Kyouya can pinpoint the moment he fell in love with Tamaki. The two of them had been sitting in the Music Room alone between classes—Kyouya at his laptop and Tamaki half-heartedly plucking at the piano keys. The blonde ran a few scales then flawlessly played through a few complicated pieces before stopping to stare at his friend.

He waited until Kyouya looked up at him before smiling.

"Can I play you a song, Kyouya?"

"You play many songs for me, Tamaki. Why is this one any different?" Kyouya asked, glancing back at his computer screen before shutting it. He turned his attention to the other boy once he was sure all his accounts were safe.

"I want to play a song that it just for you." He replied before turning back to the keys. Slowly he laid his hands upon them and took a deep breath.

The music that followed was haunting. It was dark and dangerous, but soft and catching, much like the lullabies Kyouya had always considered himself too old for. The melody seemed to call to him and before he knew it he was on his feet and traveling the distance to the piano. Tamaki swayed gently with the rhythm and his shoulder brushed against Kyouya's as he sat down beside him. The music softened, then became slower until it finished—the last note lilting into the still air about them.

"You should have recorded that Tamaki, because now it's gone." Kyouya tried to force his mind to the profits such a song would bring. It seemed impossible to think of anything but the emptiness he felt now that the music had ended. It was almost as if Tamaki had drawn it out of him.

"I hear it every time I look at you." The blonde replied softly.

"Your music is sad and isolated. You don't let people get that close to you Kyouya because you know yourself and you know you'll use them to achieve your goals. You draw me in—then push me away again to protect me. But your music doesn't have to sound that way."

Kyouya stared at his friend in growing horror. No one was supposed to understand him that well, but Tamaki did. For all his theatrics he was observant about those he cared about.

"Kyouya, look at me."

Kyouya took his glasses off and polished them before obeying the order. It gave him a chance to blank his eyes of emotion.

"We can make beautiful music together." Tamaki whispered against his lips and Kyouya couldn't remember when they had gotten this close. Then he couldn't think at all because Tamaki was kissing and he was right—the music was beautiful.