Summary: A short story that I plan to reveal into slashy goodness between Stan/Kyle by the next chapter. Just want your opinion : should I continue it? Do you wanna know what happens? Or are you all just dicks? Ah only time will tell

Disclaimer: Not mine... but hey.. I DID meet Matt and Trey


"What are we watching?" Stan asked as Kyle flopped next to him on the couch.

"A comedy." Cartman replied, his puffy face beaming towards the TV. Kyle and Stan exchanged glances as he inserted a copy of Schindlers list into the VCR.

"oh for FUCKS SAKE CARTMAN!" Kyle yelled, jumping up. "You're such a prick. you only got this movie to upset me!"

"Why would this movie upset you Kyle?" Cartman blinked innocently, "its a serious film about a serious subject"

Kenny mumbled something about wanting to get porn and Stan just sighed. "Oh come on Kyle, its a serious movie, and if we don't watch this we'll have to go to the video place."

"Stop ruining everyones night Kyle god dammit !" Cartman hollered and Kyle just slumped back in his seat with resignation. "Oh fine, I don't really care. Its not the movie, its just... Cartman."

"well I don't like you either asspounder."

The lights went off and the TV blared through the darkness. After an hour, the movie had reached some intensity, and Cartman couldn't really suppress his laughter at some of the most tragic scenes. Stan could feel Kyle squirming next to him with a flustered expression. He suddenly felt sorry for his friend as he paled at the sight of burning jews.

"hahaha oh shit! did you see his skin! did you!" Cartman spun around, pointing towards the screen like a little kid watching a Disney film. "did you?"

"yea Cartman, now shut the hell up." Stan snapped. He glanced one more time at Kyle and slowly took his palm. It was sweaty. "Its just a movie dude," he whispered "don't worry."

Kyle nodded, trying to make himself realize it too. Instead, another gun shot to a childs head caught his eye and he unconsciously gripped Stan's hand back.

Stan suddenly felt flustered at the thought of two boys sitting in the dark holding hands. He glanced at Kenny who looked like he was slowly getting bored. "Hey, fuck this, I'm going to have a cigarette." he announced, jumping up. Stan tore his hand from Kyle like it was red hot.

"I'll join you." he heard Kyle say, obviously grateful to get away from the film.

Stan found himself alone on the couch. Although, he was watching the image of a mans skull getting busted in, he felt strangely warm inside.


Kenny McCormick was seated comfortably in a white garden chair in the back yard of Stans house, his feet propped up on another chair that was meant for Kyle. His fist held a cigarette.

"So you making your moves on Stan eh?" Kenny commented nonchalantly blowing smoke towards Kyles direction.

Kyle, who was leaning against the wall with folded arms, lost in thought, snapped his head up. "Huh...?"

"The movie." he motioned towards the house, "you two were getting cosy."

Kyle reddened deeply, "He was just comforting me douche bag. It was lame of Cartman to make me sit through that."

"You could have left."

"I did."

He grinned coyly, "and now you're with me. cigarette?"

Kyle stared at the packet that Kenny extended towards him for a moment, and with hesitation, he took one. "might as well." he mumbled.

Kenny raised his brows. "didn't expect that. since when did you decide to start."

"I don't know..." he shrugged, "I just wanna... change my image. everyone thinks I'm some kind of a girl for some reason."

"because you look like one."

"fuck you." A lighter was tossed at him and he lit it awkwardly, and then took a drag. He didn't cough and splutter like he expected. Instead, his face puffed up and turned a slight shade of purple.

"breath out you dumbass."

All the smoke escaped his mouth and he clutched his head, feeling dizzy. "That was terrible." he choked.

"see...? thats how girls smoke." The lighter smacked against Kennys head.