I shoudn't be witing this fic cause I am half way through another one... but hey! I couldn't resist. oh! and by the way, my other one is called 'midnight realisation' if ur interested.



It was a cool breezy evening and max, Kenny and ray were spending it inside the dojo. Max and ray were playing cards while the nerd sat watching the news……..

News reporter : ……. And scientists have confirmed that the galactic comet, which is said to come every 100 years, will be passing through the earth's atmosphere later this evening. This comet has been said to be the cause of many strange happenings over the past few centuries. Though this fact is yet to be confirmed, it may be wise to stay in this evening……….

Kenny :- switches of t.v- where've kai and Tyson gone?

Max : -picks up a card- their at the beach training. Kai says Tyson gaining weight but I think he's just trying to get even with him for calling him names the other day.


Max : hey! No fair, I wasn't paying attention! Lets play again.

Ray : max, I beat you six times already and you still think you have a chance?

Max : yup!

Ray : -shakes head- you're just too optimistic, you know that max?

Max : and you're too pessimistic.

Ray : am not.

max : are too

Ray : am not.

Max : are too

Ray : am not.

Max : are too

Ray : am not.

Max : are too

Kenny : will you guys knock it off!


Meanwhile at the beach…………

Kai : 151…..152….153….

Tyson : -panting- tell me...pant... again why...pant... I get extra training?

Kai : because you insulted my…. -coughs- I mean….you're gaining weight. I'm sure you've gained 4 pounds this week.

Tyson : actually, it's 6. I weighed myself yesterday.- smiles proudly-

Kai : whatever.

Suddenly an eerie red light fills the sky……

Kai : hey! What's going on!

Tyson : kai! Help me! I feel so…..weak. -falls unconscious-

Kai : Tyson! -also falls unconscious-


( A/N : you might already have guessed it but just in case that red light was the comet and it does have mysterious powers. what has it done to kai and Tyson? Find out in the next chapter)

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