AUTHOR'S NOTE Couple of things. First, my beta pointed out that Cho probably wouldn't have Apparated from Salem all the way to London. When I wikipedia'd it, it said that she was right – most wizards don't Apparate that far away, but I've had them doing it all throughout the story, so I decided to leave it in.

Second, I know that Cho and Ginny really don't get along in canon. But seeing as how this is an AU, I figured it was okay to leave them in as friends. After all, neither of them end up with Harry in this story.

Finally, this is the end – thanks everyone for reading! I hope you've enjoyed it! And a special thanks to Lauren, my beta, who made sure I didn't make any glaring mistakes!

DISCLAIMER I don't own anyone, though I did make up the idea of Liza Lang.

Their very strange trip began in London. An older man with red hair who introduced himself as Arthur Weasley, Bill and Ron's father, met them and quickly whisked them into a small white car. Lana shrieked and Clark clutched her hand when the car suddenly turned invisible and lurched into the air. "Wizards have flying cars?" Lex cried.

"No, only me!" Arthur said proudly. "I enchanted it myself. It's my second!"

They landed not far outside the city next to a set of train tracks. "We couldn't get you on the train in London because you wouldn't have been able to get onto the platform," Arthur explained. "But the location of Hogwarts is secret. Muggles aren't allowed anywhere near it, so you have to take the train into the station."

Clark, Lex, and Lana merely nodded, unsure of what to say. A big scarlet train roared to a stop next to them then and Arthur bade them goodbye. "I'll see you at the ceremony," he called before the car disappeared again.

They weren't allowed a compartment with windows for their trip. The only other person they had seen was the conductor, but Clark had a sneaking suspicion that there were several other escorts on the train with them.

Sure enough, as the train began to slow down, two identical red-haired men opened the compartment door. "Hello there," one said.

"Uh, hi," Lana said.

"We're Fred," said the first.

"And George," added the second.

"Weasley," Fred finished.

"You met our older brother and youngest brother in Smallville," George said.

"Bill and Ron," said Fred.

"We'll be your tour guides for your short journey through the once-picturesque village of Hogsmeade and finally to Hogwarts castle," George finished. The twins grinned.

There was silence for a moment. Finally, Lex said, "Okay."

He, Clark, and Lana followed the twins off the train, where Cho met them. Clark frowned. "You're already here?" he asked. "I thought you had to talk to the Salem Institute people before you came here."

She laughed. "Perks of being a witch. Travel by Apparition is instantaneous."

Cho joined the group as they walked through the silent streets. Lana shivered. "It's like a ghost town," she said.

"It didn't used to be," Cho said. "It used to be one of the best places to spend the weekend."

"But?" asked Clark.

The twins looked at each other sadly, then back at Clark. "The war," they said together.

No one asked any more questions until they reached two black carriages waiting at the edge of a wide lake. Lana frowned and asked, "Where are the horses?"

"Those aren't horses," Clark said, a nervous edge in his voice. "Those are black scaly horse things."

George gaped at him. "You can see them?"

Lex frowned. "See what?"

"They're called thestrals," Cho explained uncomfortably. "Most people can't see them."

Again they lapsed into silence as Cho, Lex, and Lana climbed into one carriage and Clark and the twins boarded the other.

They barely had time to see the castle as Fred and George herded Clark and Lex up one set of stairs and Cho whisked Lana up another.

"Great Hall in an hour, boys!" Cho called. Then she turned to her sister. "The headmistress is letting Fred, George, and I use our old dormitories for you three to get ready in. But we only have an hour before we have to be downstairs!"

Lana giggled. "Well then we're wasting valuable time!" The two girls took off for Ravenclaw tower.

Clark, Lana, and Lex stared unabashed at the spectacular hall in which they found themselves. "Wow," Lana whispered.

Cho giggled. "I felt that way too, when I first came here. Welcome to the Great Hall."

"You actually went to school here?" Clark asked her, awed.

"Kind of makes Smallville High look pretty plain," Lana said to him.

He grinned and nodded. "You can say that again."

Suddenly Cho's eyes lit up as she saw Ginny Weasley rushing toward her. "Ginny!" she cried and the two women threw their arms around each other.

"Oh Cho, I'm so happy to see you!" Ginny said. She drew back and hesitated. "Cho?" she asked slowly. "Or Liza?"

