Disclaimer: InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Story concept of Memoir of Geisha belong to Amblin Enteratinment (I think) and Arthur Golden (the person who wrote the book).

Warning: First few chapters strongly resemble the book of Memoir of Geisha, but as the story goes on, it changes into a different ending for Kagome.

Water and Fire : Water

A story like mine was lost in time, a fabled myth. For my world was a forbidden place with mysteries that was unexplained. I certainly wasn't born to the life of a Geisha, or an Empress as well. Like so much in my strange life, I was carried there by the current of the water, an ageless element through time.

I am not quiet sure where it had begun, it could had begun when I was born, or rather, when I became fifteen and fell down the well, from my own world into a strange unfamiliar world, or when Kami-Sama created the universe. I would never know.

To answer such question, you would have to know me, through the other people in my life, my story is tied with their as well. But I am not going to tell you my life's entire story. You may say it begun when I turned fifteen, transporting five hundred years back into the past from the time where I came from. But that's not my story, but InuYasha's story.

I am going to tell you a story of a girl, who carved her path through the age of time, earning many names, from a simple girl to an Empress and to a fabled goddess. A destiny that is more than it looked; the story of Water and Fire: of Kagome and her Lord, SesshoMaru.

Kagome blinked and sat up from the hard floor, she groaned slightly. Her eyes grew used to faint orange hue of the light in the room. She glanced around, rubbing her forehead, confused and lost. She felt bandage on her forehead and looked at her arm to find more bandages. She wondered idly if she looked like a fright with so much bandage wrapped on every part of her body.

Her body aches but she knelt and rose, quietly she teetered out of the small room, abandoning her blanket, and she glanced around and found that she was in some kind of two-story house. She didn't recognize anything at all and stared down the narrow stairs that was near the room she came from. There were voices coming from the first floor.

Carefully, she made her way down the narrow stairs, flattening herself to the wall, she found herself facing the foyer of the house, two women, older by the look of their kimono, dark but elegant stood facing the gate where a tall beautiful woman dressed in red and black kimono stood.

Her mind finally worked, she stared at the scene, one woman clicked the flints, emitting sparks twice in the air behind the beautiful woman, and she recognized the woman to be a geisha. Her face was painted white and her lips were deep red. After the geisha gotten into an ancient sedan, being pulled by a runner, the two elder women turned and they both looked at her, standing on the last step.

The woman with the flints hobbled away with the cane, entering another room on the first floor. The other one, handsome she was, her hair pulled up in simple traditional bun held up a hand to beckon Kagome down the steps.

"You're awake at last. Do you know where you are?" The woman asked.

Kagome clutched the rough kimono closer around her neck and shook her head.

"You are at the Kura Okiya, I am Okasan Kura, and you may call me Okasan." Okasan said as she peered down into Kagome's face under the soft light of the lantern hanging on the wall, she took Kagome's chin and tilted her face up. "Oh, how unique. Water." She murmured, referring to Kagome's eyes, being sapphire blue, unusual color for a Japanese human.

Okasan let go of Kagome's chin and turned, walking into the next room where the first woman had disappeared. Kagome took it to follow her and soon, she sat on her knees before Okasan, who sat at her desk, lighting up her pipe. "Tell me your name?"

Kagome froze and realized she had no idea her own name and where she came from. Everything was so unfamiliar to her, her memory of her life gone. She searched her mind for the face of her mother and found none. Tears started to well and fall down her cheeks, her breathing became hitched.

"She's going into a fit." The older woman whispered to Okasan.

"Sh, Auntie. Onna, stop this instantly. You do not remember your name or anything else that matter?" Okasan's voice was hard with edge as she glared down over her pipe.

Kagome froze once again, her breathing became normal as she looked up to the woman and shook her head, "No, I don't remember my own name or where I came from."

Okasan gave a single nod, "Very well. I found you in the forest on the way to the city. I had been needing help around the Okiya and perhaps, a new Geisha. I didn't want to waste any money on buying a new girl and fate had left you in my path. You are going to live here, help around the Okiya, and if you prove yourself worthy, perhaps, I'll send you to school to learn to be a Geisha. But first, you must prove your worthiness."

Kagome sat there, her hands were lax on her laps, staring at Okasan, unsure what to make of all of this.

Okasan rose and rummaged through the dresser on the far side of the room, pulling out several things. "Do you remember how old you are? You look very young."

Kagome frowned, "I think I am sixteen years. Born in the spring…"

"Ah, rather very old… but you have a very pretty face and unique eyes for a human. Auntie will fill you in everything while you are here about where we are and what we do." She turned back to Kagome, "Your name will be Onnako, if you ever remember your real name, forget it, that's your old life, your past. It's gone. You belong to this Okiya from now on." She tossed Kagome a new kimono and pair of stocks and getas. "Stocks, in the house, geta out side the house. To display naked feet is unthinkable, unless you are a courtesans. Go on back to your room, its dark and go to bed."

Kagome nodded as she gathered up her new kimono, stocks and geta, she quickly and silently made her way out of the room.

Okasan turned to Auntie, "I do not wish for Kaida to inherit the Okiya. As for Momo, she's too simple. Do you think Onnako will do?"

Auntie gave a simple shrugs, "She's unique, you must be careful, and there are fire in her eyes, despite of them being water."

