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Authors Note: This is the sequel to "A Different Kind". I think you'll have to read that if you want to read this. Sorry it took so long to get this up but my computer went bonkers and deleted the chapter. Grrr... ;-)

Ghosts of the Past



Tyr moved through the woods following a figure he couldn't quite make out. He caught up with the figure and recognised it as Janet. "Janet." he said. The figure turned, her face was a mixture of confusion, anger and hurt. "Why didn't you tell me about her?" she said coldly and nodded at something behind him.

Tyr turned and saw a face he recognised. "Freya!"

The blonde woman stared at him, anger and hate burning in her eyes. "You abandoned me and our unborn child!" Tyr remembered Guidarain's words to him. "...All who will seek revenge on you!" 'So this is her revenge,' he thought. 'turning Janet against me.'

But that wasn't all Freya had on her mind as she pulled a gun she had been hiding and shot him. The last thing Tyr saw was Janet's cold unforgiving face.

Tyr awoke with a jolt. He looked around and saw that he was on the Andomeda. Tyr shook his head, trying to forget the dream he had just had but he couldn't. It had been far too real. 'It's only a dream,' he thought. 'Dreams don't mean anything.' But he had been having similar dreams the last few weeks. He looked at the clock. His shift was in two hours. He knew he wouldn't get anymore sleep. He decided to start the day early, very early.


Janet sat up, breathing heavily. "Oh God!" she said. She had just had another nightmare. They had been disturbing her for many weeks, she had avoided Tyr because she didn't want to talk about them, she knew he would notice she was a little out of sorts. The dreams were all memories from her life before Andromeda. This one she had just woken from was the Magog attack on Maceak, the village she had grown up in. She lay down trying to forget that day.


Janet sat in the Officers Mess finishing off the small breakfast she had when Dylan entered. He looked around the room and couldn't help sighing. It looked so empty. Janet loked at him. "Hello Dylan."

"Hello Janet." he replied as he ordered his breakfast from on of the auto-chefs.

"You OK?" Janet asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," Dylan said as he sat opposite her.

"I'm fine. Didn't sleep well that's all. You don't look very happy."

"I was just thinking. The Mess looks so empty compared to-"

"300 years ago."

It always annoyed Dylan when Janet finished someone's sentence. "Yes. Well. I-"

"You must really miss your time, family and friends."

Dylan stared at Janet. She had sounded genuinely sory for him. "Yes. I do but I'm going to try and bring some of the old days back."

"I know... but you can't bring back the people you knew and love," Janet sighed, then shook her head. "I'm sorry.. um anyway speaking of bringing back the 'old days', as you call them, who's our next victim?"


Janet's eyes widened. "What?" Dylan asked.

"I have some very bad memories of that place. They hate Nietzscheans and-"

"Well. We're going to have to fix that. If they want to be part of the Commonwealth they are going to have to learn, at the very least, to tolerate your people."

"Tell me when they do. Then I might risk a visit but for now I'm not setting foot on that planet."

"Janet you signed on to this mission and-"

"I know, I know. Look Dylan, I said I'd help you restore the Commonwealth and that is exactly what I'm doing," Janet stood up and walked to a counter nearby. After putting her plate down she continued, "However, I refuse to go down to planet and have guns and knives pointed at me from every direction," she turned to face Dylan, "Now if you don't mind Trance has been up all night looking after Harper. I promised her I'd give her a break this morning and I'm already late. If you want we can continue this later." Janet knew Dylan would let her go. He was aware of how much time Trance was spending looking after Harper.

"Go," he said reluctantly, "We can continue this conversation later." Dylan needed some time to get himself together and prepare for the next argument that was bound to erupt the next time he and Janet met.

Janet smiled and left the room.


"Oh come on Trance! Look, I'm fine! The rash is gone!" Harper said as Janet entered. "Janet! Tell Trance the rash is gone and everything's OK. She doesn't seem to believe me," he waved a hand over his face where a rash was slowly disappearing.

Janet smiled. "Trance, is Harper hallucinating again?" She asked as the purple girl entered from the next room.

"Ha ha very funny Janet," Harper replied sarcastically. Janet nodded in his direction shooting him a cheeky smile.

Trance handed Janet two hypos. "Give him these in an hour," she said pointing to one of the hypos in Janet's hand. "And give him the others in two hours." Janet nodded. Trance walked over to Harper and patted him on the head. "Bye!" she said and left the room.

"Y'know you don't have to do this Janet. Rommie can monitor me."

"You'd enjoy that wouldn't you? Sorry Harper but Rommie has to deal with the repairs while you're down here." Janet said as she was looking through a drawer that was full of flexi's, "The only other person who has some free time right now is Tyr and we all know how much you two care for one another."

"I think you care about him enough to cover for me," Harper replied. Janet smiled. She took an empty flexi from the drawer and inserted it into a nearby console. She tapped a few buttons on it and then left it. "What're you doing?" Harper asked.


Harper sat up to get a better look at the screen. It looked like she was downloading something. He moved as if to get off the bed. "Don't move Harper. You'll fall. The rash has weakened your legs," Janet said without turning around. Harper ignored her and half-jumped, half-fell off the bed. "What'd I tell you?" Janet said not even looking up from the console. She listened to Harper struggle to try and get up. She thought about helping him but Harper never liked being helped. After a few minutes she walked towards him and offered him her hand. He took it and she pulled him up balancing him against the bed. She inspected his arms. "The rash is gone from your arms so you should be able to get up yourself. " She walked back to the console where the words "Download Complete" were blinking on the screen. 'So she was downloading something,' Harper thought. Janet removed the flexi and sat down in a chair that wasn't close enough for Harper to see what she was reading. He leaned over trying to see, "Don't Harper. You don't want to fall again do you?" Harper decided against trying to see. She had been right the first time about falling and he didn't want that to happen again.

"So....you gonna tell me what's on the flexi?"

Janet shook her head. "No."

"What is it? Some Nietzschean conspiracy?"

Janet glared at him, "You should know by now that even though I look like a Nietzschean, I don't act like a Nietzschean and I'm not involved with any Nietzscheans at all except for Tyr." She looked back at the flexi. It was obvious she was lookign for something.

Harper nodded. He knew he shouldn't have said that. Janet was very touchy when it came to Nietzscheans. She either addressed herself as part of her people or she acted like she was seperate from them. Unfortunately you never knew which side she'd pick. He decided to leave her alone about the flexi. He'd simply follow it's download path until he found the source. It wouldn't be that hard.