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Naruto/Akira's POV ' thoughts'

Hello my name is Akira Kazama. Yes I know what you're thinking her last name is the same as the fourths right? Well that's because he was my father.

After he died sealing the kyuubi in me I was placed in the care of the sandaime hokage.

Well not really he basically just helped me out. Anyway At the age of four I began training and was able to join the academy later that year. I became chunin at age 5 with my two teammates who were older then me by 7 years, ryu Takashi and Yuki Misasagi. By the time I became jounin at 6 my two teammates had been killed in battle. By 9 I was anbu captain and given my most important mission by the sandaime hokage, to stop the corruption of the next generation. So unlike their parents they would learn that just because something is different on the outside doesn't mean it's different on the inside. So using a henge I became a loud-mouthed boy named Uzumaki naruto! I'm now 15 years old. And my godfather and godmother Jiraya and tsunade (1) insist I stop the mission here and now. And I agree I mean what girl wants to play a boy! So now here I am Akira Kazama the strongest anbu captain since Uchiha itachi on her way to the hokage's office to finally let the truth be known and end this mission, oh how I want to see the look on kakashi's face! (2)

See me and him go back to the same Anbu quadrant. In anbu, we became best friends, we've done tons of missions together, so I know he will be shocked most. Hehehe life's great! But I am curious is how the rookie nine will act I mean they except naruto for the kyuubi but can they except me for lying to them all this time? –Sigh- well I shall find out soon enough. Oh wait here's the hokage tower!

Naruto sighed as he entered the doors of the hokage tower and made his way to the office of tsunade. (She's still henge'd as naruto)

Naruto entered the office and found tsunade doing her work. "Hey tsunade!" said naruto.

She looked up.

'Hey imouto-san!" said tsunade with a smile. 'Ready to shock the hell out of those poor chunin's?" she asked with a warm smile. "You bet! And just follow long I have an idea on how to really make them shocked!" said naruto with a wink.

'Alright.' Said tsunade going back to her work.

A little later the whole rookie nine was there.

'Wonder what were here for?" asked Ino to Sakura.

"This is troublesome." Said shikamaru with his hands in his pockets.

Once everything had quieted down tsunade spoke. "Hello everyone I gathered you here today on two accounts the first is I'm sorry to tell you the only missions available for you chunin is d-rank and maybe a few c-rank so I hope you can all pass that jounin exam coming up soon." She said giggling a bit at the angry faces of the chunins. Naruto who was in the back gave a giggle as well, a feminine one at that that caused everyone to pause.

Naruto took this chance to start her plan. She walked to the front a scroll in hand. She handed it to tsunade. 'Mission accomplished tsunade!" she said in her feminine voice causing the chunin's to stare at her like he (she) was crazy.

"Good work." Said tsunade holding back her laugh.

'What mission!" they all yelled but two Shino and hinata the quiet ones of the group.

Just then in a puff of smoke there stood a beautiful girl, she was around 5,7, her body was perfect just the right size of curves in all the right places. She was wearing black baggy pants with her kunai pouch on her belt. She also wore a black sleeveless turtleneck with a black facemask like kakashi. With normal black ninja sandals, she wore her headband on her neck. Her hair reached her waist and was blonde. Her hair covered her left eye. Oh her eyes! They were a deep and dark blue something you could easily get lost in.

All the boys' jaws dropped. Kakashi's eyes widened. That face and body was all too familiar. 'What in the hell! Akira!" he said loudly. Everyone faced him. Akira giggled. "Good to see you too kakashi- Kun!" she turned back to tsunade. But was stopped when kiba shouted loudly, 'Where's the baka?" Akira smiled. 'Oh naruto you mean? Well he's gone." Said Akira. Everyone gasped but Akira and tsunade. 'He never existed in the first place. 6 years ago the sandaime gave Akira Kazama here a mission to stop the corruption of the younger generation. So she couldn't use this form due to the fact she was anbu captain and it would seem suspicious to have an anbu captain in the academy so to throw others of guard Akira henge'd herself into the boy we know as naruto Uzumaki." Said tsunade calmly.

Everyone stood there shocked, especially kakashi who had 'dropped' his precious icha icha book on the ground!

"No way no fucking way!" said kakashi shaking his head this was all too much to take in.

The others just couldn't believe there friend they knew never really existed and was gone.

'Wait Kazama…" said shikamaru thinking. 'Isn't Kazama the last name of the fourth?" everyone looked at Akira and tsunade.

'Yes" said Akira looking up proudly. 'He was my father." Everyone was shocked at that, shikamaru nodded in understanding.

About 10 minutes later no one said anything. Akira couldn't take it anymore the whole damn time kakshi hadn't taken his eyes off her the man must have gone into shock or something!

Tsunade broke the silence by saying. "Ok well now that that's over with and everything you all may go."

Everyone nodded dumbly and left. The last two were Akira and kakashi. Akira nodded and poofed out in puff of smoke. Kakashi did the same.

As everyone left they all were staring blankly ahead. "What In the fuck just happened!' was the only though going through there heads.

1.I figured since arashi and Jiraiya were close he would name Jiraiya to be his daughters godfather so that's what happened there. And I'll probably go into a flashback later on to explain how the whole tsunade and Jiraiya being named godparents came out so yeah…

2.In the past when Akira was in anbu before she made captain she was in the same quadrant as kakashi. And they went on many missions together, even when she was on her 'naruto' mission she did a few here and there with him so as you can imagine they became friends.

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