Dracula's Revenge

Chapter One- How it all Began…

Summary: Dracula is back, and now he is the owner of a nightclub called 'The Hollow'. He is, of course, out for revenge on Van Helsing for killing him. When he learns of Van Helsing's daughter, Victoria, a plan begins to fall into place. His idea? To make Victoria fall in love with him, and then to make her a vampire. For what better revenge is there than to make your rival kill his own daughter? There's only one thing that Dracula didn't plan on… Falling in love himself. Dracula/OC (AU)

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Setting: 10:25 PM, Saturday night. VH residence.

Riiinnnggg! Riiinnnggg!

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Victoria shouted as she came running down the stairs. "Don't touch that, Moki! It's for me, I'm sure!"

Moki shrugged as his sister snatched the ringing phone from his hands and went back to his TV program.

"Bonjour! This is the Van Helsing residence!"

"Salut, Victoria!"

"Tasha! Omigosh, hey! What's up? Ca va?"

"Haha, ca va bien, merci. Actually, I wanted to ask you something." Tasha was one of Victoria's best friends in their senior year at high school.

"Oh? What is it?" Victoria asked.

"I have a cousin who's close to this guy who owns this nightclub, and she got us in!" Tasha said all in one breath.

Victoria blinked. "Huh? What nightclub? What cousin? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?"

"Haha, you're so funny when you're clueless. My cousin Chile, remember her?"

"Chile? Chile? Oh! Chile. Yeah, I remember her!" Victoria laughed. "What about Chile?"


"That's great, Tasha… wait… WHAT? YOU MEAN US? NOW?"

"Yes, you idiot! Hurry up! I'm in your driveway!" As if to prove Tasha's point, a car horn sounded outside, in two quick honks. "I'll give you ten minutes," Tasha said. "Now, GO!"

8.54 minutes later…

'Does this look good? Does this look good?' Victoria held up two identical dresses in emerald green and ruby red in front of the mirror. The dresses were simple, but had a low neckline and high cut off point – perfectly accenting and flaunting Victoria's curves in all the right places.

Deciding on the red one – it just seemed like more of a nightclub color – Victoria slipped into it. Hurrying over to her dresser, Victoria let her midnight-colored hair out of the high ponytail it was in and ran her brush through it a few times until it shone like silk.

Deciding to just leave it loose tonight, Victoria then focused on makeup. She wasn't a big makeup person, so all she added was a little lip-gloss and some eye shadow. After slipping into some hot black pumps, she opened her jewelry case and began to rummage through it.

After about 10 seconds of searching, Victoria found what she was looking for: her gold, dangly earrings with little stars on them, and her star-shaped gold necklace. They matched perfectly with her outfit, and Victoria felt a small sense of accomplishment as she stared at herself in the mirror after her transformation.

Just then, Tasha honked the car horn outside her bedroom window again. Opening her door, Victoria yelled down the stairs, "I'M GOING TO BED! GOOD NIGHT!" After her family yelled their goodnights up to her, she shut the door and locked it. Grabbing her matching black purse – in which she kept her wallet, cell phone, and ID – Victoria opened her window and carefully climbed down the bricks. It wasn't an easy thing to do in a dress, but Victoria was careful and made it down without an incident.

A sudden movement behind her made Victoria whirl around, startled. The grinning face of Tasha quickly quieted her nerves. Tasha had gone for the more casual appearance: she wore a hot pink top with a cammy underneath and a casual white skirt with a teal logo on it. Around her arm, she held her white purse, in which she kept the same stuff that Victoria kept in her black one. Her shoes looked more comfortable then Victoria's; simple, white platforms with a slight heel. Tasha's long, dirty blonde hair was pulled casually to the side and held there by a large clip. Other than that, it tumbled free in its usual soft waves.

Tasha grinned at Victoria. "Sorry. Didn't mean to freak you out. C'mon, we gotta go! Chile's waiting for us!" She paused for a moment. "By the way, you look great! I love that dress! And…" Tasha's hazel eyes sparkled with mischief. "Is that makeup I see on you? All right, who are you, and what did you do to the real Victoria?"

"Oh, shut up!" Victoria laughed. "You look good, too. C'mon, let's go."

Tasha nodded, and they began to jog towards her blue minivan silently. "Did I mention how hard it is to run in these shoes?"

"You think you've got it bad?" Victoria countered. "Look at ME!"

Tasha glanced at Victoria's black pumps and winced in sympathy. "How you managed to climb down your wall in those, I'll never know."

Reaching the minivan, the girls quickly climbed in. Victoria glanced at the dashboard. They were supposed to be there by 11:00, apparently, and it was 10:40. The club was about 25 minutes away, but Victoria wasn't worried. With Tasha's crazy way of driving, they'd probably make it there with 5 minutes to spare.

Setting: 10:59 PM, Saturday night. The Hollow, downtown Philly

"Is this great or what?" Tasha asked as the girls climbed out of the minivan and began to maneuver their way through the crowd of people waiting to get into the nightclub.

