20 Facts About Roy Mustang

If you were to ask him his age, he would lie. Roy Mustang, and only Roy Mustang, knew his exact age.

Roy tries to forget his childhood. His mother had been a flake, his father angry. The military had seemed like a way out. If he had known what they use state alchemists for, he would never have joined.

In boot camp, a solider called him "Pretty boy." Roy stared at him calmly before activating the array on his hand and burning the mans hair off.

Secretly, Roy thinks his is very pretty, and is very proud of that fact.

The first boy Roy ever kissed was Maes. They were sloshed and bored. It was only supposed to be an experiment, but after one kiss they became addicted.

He knows Riza has a crush on him. He hopes that if he ignores it for long enough it'll go away.

The crush, not Riza. He thinks he needs her to protect him forever.

Roy wanted to activate the circle, but he wasn't strong enough. He felt he needed to be punished for his weakness, but he wasn't strong enough to pull the trigger either.

He and Maes only made love once. Maes got engaged shortly after, and said his family was more important.

Roy cried at the wedding, he cried that night. He resolved to sleep with every woman he could to try and fill the void Maes left behind.

At first he stole Havoc's woman to annoy him. After a while he did it to make Havoc notice him.

Havoc is hopelessly straight, but he gave the good ol' college try. Roy even let him top.

Roy liked to bottom. He spent the whole day atop people, forcing them to work and do his bidding. At night he liked to lay back and let someone else coax him into moving.

Ed was shocked when Roy asked him to top. He's gotten much better since then.

The day Maes died was worse than the day he got married. At least then he could still see him, hear him, touch him. It rained that night, and for many after.

Ed found him drunk one night. He helped him onto his couch and stayed with him. Roy barely remembers the kisses before he passed out, but he definitely remembers the morning after.

Kissing had become Roy's favorite pastime. Ed's favorite was kissing Roy until Riza charged in, guns blazing, and ordered Roy to work.

Roy thought he knew beauty. Then he woke up to see Ed sprawled naked in his bed with the early morning sun striping him through the blinds. His automail gleamed and his hair shimmered in the moving light. It was them that Roy Mustang knew true beauty.

The first time he heard Edward beg was the first time he ran his tongue along the underside of his cock.

Roy can be very jealous of the time Ed spent with his brother. He always feels awful afterwards, but he finds that he can't help it.

Roy only told one person he loved him. The next day Ed disappeared through the Gate.