Cho looked back at Lana, who smiled and nodded, and turned back to her friend. "Cho," she said simply.

Ginny smiled sadly. "I wanted to go with Harry to come find you. I'm so sorry, Cho."

Cho took Ginny's hands. "I never would have wanted you to abandon your mission." She smirked. "Besides, you just would have faced Dementors and Death Eaters and Bellatrix Lestrange. Same old." She snuck a glance at Clark, who was gazing at the Great Hall and didn't notice. "Almost."

Ginny followed her eyes, but asked no questions. Cho mouthed 'I'll tell you later,' and grinned. Ginny returned the smile and turned back to the three visitors. "Hi," she said, holding out her hand. "I'm Ginny Weasley."

"Merlin, I'm sorry!" Cho said, blushing. "I'm a terrible hostess. Ginny, this is Clark Kent, a friend of mine from Smallville."

"Nice to meet you," Clark said, shaking her hand. "Are you Ron and Bill's sister?"

She nodded. "Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and finally me. Six boys, one girl."

Clark smirked. "Fun."

Cho smiled hesitantly at Lex. "And this is Lex Luthor."

"Her boyfriend," he clarified, also shaking Ginny's hand. "Hi."

"And of course, my little sister Lana."

Lana's jaw had dropped open the second Lex had said "boyfriend," but she recovered enough to look both indignant and exceedingly happy to be known as Cho's little sister. Ginny smiled. "There's a family resemblance, I think."

Lana grinned. "Thanks." The group followed Cho and Ginny as they walked down the center aisle toward their seats. "This place is amazing!" Lana said.

It truly was. Although Albus Dumbledore was gone, the bewitched ceiling looked just as spectacular as it ever had while he was Headmaster, complete with fluffy white clouds, a sparkling sun, and soaring doves. Rather than uncomfortable folding chairs, rows and rows of red and gold armchairs filled the massive hall. A magnificent curving arch was set up where the head table usually sat and a few people milled nervously about beneath it, including Harry and Ron, dressed in their finest dress robes. Clark and Lex shared a look, each feeling distinctly out of place in crisp tuxedos.

Cho was swarmed with witches and wizards welcoming her back home to England, Bill brought his brother Charlie over to introduce him to Clark and Lex. Once they and Ginny had engaged the two men in what appeared to be a fairly deep conversation, Lana pulled Cho aside. With a raised eyebrow, she repeated, "Boyfriend?"

Cho blushed and nodded. "I knew you were spending a lot of time at the mansion," Lana continued. "But I had no idea! What happened?"

Cho's blush deepened and she mumbled. "Right after Harry and the others left, I went to see him to make sure he was okay."

Lana's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped again. "You had sex with Lex Luthor?" she whispered.

Cho's face now resembled the color of a good red wine. Finally, she nodded. Lana just shook her head in disbelief. Then shyly, she asked, "How was it?"

"Oh no!" Cho said. "I am not ready to talk about my love life with my baby sister!" She snuck a glance at Clark. "But if you ever need advice about anything, don't hesitate to ask." It was Lana's turn to blush.

Clark, Lex, Ginny, Bill, and Charlie chose that moment to join them. Cho had to stifle a grin as Clark slipped his arm around Lana's waist. Lana caught her sister's look and blushed again.

"So Bill," Lex said as he came up beside Cho. "When do we get to meet your lovely wife?"

"After the ceremony," Bill said. "She's in Gabrielle's wedding party." He smirked. "You have no idea how upset the Wizarding World was when they learned that Harry Potter's wedding would be small like this."

Clark did not think that the whole affair seemed that small, but before he could say anything, all the guests were asked to take their seats in preparation for the ceremony. He sat beside Lana, who was situated between him and Cho. She leaned over to him and said, "Isn't this place amazing?"

"Yeah, it's wonderful."

"I wonder what the rest of it's like," she continued. She pointed toward the said of the room. "Like, what's just behind that wall? We'll have to go exploring later. It's not like we have X-ray vision or anything."

He looked at her sharply. There was a mischievous smile playing on her lips. His heart skipped a beat. "Lana…"

But Lana simply grinned. "Don't worry Clark," she said, patting his hand. "Your secret's safe with me."

Then the music started and everyone turned to see Gabrielle coming down the aisle.