"Better than great!" Victoria said enthusiastically. "I can't believe we're here."

"Come with me, I see my cousin! Haha, these people in line are going to be sooo jealous!"

The girls giggled as they ran up to the front of the line, where Chile let them in before a group of annoyed partiers who had been waiting for the past 15 minutes. Once they were inside, Chile excused herself. "I'll be right back," she promised. "Why don't you go get a drink or something?" Turning, she vanished into the crowd.

Inside the nightclub, 'Comme Toi' by Najoura Belyzel was being blasted loudly enough to permanently damage anyone's eardrums.

"Comme... Comme... Comme... Comme Toi," Victoria sang along loudly as she made her way over to the bar with her companion.

Tasha laughed and nudged her. "Nice," she joked. "You're totally the next Kelly Clarkson."

Victoria put a mocked offense on her face. "Don't blame me! You know I can't sing to save my life!"

"No, but I can blame you for proving that fact in my ear," Tasha countered playfully.

Victoria shrugged ruefully but laughed as well. "Whatever."

The two friends arrived at the bar. "TWO COKES, PLEASE!" Tasha yelled over the loud music, which had just changed to 'Grillz' by Nelly. When their sodas arrived, Victoria snagged them both before Tasha could move a muscle. "Hey! That's mine!" Tasha cried, snatching her coke back from Victoria. "What are you doing!" She asked as she watched Victoria put a drop of her own coke on a piece of paper.

"Checking for drugs," Victoria replied, sounding faintly annoyed at Tasha's cluelessness. "Now gimme your coke."

Instead of complying to Victoria's command, Tasha slowly and deliberately unscrewed the cap and took a long, slow gulp of her coke.

Victoria's eyes very nearly popped out of her head. "YOU IDIOT!" She screamed. "IT COULD BE DRUGGED! YOU DON'T KNOW!"

"Seems okay to me," Tasha said, laughing at the freaked out look on Victoria's face. "Dude, why are you so paranoid?"

"When Van Helsing is your father, you learn to be cautious at an early age," Victoria said, her voice hardening a bit.

"Dude, chill! We're here to have fun!" Tasha reminded her.

Victoria was actually a few months younger than Tasha, who was 17. Victoria was only 16, but was vastly more mature than Tasha was. Growing up surrounded by demons that wanted to kill you to get back at your father could do that to a person.

Victoria sighed and tried to relax. She wanted to have fun, but it seemed like wherever she looked, there was a demon that wanted to hurt her. Man, she needed a vacation.

At that moment, Tasha looked up and noticed her cousin – Chile – making her way towards them through the throng of people dancing on the floor.

Tasha elbowed Victoria. "Hey, look! It's Chile! C'mon, let's go talk to her!" She exclaimed, grabbing Victoria's hand and dragging her forcibly away from their cokes and towards Chile.

"Hey, cuz! You take care of whatever it was you had to do?" Tasha asked enthusiastically. "Thanks for getting us in here, by the way. This place rocks!"

Chile smiled, but didn't attempt to answer over the music. Instead, she motioned for Victoria and Tasha to follow her, and then she began to weave her way expertly through the crowd. Victoria and Tasha exchanged baffled glances, but complied.

After going down a flight of stairs and a long, dark hallway, the threesome arrived at a pair of huge, black doors with dragon insignias on them. The music seemed distant from there, and the atmosphere was nothing like that excited, pulsing crowd of dancers upstairs.

Chile stopped in front of the doors, but made no move to go in. After a couple of seconds of staring at the strangely foreboding doors, Victoria began to get impatient.

"Sooo… What are we waiting for?" She asked. Chile blinked and stared at Victoria as if she had just asked the world's dumbest question.

"We are waiting for permission to enter," she replied as if it were the most obvious thing to be doing.

Victoria raised an eyebrow. "Okaaay, then. And who are we waiting on?"

"The man behind 'The Hollow' himself. He wants to meet you."

'If he wants to meet us, then why is he making us wait?' Victoria wondered irritably. Luckily, they didn't have to wait much longer.

The black doors suddenly swung open on their own, as if by magic. Beyond the doors, Victoria could see that the room was painted a dark red.

"Come," Chile ordered, leading them through the black doors. As they walked in, Victoria threw Tasha a look. Tasha put a finger to her lips and nodded towards a black leather sofa that Chile was leading them to.

On the sofa sat a tall, black-haired man. His hair was a little longer than most males'and pulled into a ponytail, its silky texture combined with his dark eyes and pale skin could have made weaker minded girls swoon.

Luckily for Victoria and Tasha, neither were weak minded.

The man moved with a casual elegance and a catlike grace, strengthening Victoria's sudden, strange distrust of him. Anyone who moved in such an effortlessly graceful manner was – in her opinion – smooth, charming, clever, and – more often than not – deceptive.