Okasan chuckled, "I saw. Have her checked for her purity, if she is untouched, the better for us." She frowned as she looked to the window, seeing the rain patter the garden outside her office. "And have her checked for any miko power. If she is pure and made it this far in her age to be untouched. It wouldn't do if she is a Miko, bad for business. I found her in the middle of the road, as if she was clearly blasted from a battle field."

Auntie tilted her head in curiosity, "Was she?"

"Hai, there was a battle several days ago, not far from where I found her. No one really knows what happened but rumors said it was a battle between a youkai and a miko. The clearing was blasted clean, purified; a sword was left in the center along with a bow and some arrows. The remains of the youkai were nothing left but charred remains. The miko wasn't anywhere to be found."

"You believe Onnako is the miko from the battlefield?"

"I can't be too certain. I needed a girl, someone to surpass Momo and Kaida in their ability. In a year, there will be a daimyo convention, most of them youkai, I need a Geisha who can handle youkai."

"I agree. I best prepare Kaida's room for when she gets back."

"Take your time, she will not return until morning." Okasan rose from where she sat and left the office.

A week passed, Kagome did her best despite her wounded body to help around the Okiya, shadowing Auntie through the house, cleaning up, cooking and many other things, even helping Kaida preparing for her geisha duty.

Kagome, being very educated had surprised Okasan and Auntie with the amount of knowledge she had in math and writing, as well reading. Auntie went on and explained to her that district the Okiya was a large and beautiful district, called Haiga Sakurai, there was many different okiyas and teahouses in the district, it was mainly for male visitors, any female you'd find would be either Maiko or Geisha only.

The Haiga Sakurai happened to be the center, surrounded by many districts, there were districts that divided up into four larger districts belonging to the Youkai Lords of Japan, and Kagome learned that their Okiya was in the western part of the area, toward the Western district, belonging to the powerful daimyo lord who was ruthless and heartless.

Auntie explained to Kagome that every ten years, the Lords from all over Japan, most of them youkai come together for convention, to meet and many other things for most of the six months and that was the most busiest time for the Haiga Sakurai.

"Come on now, we need to visit the doctor." Auntie hobbled toward the outer gate of the Okiya with Kagome in tow.

"Why do we need to go to the doctor? I'm pretty much healed and everything." Kagome asked, following the older woman. She glanced around the street, taking in the sight of trees and gardens everywhere; it was almost like a painted scene, with Geisha of many color kimono walking about, either in pairs or along with male companions.

"Ah, there's the school. Keep that in mind where it is, you might be going there soon."

Kagome nodded as she saw the school where many girls of ages running toward the gate, they wore simple plain kimono of black with white obis. Kagome's thought trailed as she followed Auntie toward a different district, into a dingy part of the place. They finally went into the house and waited.

Soon, Kagome was shoved and forced onto the table by the women of the house and a man came out, he looked frail and old but Kagome could tell that he is a youkai.

"Hm, so this is the girl from Kana Okiya, the new one?" The doctor asked Auntie who stood by Kagome's side.

"Hai, Kana wishes to have her checked for her purity and," She leaned closer to the doctor and whispered, "any Miko power…"

The doctor nodded as he peered down into Kagome's face, "Interesting eyes. Uncommon for human, make you wonder if she was actually human at all." He poked and prodded Kagome's arms and back, causing her to yelp and bat the finger away. He chuckled. "Don't worry little one, I will not do unthinkable. It's rather simple for a youkai like me to tell if you're pure or not."

Kagome glared at the old doctor, "How?" She clutched her kimono tight around her knees.

"A sniff, that is all. Not many youkai have a good sense of smell." He sniffed and wrinkled his noses, "Ah, untouched."

Auntie smiled and bowed, "Thank you. That is good."

"Planning to turn her into one of the girls?"

"That would be none of your business." Auntie sniffed and turned her nose up.

Kagome frowned as she watched the doctor hobble around the room, taking small boxes and bottles down from shelves and mixing some kind of tea. Soon, Kagome was handed a small cup of foul smelling tea.

"Drink this. All of it." The doctor softly commanded.

Kagome stared at the tea; not wanting to drink it for the smell was so rank. Auntie pushed the cup toward her mouth and Kagome swallowed quickly, tears coming to her eyes.

The doctor dimmed the light and stared at Kagome with skeptical eyes. Kagome sat at the table, wondering what was going on. "Hm, indeed she was a Miko, her power is weak and waning." He gestured to the glowing light surrounding Kagome, faint in blue and disappearing shortly after.

"So, she will not have any power left?"

The doctor shrugged, "It was fairly safe for me to touch her, if she was stronger, and I would have been scorched. Whatever happened to her, her power had separated from her and with her memory missing like that, it will remain missing."

"Is there any way she will regain her memory or her power?"
"Not unless whatever had been separated from her is returned to her. You say she's not from around here?"
"Kana found her on the road when she was traveling and brought her here."

"I see no problem if she is being trained to be a Geisha. She would make a potential one. Perhaps Kana should have her trained under Kikuya."

Kagome listened to the conversation and with the week she had been with the Kura Okiya, she understood very little about the world of Geisha. The name Kikuya was familiar, being told of whom she was, one of the top ranking Geisha in the district, and a youkai to boot. Kaida spited her and wanted to bring herself above Kikuya.