Camera cuts to a sleepy scene of an author resting her feet up on the console, a book over her face and snoring ever so lightly.
The author springs awake, almost falling backwards out of her chair. She turns and looks towards the Reader, at you.
A smile spreads across her face.
"You came back." She says. "I knew you would." She pats the seat beside her.
"I suppose you want to know what happened next to Rose Tyler, the Doctor and what the secret Rose held? You do? Well your wish, as ever is my command." She says, and gives a wink.
"But as ever, be careful what you wish for!"

To recap:

The Doctor followed Rose to the other universe in order to save her and Earth from slavery and destruction at the hands of the Daleks. He found an Alternative Gallifrey, where the adults had all died off from a Dakek virus, leaving mere children behind to carry on the legacy of the Time Lords.
Rallying what allies he could, The Doctor formulated a dangerous plan - and many were lost in it's execution. However, the plan paid off, and the Daleks were defeated. Weren't they? And Rose got her Time Lord in the end.

But when the time came to leave, Rose Tyler found she had a greater sacrifice to make, staying behind to protect Earth from future menaces and becoming her Universe's 'doctor'. Parting in such sweet sorrow and all that, the Doctor left, but Rose had something else of his to hang onto, a secret that she didn't feel it was right to tell him. And a secret that could ultimately cost her own life and that of those dearest to her...

All will be revealed as we head into... Gallifreyan Homecoming.