Once Victoria got over her first impression of him, she began to take in the smaller details. Like how he wore all black and was holding a wine glass filled with a deep red wine (that's what Victoria assumed it was) in it. Like how he was surrounded by three women in skimpy, white dresses, who were glaring at her and Tasha. Like how her own red dress and black accessories fit right into the red and black room. All of this, Victoria filed away for later use, should she need it.

Deciding to go back and add some detail to her quick observations, Victoria studied the three women with interest. They were relatively pretty, one with black hair, one with red, and the last one with blonde hair. All were just as pale as the man sitting on the couch.

(A/N: Yes, I'm evil. I brought the annoying threesome back.)

Just then, a disturbingly smooth and charming voice cut through Victoria's thoughts. "Welcome, Victoria and Natasha. I'm very pleased to meet you at last. Do have a seat."

'I don't like this guy,' Victoria thought at once. Something about his accent just didn't click with her. "How do you know our names?" She asked suspiciously.

"Chile told me," the man explained, looking bemused. Victoria could have slapped herself.

'Of course! It's because Chile knows this guy that Tasha and I got into this club in the first place!'

The man was speaking again. "Please, allow me to introduce myself," he said graciously. "I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia, owner of 'The Hollow'. I have been dying to meet you," he added, a sly grin playing on his thin lips. Victoria's frown deepened. "Why don't you two lovely young ladies have a seat?" Count Dracula repeated.

Tasha accepted the offer graciously, lowering herself onto a couch that was parallel to the one the Count and the women were occupying. Victoria, on the other hand, sat down stiffly, unable to relax. She simply did not trust the man sitting on the couch across from her.

Dracula suddenly seemed to remember the women around him. "Oh, this is Verona, Aleera, and Marishka, by the way," he explained, gesturing to the black haired, red haired, and blonde woman in turn.

Victoria and Tasha nodded politely to each one, but neither of them missed the glare the three women were giving them.

"Excuse me, Count …" Victoria began, but the said Count interrupted her.

"Please, call me Vlad," he said courteously.

Victoria barely refrained from raising her eyebrow. "Well then, Vlad, could you please explain why we're here?"

"I'd like to offer the two of you jobs," came the blunt answer.

Tasha, who was trying to pay for a summer trip to Europe, should have been ecstatic. Instead, for one of the first times in her life, she was cautious. "Why would you want to give us jobs?" She asked slowly. "You only just met us."

"Chile told me of your trip to Europe. As she is a very good worker of mine, I think it's the least I can do to help her cousin out. It seems very important to her." The Count turned to the stony-faced girl beside Tasha. "And as for you, Victoria, I know that you and Natasha are good friends, and I think the two of you would enjoy working together at my nightclub more than working in different places at different times elsewhere."

Chile nodded at Dracula's explanation and added, "He'll pay you well here, Tasha. And the benefits are awesome. Didn't you know that I work here? That's how I got the two of you in!"

Tasha nodded, gaining enthusiasm because of Chile's good description of the place. "Cool! What are we going to be?"

Victoria took this time to jump in. "You," she amended.

Tasha gave her a blank look. "Me, what?"

"What you are going to be." Victoria turned to the Count and said politely, "I'm sorry, but I can't work here. I'm taking a bunch of AP courses, and I don't even need the money."

"Of course," Vlad said smoothly. "I understand completely. And, Tasha, you will be a part-time manager. Your work hours will be from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM every day…"

After Vlad and Tasha had finished discussing and signing the needed documents, Vlad said, "Thank you. Take them out, Chile."

"Yes, Master," Chile replied. Both Tasha's and Victoria's heads snapped to stare at her.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL HIM?" Tasha half screamed in surprise.

"Master," Chile repeated calmly.

"Don't you mean BOSS?" Chile just shrugged. Tasha and Victoria exchanged partially freaked out looks, but decided to drop it.

As Chile led the two girls back out the black doors and into the dimly lit hallway, Victoria chanced a look behind her. Dracula's dark eyes caught her brown ones and he smiled. His eyeteeth were awfully long… Victoria shivered and allowed herself to be led back up the stairs and into the crowded club once more.

Chile had to leave them there and continue her job of making sure that nothing was amiss in 'The Hollow'. Tasha and Victoria enjoyed the rest of the night immensely, dancing to random pop, electric, rock, and metal songs. However, Victoria never quite got the picture of Dracula's long eyeteeth out of her head, and sometimes, she could almost sense his dark eyes watching her from a shadowed corner…

Meanwhile, behind those big black doors…

"My lord," the red headed woman asked, "was that truly Van Helsing's daugher?"

Dracula chuckled darkly. "Yes, Aleera, she was… And so much like her father…" He mused. Suddenly, he raised his wine glass high. "We'll destroy Gabriel yet. To revenge!" He called.

"To revenge," the three women murmured, raising their own glasses.

And then they drank.

End of Chapter…

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