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Prologue: Explanation

Tomorrow is Monday. The start of spirit week at Kyuubi High. Kyuubi high is a private school so the student population isn't big. But everyone looks forward to this at the start of the school year. It is a big event for the students and is loads of fun. Different events are held everyday of this week. It ends on Sunday with the homecoming football game. What team the Kyuubi high will be playing is held secret until the game starts. The only thing is that this isn't just dressup and have fun week. It's also a huge competition between all the grades. That's why most students love it, for the chance to rub it in the upper and lower classman's faces.

Everyone gets really into it but not as much as the Naruto Gang. Last year was their first year witnessing spirit week and they were quickly hooked. Now they were sophomores. Even the ever cool and hott, Uchiha Sasuke. That was a surprise to everyone but Naruto. The only reason Sasuke gets into it is because Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's older brother, is a junior and it gives him another chance to beat him at something. Itachi always wins everything but this year was going to be different and Sasuke was going to make sure of that.
Spirit week is highly organized. Everyday there is an event held after school and there is an outfit you must wear to school. Two weeks prior the schedule is put on flyers around the school and is quickly memorized by all students. This is what the schedule looks like this year.

Monday- Pajama day, Sports Festival after school.

Tuesday- Mix and Match day, Powderpuff football games.

Wednesday- Career day, Goofy Games.

Thursday- Class day, Battle of the Bands.

Friday- Decade day, Pep Rally.

Saturday- Homecoming Parade and Dance.

Sunday- Homecoming Football Game.

Each person in Naruto's grade had a favorite day or two because of their specialties. Naruto loved them all. He was highly athletic, very musical, and always cheerful and loud. He was good at almost everything. Sasuke was the same way though he would never admit it. The only day they both dreaded was Saturday. They enjoyed the parade, it was the dance that was the bad part. Both had very different yet similar reasons for not looking forward to it this year.

Sasuke had girls all over him asking him out left and right but he didn't want to go with any of them. He realized this year that he had developed feelings for his best friend, Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke wanted to ask Naruto but his pride wouldn't allow it.
Naruto had no one ask him and only one girl wanted to go with him. The ever shy Hyuuga Hinata. Naruto didn't like Hinata that way so he didn't ask her. Everyone thought he was going to ask Haruno Sakura. Sakura was a cheerleader and very popular. Naruto had a crush on her since 4th grade, but when he got to 7th grade he realized it was only a crush and got over her quickly. He still flirted with her though so no one would know who his true love was. Who he really wanted to go to homecoming with was Sasuke but he was afraid to ask because he didn't want anyone to make fun of him for being gay, and the LAST thing he wanted was for Sasuke to turn him down.
Sasuke and Naruto dreaded Saturday but had to endure it to get to Sunday. Sunday was going to be a big day for them because after the game there was going to be a huge party at the Hyuuga Mansion after the game. Every sophomore was invited and this party was being held to celebrate the end of another great spirit week and their victory. This party was going to have more then one reason to toast to by the end of the week though. Many things were going to change at Kyuubi High this spirit week and will affect all of the Sophomores specifically.

Right now everyone was bustling around the town getting ready for the upcoming week and picking out their outfits. Tomorrow was going to be a big day at Kyuubi High and the anticipation could be felt miles away from the town.