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Life of Venegance

By BlackLadyCharon

Chapter One: Kin By Blood

It was raining, as it often did, Vergil Sparda reflected as he walked down the streets, watching the alleys for signs of demonic activity. Yet he'd come to treasure the rain, the cold, clear water hitting his skin and forcing his hair down into the same, shaggy style of his sibling. The rain that fell in Hell was a rain of blood and flesh, with blood tainted tears. The icy half devil had learned through pain, suffering and degradation to cherish his humanity. That had been what had allowed him to continue fighting even after his body had been beaten and reshaped, had allowed him to spare his twin and eventually win his freedom to help him.

No, Vergil Sparda no longer thought of his human blood as a weakness. Instead, it was his greatest strength.

"No, Unc;e Vernon. No hit me! I be good, I promise, NO!" Vergil stopped; a child's cries ringing in his ears and setting his heart pounding with rage. He knew that sound, knew terror when he heard it. His own childhood after ten had been filled with it. The large, chunky human barely registered what hit him as Vergil roundhoused him into a wall, gently kneeling before the child the man had been beating on. Four, maybe five, too young to know such pain, yet cursed with it anyway.

"Are you harmed, little one?" Startled, the boy's eyes flickered up to Vergil's, and a stunning impact struck him as vivid emerald met icy blue.

Kin! This child is Kin to me and mine! Kin through my Mother, and this trash dares strike him as if he were an animal! No, no more! The child shivered, cringing away as if he expected more blows from the cold looking white haired man crouching before him. Instead, he found himself swept into a comforting embrace, the man standing and walking away from the scene as if nothing that had happened mattered.

"Do you have a name, small one? Or something you would prefer to be called?" The boy looked up in shock, surprised that the stranger should care. A half smile tugged the man's lips up, making him look far less imposing, almost friendly. The boy slowly smiled back, wondering at the feeling of happiness bubbling up inside of him. A name, a name he chose so that he didn't have to be 'Boy' or 'You'. In truth, he barely remembered he had any other name. After a bit of hard thinking, a name struck him, a name from something Aunt Petunia had been watching that he wasn't supposed to see or hear. A name he'd liked much better than the dumb old one he'd been given.

"I wanna be called Rion, but my name's really…" A finger to his lips shushed him. The man was still smiling though. Funny, he seemed so much more dangerous then anything Rion'd ever met before, but safe at the same time.

"If you wish to be Rion, hide that other name. Name's have power, birth names more than any other. Keep your true name to yourself, and be Rion to all else. My name is Vergil, and yes, that is my true name." Rion could feel the truth in that name, just as he could tell when strange things were lurking, or when Dudley wanted to hit him again. "I use my true name because I am powerful enough to protect it, as you will be powerful enough to protect your own in time. Do you know why I saved you?" Rion shook his head, wanting to know. "I saved you because you are kin to me through my mother's side of the family. That makes you precious to me, as the only other family I have is my twin." Rion's face perked up even as he struggled to hide what he felt. If this man was family to him that meant the Dursley's weren't the only people in the world he could belong with. But surely Vergil wouldn't…

"Since that ignorant buffoon seems to have no intention of treating you as you ought to be treated, and I doubt anyone in his household does either, you will come home with me. It will be dangerous in some ways, as my brother and I hunt things that are deadly to most, but you will learn how to do so as well. You are Rion Sparda now, until you wish to take back that other name and self." Rion stared stunned for a second. A home, a new home, one where he wouldn't be beaten and starved, where nice things would happen to him as opposed to bad one's. After the shock was over, he burst into tears, snuggling close to Vergil, to be held reassuringly. The promise of protection was there, and Rion took the name he'd been born with, Harry Potter, and shoved it into a far corner of himself. When the time came, he'd take that name back, but not before then.

