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Ray: -sigh- you really should learn time management.

Skyblue101: yeah, well, I wasn't the one who fed Tyson worms and mud and told it him it was noodles!

Tyson: he WHAT!!?!?

Ray:-bright red- hey! No one knows about that! The only evidence is I my dia… hey; you didn't read my diary, right?

Skyblue101: since being the authoress of this story, I have every right to extract blackmail from its characters using any means possible. On with the fic!


Lets start this one with seeing how kai and company are doing …


Kenny : what are we going to do!!!!

Tyson: I knew I should have worn my lucky underwear!!!

Max: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly another figure is seen being thrown about by fangirls…

Ray: hey guys! –Nervous laugh- how's it goin?


RAY: Well… we might be in front of the conference building with fangirls and news reporters in at least a 1 km radius of this area?

Kai: I'm gonna murder you!!!!!

Ray: for what!!!


Ray: kai's cracked.

Kanny: okay guys lets think this out rationally…

Max: Kenny! We're being torn apart by rapid fangirls and are in danger of being stripped naked any moment!!! This is not the time for rational thought; this is the time for a miracle!!!!!

Suddenly, a ray of light bursts through the clouds and shines on tyson's head.

Tyson: hey! I got it! Why don't we just use one of our cells to call Mr. D to pick us up!

Max: boy, god doesn't waste any time does he.

Ray: -takes out phone and dials number- hello? Mr D? Yeah, we're right outside … would be ripped apart by rabid fangirls count as an excuse? Thanks! (to the others) he'll be here right away…

What felt like an eternity later, a shiny black limo draws up slowly through the sea of fangirls…

Mr: -opens window a crack- quickly! Through the door, hurry!!

All the bladebreakers pile into the car…


Coming back to hilary who has reached the seen of the crime…


Fg1: get lost! As if I'm gonna let Tyson go!

Hilary: you'd better unless you want to meet Mrs.' knee in the stomach!'

All other fangirls: -totally forgetting about bladebreakers-(A/N: Man, their attention span is indescribable) CAT FIGHT! CAT FIGHT! CAT FIGHT!

Fg1: Take some of this you big headed buffoon! – throws a kick at Hilary-

Hilary: you think you can beat me! For your information, I am black belt in karate and master of taekwondo! pah! You're so pathetic.

Fg1: -starts punching- well then, I suppose the words master of kung fu and champion of kendo back in my hometowns wont be unintelligible to you. That's why Tyson's gonna pick me above everyone else! He studies kendo too doesn't he –rapturous sigh-

Hilary: he studies doesn't mean he likes it, so he'll probably not even look at scum like you! Oh, and by the way, you're, town must be pretty crappy if you're champion there. Now take my karate slice you freak! Hiiiiiyyyyaaa!!

Fg1: why you little:….


Now, lets get back to the bladebreakers, shall we?

Tyson: man, I'm soooo glad we got away from those freaks!!!!

Mr D: -Eyes Tyson (kai) oddly- are you feeling alright kai?

Tyson: huh? What?

Kenny: -sighs- guys I don't think we can keep this charade any longer.

Max: you're right. Mr D, I'm afraid this will sound kinda weird, but somehow kai and Tyson switched bodies, so what you see as kai, is actually Tyson.

Mr D: -bewildered- what! But… if what you're saying is true… how did this happen!

Kenny: I took the liberty of doing a bit of research, it came in the news yesterday too. There's a certain comet called the galactic comet which passes through the earth's atmosphere once every 100 years. It can cause certain changes in people , and I suppose that this is one of them.

The limo reaches the BBA and all of them file out and head for the conference hall…

Ray: Mr. D can't you postpone the conference?

Mr. Dickenson: I'm sorry boys, but there's nothing I can do. I'm afraid Tyson will have to go through with the conference.


Suddenly the sky glows a pale red outside…

Tyson: I don't feel so… good. (faints)

Kai: what's… what's going on? (also faints)

When they wake up, they find that they are in the lobby with their anxious teammates hovering around them

Kai: hey! I'm not a fat flabby pig!!!

Tyson: look I've got my jacket back!!!

Both together: WE'RE US!!!!! –start holding hands and dancing-(A/N:I know its weird, but couldn't resist)

Ray: but how!!

Lobby t.v: and now the galactic comet has finally left the earth for another 100 years… and along with it, all the wild claims of visions, mind reading and flying ability. hah! as if.

Max: thank god its over.

Mr.D: well boys, you were very lucky. Now there's nothing to… kai my boy, where are you going?

Kai: -walking away with manic gleam in eye- to murder the news reporter.



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