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The morning light shown through the bedroom window…. shining on Akira's face. Her eyes fluttered open as she took in the scene around her. She was in a bedroom, and she tensed as she realized that there was an arm draped over her. Then the events of the previous night came back to her, with Kakashi falling asleep and pulling her down with him. She chuckled softly.

Akira turned to face Kakashi, moving slowly as possible as to not wake the copy ninja. She couldn't help but smile as she stared at his mask covered face. He looked so peaceful, and calm. Akira couldn't recall seeing Kakashi as relaxed as he was in that moment. "I wonder if you're dreaming…" she whispered as she stared at him. Then as if her voice had woken him from his slumber his eyes slowly fluttered open…he stared at her with a sleep like daze in his eyes. Then blinked again, not believing the sight in front of him… "Akira?!" He immediately shot up, feeling his body looking down. "…Clothes?" he looked over at Akira noting she was still fully clothed. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Phew… I thought…"

Akira grinned knowing what he meant immediately. She sat up and put her hand on his shoulder, "What did you think we did Kakashi-kun?" she smiled innocently. "I…" Kakashi couldn't form the words a reddish tint coming to his cheeks... "Umm… nothing…"

Kakashi turned his head and looked at Akira. Her hair was bit messy, and her clothes a bit rustled. Akira's eyes were gleaming with happiness as she smiled at him, an unvoiced laughter being expressed through the deep pools of blue. She was beautiful beyond words in his opinion.

Their eyes locked, and as if a magnet was pulling them...their faces neared one another, eyes beginning to close….

"Am I interrupting anything?" said a voice from the window. The two pulled away from each other quickly, a light blush gracing there cheeks.

"What are you doing here Genma?" Kakashi finally asked after an awkward silence.

The said man chuckled, "The hokage has requested both of presence in here office immediately, she asks that you be there in 10 minutes or less." He offered them an apologetic look.

"She sounded urgent….and very pissed off… good luck!" and with that he but both of his hands together in a familiar seal, and was gone in a cloud of smoke.

Akira glanced at Kakashi her reddened face gaining its color, "Well we better get going, if I know Obaa-chan, she's going to expect us to be there exactly time." Akira put her legs over the edge of the bed and began to get up, when a thought struck her. A grin broke out across her face, and she turned toward Kakashi. Leaning in she kissed him on the check. "I'll meet you there!" and with that she quickly moved off the bed, grabbing her swords, and other items, before departing.

Kakashi sat on the bed somewhat in shock, before a smile graced his masked face. "This is going to be a good day." He decided.

Pushing himself out of bed, he made his way to the bathroom, and in record time had token a shower and changed into a clean uniform. Looking at his watch he noticed that his 10 minutes were up. He began making the seals for his transportation jutsu, but stopped. Since when had Hatake Kakashi been on time? Smiling to himself, he waited 2 minutes before departing, a grin on his masked face.

When he arrived Akira was already there standing in front of the hokage's desk, her arms crossed. She had obviously gone home and changed, as she was now wearing her typical black uniform. She didn't turn and look at him as he slowly made his way to stand by her side. "Gomen Hokage-sama, you see on my way here this stray kitten-" He was interrupted by Tsunade.

"I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses Hatake! This is urgent business!" She yelled.

Akira meanwhile shook her head. "What's the matter obaa-san?"

Tsunade sighed, "Orochimaru has been sighted crossing the border into fire country…. He's closing in fast… we need our best ninja's to go and cut him off…" she looked at them both. "I am well aware the both of you are no longer in ANBU, and had the situation been different I would not have chosen you two to do this, but you are the best…" Tsunade had at that point met the eyes of the two jounin in front of her. "I request that the ANBU members WOLF and KITSUNE return to active duty for this mission. I don't have the man power at the moment to send you with reinforcement, so it will be the two of you against a sannin… However I have faith in your abilities. You depart in 1 hour….." Hand shaking she handed Akira the scroll, "here is the details of the mission…"

Her amber eyes bore into Akira's sapphires. "Be careful." She whispered.

Over the course of her instruction Akira's face had token a serious look, and on slipped the mask of FOX. The cold ANBU…. The legendary ninja who was fearless…stronger then you could ever imagine… and completely emotionless. "Hai Hokage-sama" she whispered.

Kakashi's eyes traveled between the both of them, this mission had to be an SS-Class rank. It had been a long time since he had been WOLF… a long time since he had token on that high of a mission level. But he had to do this… he had to help Akira… he had to protect her... and his village.

Akira turned to Kakashi, "Meet me at the gates in exactly one hour. Don't be late WOLF or else." Her tone was the opposite of the gentle and caring voice that had helped him the night before, but he still knew she was just doing her part. You couldn't play the part of a ninja with feelings at this level.

"Hai..." he nodded, and both of them vanished in a puff of smoke.