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Dante lugged his latest prize in the door, and then stopped, counting. Vergil's boots, empty spot for his boots, empty spot for Trish's sneakers, empty spot for Lady's sneakers, kid's shoes. What was wrong with this picture? There wasn't a kid in Devil May Cry, that was what was wrong. High pitched, childish laughter from the kitchen proved him wrong, and the half devil drifted in there to see what was going on. His brother was sitting at the kitchen table, microwave chicken fried rice in front of him, watching a little kid with messy black hair working his way through a pizza at speeds Dante was already envying. The kid was sucking the pizza down like he wasn't sure of a second meal anytime soon. Dante frowned, taking in the child's overly thin frame and the battered, hand me down outsized clothes draping his frame and leapt to one conclusion. Abused, that was what the kid screamed silently. He opened his mouth to ask Vergil what they were doing with a charity case in their kitchen when the boy looked at him. Dante felt the same shock as Vergil when the bond of kinship slid through his mind, followed by violent, instinctive rage. The boy was family, and someone had dared treat him wrong. Many demons would die extremely painful deaths to appease the rage seething within Dante. The boy sensed this and shrunk back, certain he was the target. Vergil, with the skill of years of dealing with Dante's grenade in a bottle rages, simply stood fast.

"I'm sorry we didn't wait for you to come home so we could all eat together, Dante, but Rion was starving. Rion, this is Dante, your other Uncle, just ignore him, he's not angry at you." Rion shyly looked over at Dante, who smiled, forcing his rage down to a low simmer.

"Yeah, Runt, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at whoever hurt you. You're safe here, Rion, that I promise you, by my Father's blood and swords." Rion smiled happily, already beginning to bounce back in the amazingly resilient way of young children.

"Hi, Uncle 'Te, Uncle Verge's told me about you. He's says you get angry fast, talk big, and back it up. I wanna be stronger, and Uncle Verge's already said he'll teach me magic, so will you teach me other stuff?" Dante threw back his head and laughed at Rion's blunt, to the point asking. The boy was family, alright, and Dante had no intention of denying it.

"Sure, Ri, I'll teach you how to fight like a pro. No one'll ever mess with you once you grow up, Rion, that I promise you." Rion's face lit up with happiness, then, in the way of young children, he yawned suddenly, looking his age and sleepy, and his thumb migrated to his mouth. Dante swept him up while Vergil went upstairs to what had been the empty guest room, which the twin's were already coming to think of as Rion's room. The boy was well and truly adopted, to kin stranger then what he'd known, but infinitely more loving.

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"Professor Dumbledore! There's trouble, sir!" Dumbledore looked up at Mrs. Arabella Figg, eccentric old lady, collector of cats, and Squib. She seemed even more frazzled then usual, her ratty old bathrobe barely thrown on over a t-shirt and jeans. Something serious must be up. Before he could ask, she blurted out. "Harry's gone missing, sir! Someone attacked that horrendous old muggle who's supposed to be his Uncle and took him!" Any look of humor left the old man's face, seriousness replacing it. The savior of the wizarding world was missing, that couldn't be good. He silenced Arabella with a gesture, closing his eyes and concentrating, trying to pick up anything on Harry.

A storm of alien magic struck him, showing him the tangled remains of the wards and tracking spells he'd lain on the boy to help keep him safe. The blood ward was still working, which surprised Dumbledore. Someone had seen that that one offered Harry protection, but who? And did they know that it would only work if Harry stayed with someone who was related to him by blood. Yet its function's continued undisturbed. Almost frantic, Dumbledore searched for any clue that would tell him the Boy Who Lived whereabouts. At last, the faintest, strangest of clues touched his mind. A name, the name that Harry Potter now used to shield his true self from a harsh, cruel world.

Rion. That was his last and only clue to track down the missing boy. He opened his eyes, looking over at Arabella.

"Gather the Order, Arabella. Also inform the Minister of Magic that the Boy Who Lived has disappeared, and the only clue is the name Rion. Whether this is his abductor, a name simply overheard, or what he is now calling himself is unknown. Yet it is our only clue to finding him."

-End Chap 1-

-Preview Chap 2: Seven Years-

"Harry! My name's Harry! What was my mother THINKING?"

"Calm down, Potter, there's no need to have hysterics."

"… I hate you already, grease face."

-Preview End-

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