Return of the Black Rose

Chapter 21

Putting the final touches on the contents of his new trunk Harry looks over at the blond sitting on his bed, "Are you ready for this Draco? We're going to be at Hogwarts tomorrow, do we let things go back to how they were or show the world a unified front?"

Draco pulling a sour face, "This is the first time in 6 years that I'm not happy to be heading back to Hogwarts and it's not just the new relationship between us either. Hell Harry my mate is there and I don't want to go. I just don't want to have to deal with all the prejudice and backbiting that's a constant in that 'institution of higher learning'."

Harry nods as he closes and locks his trunk, "It's never been a very happy place for me Draco, I mean it was way better than being at the Dursley's but my life was on the line every year I was there and I am near 100% positive that every situation was arranged by Dumbledore."

Flinging his hand up in frustration, "And it's not like the slights and two-faced ideals aren't rampant in Gryffindor, they turn on me as often as the rest of the school did, as most of the wizarding world did. I am sick to death of the save me mentality that this world has. Exactly what special ability am I suppose to have as a mostly untrained wizard? Honestly they're all sheep Draco sheep being led to the slaughter by the big bad wolf and they want an untrained kid to save them when they've all, each and every one of them had the same schooling I have and probably more as most of them were at least raised in with magical world and not as a downtrodden muggle."

Snorting Draco interject, "For the house of the brave and chivalrous they do tend to jump ship rather quick."

Flopping back on the bed beside him, "I can't tell you how happy I am to be out of Gryffindor house this term and in a room of my own."

"Harry, Harry it's not just a room of your own; apprentices get apartments they're smaller and not as luxurious as the professors are but it's a complete apartment and loads better than being in the dorms."

Grinning at the thought of no more ruined work or stolen possessions, "I should have pushed for something like this long ago Draco, or petitioned for a private room even if it meant paying for it out of pocket." A quick frown later he adds without humor, "But you know Dumbleduck would have just denied the petition. He needed Ron to have access to my things to keep track of me."

"You really should have been sorted into Slytherin Harry; Snape may have made you miserable in public but in the dorms the spirit of Salazar would have protected you. Theft and cursing of possessions is not something that he would have allowed. You know all the founders are suppose to protect their own – I wonder what happened to Godric Gryffindor that he doesn't protect his own anymore?

The ride on the Express wasn't really any different than it had been any other year except this year he hadn't had to put up with Ron and Hermione since he, Draco and Desari had taken a compartment to themselves locking and adding a notice me not to the door to ensure their peace.

Upon arrival at the school however they couldn't avoid the initial confrontation any longer since it seems the duo was looking for them. They were moving towards the carriages when it happened...

A crowing voice arrogant and annoying called out from the edge of the dark path where she'd been directing first years down to the docks, "Where have you been Harry we looked all over the train for you. Where'd you spend your summer, you know Professor Dumbledore was angry that you didn't stay at your Aunt's house like he told you too. Well Harry, are you going to answer me and why are you with Malfoy anyhow?

Letting out a pent up breath he'd been half dreading this confrontation and relishing it all the same, he replies coldly, "Hermione shut up! You aren't my mother or even a relative of mine so you have no need to know all my business. It's obvious I was on the train since you just watched me walk off of it. If you in your inept blindness can't fathom that I possibly used magic to keep from being disturbed on the journey that's your problem! As for why I'm with Draco well he is my brother who else would I be with?!" Spying Draco helping Desari into a carriage he coyly added, "Now if you'll excuse me my ride is about it leave!" Stalks over to the carriage climbing quickly in as it sets off almost before the door closes.

Leaning back in the seat across from Draco and Desari, "Did you notice Draco, Granger was wearing apprentice robes and a prefect badge and that idiot Weasley is still the Gryffindor prefect even though he failed nearly all his classes?

Nodding Draco replies with a frown, "I don't get it Harry? How can McGonagall justify leaving them as Prefects? Hogwarts code clearly states that no apprentice may have a position of authority to include head boy or girl or prefect nor can they play on the house teams or be Quidditch Captain. Nor can a student remain Prefect unless they've gotten 5 OWLs or maintained that score after becoming one. Do you think we should write Father about this? Well after we remind them of the School Code of course."

I know I've been absent from this story for a long time, I've no excuse really except lack of writing inspiration on my part. I've read through it today and have taken to editing blatant errors and things that don't make much sense even to me as I read through. IF you know of something that needs to be or should be fixed feel free to pm me and point out the spot with a quote or something to lead me to the right line. I'm going to be doing some changing up of things with Desari as well to make her a bit less Mary Sue-ish so don't be surprised to get updates on old chapters being reposted.