
Riven-come on Musa…
Some guy in a car honked and rolled down his window.
Guy-hey you girl what's your name?
Musa ignored the guy and Riven moved closer to her and grabbed her hand.
Riven-looking at the guy-get lost The guy said whatever and left. Musa kept on walking.
Musa-taking her hand away-thanks but don't ever do that again! Riven-sorry, so why did you want to take a walk?
Musa-it's none of your business Riven-come on Musa you can trust me.
Musa-I have never said anything to anyone so why should I trust you? Besides, you have nothing to do with me. Riven-are you still mad of what happened to me with Darcy?
Musa-why should I be mad? Like I said, you have nothing to do with me.
Riven-but I like you Musa not Darcy. Musa-yeah and its raining ducks!
Riven-at least give me a change.
Musa-why do you keep on doing this?
Riven-doing what?
Musa-this begging and asking No one ever treated me like that.
Riven-I don't know, but I want you to understand that I love you Musa.
Musa-stopped walking-the word love...it reminds me of many things.
There was a park up ahead Riven-let's go sit in that bench at the park. Musa-yeah, they got to the bench and sat.
Riven-What does it remind you of?
Musa-please don't ask me Riven Riven-maybe, I can help you Musa Musa-just forget whatever I toll you!
Riven-no Musa started crying and she grabbed her knees and putted them against her face.
RivenWhy did she start crying? Men I feel helpless! He also didn't know what to do.
Riven-Musa tell me why are you crying. I feel helpless when I see you crying.
Musa-promise you won't tell any one that I was crying Riven-okay Musa I promise now tell me Musa-how do I know you won't tell?
Riven-well… you'll just have to trust me.
Musa-well if you want to know, I'll tell you. Riven got closer to her. And Musa sat right.
Musa-when I was little my dad went away in tours and everything. Then my mom got sick and my dad stopped going to tours to stay with us. After a while my mom she…she died-Musa started to crying even harder-my dad and me then got closer but I miss my mom. I don't really remember her much.
Riven just looked at Musa and then he hugged her. He did not like seen her cry.
Riven-Musa I'm sorry. Now I'm going to tell you something that no one knows. After I was born, my mother left my father and he wasn't much help to me either. He said that I was the reason my mom left him. So I don't really get along with my dad, and I don't remember my mom at all. Musa-I'm also sorry Riven, I guess we have something in common.
Riven-making Musa stand up and hugging her-yeah, we do. Riven could feel that his eyes started to fill with water. Musa hugged him back and was crying but not as much.
Riven-are you feeling better Musa?
Musa-yeah Riven started to raise her face. Then Musa whispered in his ear-Thanks for telling me. Riven felt a chill in his back as she toll him that but managed to answer your welcome and kissed her for like 2 seconds. Musa realized that Riven was about to end the kiss and got a hold of him a little tighter. She felt that she had need that kiss since a long time and made it a little longer. When they broke apart, Riven looked at Musa and she felt that she got red.
Riven-Let's go into that store and get something to drink Musa nodded They walked to the store and bought what they wanted. And they went back to Bloom's house, in silence. Before they went in, Musa said thanks for going with me. Riven nodded and they went in.

Hope you guys like this...