Tsunade looked at the places where the two of them had previously been, before turning to look out her window. "Kami-sama let them both succeed…or at the very least come back alive…"

Kakashi appeared in the middle of his apartment, and without thinking he quickly made his way to his closet, opening the door he walked inside and turned to the wall on his right hand side. "Kai" He muttered, dispelling a genjutsu to reveal an assortment of seals that covered the entire wall. Grabbing a kunai that was on a shelf in the closet, he made a small slice on his thumb, taking the bleeding appendage he quickly smeared it on over the seal.

The image of seals before him disappeared to reveal a small shelving unit that had been placed in the small walk in closet. On the shelves was an assortment of weapons ranging from kunai... to a strange bladeless sword that rested in a glass case. However despite this the most noticeable item, was a porcelain white mask, shaped as a wolf's head, with dark blue paint marking it. It was exquisite beyond compare.

Kakashi reached out slowly and gently touching it was his hand… it had been so long since he had put on this mask… so long since he had took up the name WOLF… and began his journey as one of Konoha's finest ANBU.

He sighed as he grabbed the mask taking it into this hands… it was indeed beautiful… but it was the mask of a killer. Granted the life of a ninja was to be that of a murderer, but wearing this mask, marked you as an assassin for your village...as one of the special ninja who were granted the right to protect their village from the most harshest of the threats, underground and above.

Kakashi gently sat down the mask, and grabbed the white armored uniform that laid gently folded on one of the shelves. Taking a few steps back he quickly removed his current jounin attire and began dressing himself in the outfit of an anbu. White armored chest plate over a sleeveless black muscle shirt (Kakashi's being designed to cover his face as well), black pants, with black ninja sandals, accompanied by black gloves with a medal plate at the top of the hands, they ended right below the elbows, and a belt which held a kunai pouch. Though of his own preference Kakashi had two kunai pouches, one on his leg and the other on his belt.

Kakashi turned and looked in the mirror, his eye narrowed. He stood with his weight on his left leg, taking in his own appearance. He reached with his left hand and grabbed the wolf mask; gently he began to place it on over his face. Within the next couple seconds, it was secured, affectively hiding his identity and identifying him as another being entirely. Gone was Hatake Kakashi, and awakened was Wolf….

Meanwhile, Akira had quickly made it to her own apartment. She immediately entered her bedroom, and walked over to a spot near her bed. She knelt down and whispered "kai."

A seal appeared on top of the floor boards, in the shape of a swirl… biting her thumb hard enough so blood began to appear, she smeared the red liquid over the black seals. Her objective was to quickly unlock the seal that had been placed to hide her ANBU gear. The seal glowed before vanishing. Making quick haste she removed the now loose floor boards.

Inside lay a beautiful wooden box… on the outside was carved the kanji for "will of fire". She looked at it fondly… It had been her fathers at one point, but since she was the last of her family, all belongings had been left to her. Akira picked it up gently and set it next to her; she reached for her neck, right under her shirt and pulled out a gold chain. At the end of this chain was a key. She kept it on her at all times.

"Old habits die hard." She whispered to no one.

Removing the necklace from her person, she quickly opened the box. Inside lay her black anbu uniform, along with her crimson red cloak…that was still tattered and burnt at the ends… from missions long past. On the sides were three pronged kunai's, which she used for her father's jutsu…. the very jutsu that made the 4th hokage famous as the yellow flash. Along with the kunai's there were scrolls, which held the rest of her weapons… her katana's … knives…. Staffs… poisons... and her buster sword, which she used as her tool of trade on heavy duty missions which required a lot more power.

On top of the uniform and displayed as a centerpiece to the lovely assortment was a mask. With a porcelain look to it, just as Kakashi's had, it was in the shape of a fox head… with a feral grin. Red paint marked its whiskers and the outlines of the facial features. Akira sighed. She gently picked it up and set it aside as she grabbed her anbu uniform and quickly changed clothes. Once she had the typical uniform on, she put on her crimson red cloak… she didn't bother looking in the mirror, she had seen her reflection one to many times in these clothing…. Grabbing her mask she quickly placed it on over her face, as if to saver herself the pain of stripping her, of her other self. Quickly gathering her kunai into her kunai pouch that rested on a belt on her waste, she quickly loaded herself up on her scrolls and other weaponry.

It was time to go, she realized as she glanced at the clock. 50 minutes had come and gone. FOX placed the box back into the floor and resealed it.

Then she left through her window… to go and wait for WOLF at the gates.

At his apartment Kakashi… now WOLF looked at the clock. 55 minutes. He better leave now. He grabbed a katana from the shelf and the other weapons he would need and sealed back the wall before departing… to go meet akira… the woman he slowly found himself falling in love with. He shook her head; no… it wasn't Akira he was meeting. It was FOX. His anbu partner of many years… the former captain of his squad…. Without glancing back he left… off to perhaps the hardest mission of his life, and despite the fact he knew the chances of survival of things went wrong…was very unlikely… He was strangely okay with it. For at least his final moment would be beside the one he wanted to fight with side by side for eternity.

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